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If you are a news junkie, you probably have all sorts of alerts set up to let you know the moment a story breaks. Wouldn’t it be nice if your RSS feeds were available right in the Today view of Notification Center?

Breaking – News in your Today tab populates your favorite news feeds in Notification Center for iOS and OS X, so you access stories you want to read without having to open a special app for it. All of your news is right in front of you, available with one swipe or click.

The app allows you to enter any web URL with a feed. Even if you don’t have the RSS address, the app will find it for you. In fact, you can simply enter a website name, like iDownloadBlog, and the app will automatically find and add the feed to Notification Center as a Today widget. It supports RSS, Atom, and even YouTube channels.

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The widget supports unlimited feeds and displays the four most recent stories on iOS and the 20 most recent stories on OS X. On iOS, you can show all four posts on your Lock screen, or display only two. You will see the list of news articles when accessing Notification Center.

If you see a story you would like to read, tap it to bring up the full article in your web browser. On iOS, you can also share articles with friends via social networking sites by long-pressing the story to call up the options list.

When you select an article on iOS, it will be dimmed in Notification Center so you will know which ones you’ve already read.

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If you own both the iOS and the OS X app, your feeds will automatically sync. So, if you enter a feed on your Mac, it will show up on your iPhone. If you delete a feed on your iPhone, it will be removed from your Mac.

The iOS version, which requires iOS 8 or higher, costs $2.99. The OS X version, which requires OS X 10 or higher, costs $4.99. Download them both to get your daily news fix anywhere, any time.


  • Dennis

    $2.99 and $4.99 for a news widget? lol.

  • Technocrz!

    Insane pricing

  • Jose Antonio Gomez

    Is there another alternative for that kind of App? Thanks.

    • I have been looking for weeks but there really aren’t any good options. None that work consistently anyway. Also most apps, like the worthless CNN app update, require you to open the app to have the stories refresh. To me that completely defeats the purpose of having it in my NC if I have to open the app to have it refresh.

      I totally get having to open the app to read the full article but having to open it to refresh is pointless to me.

  • Tommy Gumbs

    Was all about it until the part that had the price……great idea…..but ill continue to do what I do for free.

  • Al

    3 bucks? I’ll be waiting inevitable free for the day promotion of this app..

  • If you’re jailbroken you could probably buy Intelliscreen X for the same price or a little bit more and have tons more features than just an RSS feed reader…

    • IntelliscreenX was always my reason to jailbreak but I have found that it is a resource hog and always made my iPhone run poorly.

  • GuyBey0ndC00L

    Lucky for me set up all my RSS using Twitter.

  • noah

    The app is no longer on the App Stores, as far as I can tell. Was only available for 2 years. So tired of buying apps that break within months.