Even more Apple Watch details revealed in new report

Apple Watch Edition Rose Gold closeup 001

You will find yourself using your iPhone a lot less, once you’ve purchased an Apple Watch, according to TechCrunch. The publication has spoken with a number of people who have used the new wearable extensively, and one person even said they “nearly stopped” using their iPhone.

This is because the Apple Watch is built to handle alerts and other matters much more efficiently than your smartphone. Notifications are seen right away and acted on quickly, so they don’t pile up, and apparently they’re auto-disabled when the Watch is removed or reaches 10% battery life.

The website’s sources also heap praise on the overall Apple Watch user experience, saying that the display is sharp and easy-to-read, the Digital Crown feels weighty and precise, and the voice commands work incredibly well. “You’re going to want to do more [on the Watch] than you think.”

The good news is that the Watch should have the power to fuel all of this usage. Apple has worked hard to improve the battery life, and it’s believed that with normal day of on-and-off use, it’ll end up at around 25%. Once fully depleted, sources say the device will take around two hours to charge.

The Apple Watch will start at $349, and come in 3 models: Sport, Standard and Edition and 2 sizes: 38mm 42mm. Apple has thus far been quiet about a lot of features and other details, but some of them were revealed in a report earlier today, and we expect to hear much more at Monday’s event.

Source: TechCrunch