8 best jailbreak tweaks

It’s been a while since I’ve told you about the must-have jailbreak tweaks for iOS. In this post, I’m going to highlight the staple tweaks that I use. But this isn’t just some randomly generated and arbitrary list of tweaks put together for the sheer sake of doing so. No, this is a list of eight tweaks that makes the iPhone a better device overall.

Some people are claiming that jailbreaking is dead or that it’s a mere shell of its once glorious self. I say baloney. Until iOS can solve the problems that these eight jailbreak tweaks solve natively, then jailbreaking will always be alive and kicking in my eyes.

Activator | Free

It’s probably the most popular (or at least most ubiquitous) jailbreak tweak of all time. and for good reason. Activator lets you perform gestures to execute certain actions quickly. For example, I assign a triple-press of the Home button to a respring action. Therefore, whenever I need to perform a quick respring, I simply press my Home button three times in quick succession.

iTouchSecure | $4.99

Although Apple opened up Touch ID to third-parties with iOS 8, many of the apps I use are slow to adopt the feature, and thus, iTouchSecure steps in and saves the day. This tweak lets me use Touch ID with password protected fields in apps, even if the app hasn’t been coded to support Touch ID. I use it to log in to my Bank of America account through the Bank of America app, using only my fingerprint.

Polus | $0.99

Although Control Center’s quick toggles are very handy, they’re limited in scope and can’t be customized. Polus fixes that problem, allowing you to not only customize the toggles that appear in Control Center, but lets you create your own toggles mated with custom Activator actions. It’s by far the best way to take control of Control Center

Safari Downloader+ | $3.50

One of the biggest downsides to iOS is the fact that you can’t just go out and download anything to your iPhone. Safari Downloader+ fixes that problem, allowing you to download pretty much whatever you want. Its latest update even brings intelligent resuming support.

Slices | $1.99

I hate the fact that I can’t have two Instagram accounts logged in to the Instagram app at the same time. Slices allows me to stay logged in to two accounts simultaneously. This is a huge time saver for anyone who has multiple accounts, and it works with many of the popular apps on iOS.

TouchPose+ | Free

I use TouchPose+ to show visual tap representations on my iPhone’s screen. That way, when I’m recording screencasts using my iPhone, you guys can see where I touch the screen. As you might imagine, it’s an absolutely instrumental part of my workflow.

iFile | $4.00

Where do I start? iFile is a do-it-all app that allows me to install .deb files from Cydia developers, extract and compress .zip files, browse the native iOS file structure, and much, much more. I honestly couldn’t live without this app on my jailbroken iPhone.

My3G | $3.99

This tweak solves the artificial limit placed on app downloads, allowing you to download an app of any size over a cellular connection. It also allows you to stream Tweetbot over cellular and watch YouTube videos in high quality over cellular as well.

If you’re looking for a list of apps and tweaks that go beyond the problem-solving practicality criteria of this list, then be sure to check out of 2014 jailbreak tweak of the year post. What do you think? Do you use each of the aforementioned apps?

  • Dhoklastellar Fafda®™

    Did you just mention that you use a thrid party app to “log in to my Bank of America account “??? Airheads like you are the reason for security systems being compromised. What makes you think this third party tweak is not sending your info across to someone, or whether it is being saved in a database somewhere? People, people, use your effing heads. There’s a limit to automating stuff. Don’t automate your bank logins. Ever.

    • Wow, what a knee-jerk comment. Do you know how iTouchSecure works? It uses data stored in iOS’ secure keychain. It works exactly like Touch ID enabled apps work. The same principal applies; there is no security “risk” unless you consider ALL Touch ID enabled apps to be security risks. So basically what you’re saying is that we shouldn’t use any Touch ID enabled app on the App Store? Try educating yourself before calling others names.

      • Dhoklastellar Fafda®™

        So this tweak is simply a link between the iOS keychain and touch ID? Is the bank login stored in the iOS keychain? Thats funny. If it were that simple, whats stopping the bank from issuing their own official appstore app?

      • Yes. And nothing is stopping the bank from releasing its app. That’s the point. The banks are dragging their feet on releasing an update to their app supporting Touch ID, hence the reason for this tweak.

      • Dhoklastellar Fafda®™

        Sorry, I totally stand corrected. Mea culpa. 🙂

      • No prob.

      • Scott Curry

        Something about this thread has made me a little sad to be a Spidey fan now… O.o

      • Jack Wong

        I would rather wait.

      • John

        Not my bank. I bank with Natwest and they just updated their banking app to support touch ID.

      • Victor

        I heard touch ID enabled apps use apple’s API to get a boolean(true/false) from the fingerprint popup and then autofill the password themselves. If you say the tweak works in a similar way, then it GETS to read your username and password.
        That still sounds like a big security risk to me…

      • Shadowelite123

        You heard or its a fact? There’s a difference.

      • Victor

        I looked it up its a fact 🙂

      • 5723alex .

        There is a huge difference in security between approved apps on the App Store and 3rd party hacking app.

      • pzp1997

        Even if it is stored in the Keychain, there is still a security risk. iCloud is not infallible, my friends; as we saw earlier this year, several celebrity iCloud accounts were hacked and their pictures were shared online (The Fappening). Although this is not a reason to completely boycott iCloud and other cloud based storage systems like it, we must be aware of the fact that it is vulnerable to being hacked. Therefore you should probably not put any sensitive information (e.g. bank accounts) into the iOS Keychain regardless of whether or not it’s being accessed by a jailbreak tweak or by that companies app.

      • If your password is greater than 10 characters, is alphanumeric and does not use dictionary words you ain’t getting hacked without someone going to a great deal of trouble to get your passcode i.e shoulder surfing…

  • iPodDroid

    My List not in any particular Order:


  • 9to5Slavery


    AutoRotateVideos !
    CarrierCrack – Tmobile
    CCQuick Pro
    Springtomize 3
    Untrusted Hosts Blocker

    • Fred

      Where can I get AlwaysSwipeFirst? Can’t find it, unfortunately.

      • 9to5Slavery

        I typed it in wrong sorry i was excited!

      • titi

        In cydia!!

    • gittlopctbi

      mikoto? Can’t find it.

      • 9to5Slavery

        Google for repo

  • Dhoklastellar Fafda®™

    Offtopic/ would anyone know of a tweak that can schedule switching on/off wifi & 3G. I’d like to save some more juice for the day 🙂

    • 9to5Slavery

      BattSaver or Activator. Try BattSaver first if you want advancements of technical control.

      • Dhoklastellar Fafda®™


      • 9to5Slavery

        You are awesome!

    • you try rubik, it is free

  • pr1son3r

    i see new fonts which are nice, but that Italic headings not good

  • Ben

    Jeff!! I need help. I’m on 5s 8.1.2 with a ton of apps, photos and stuffs on it. What do you recommend I do to jailbreak safely? Just jailbreak like that? Or erase everything from the settings then jailbreak? Thanks 🙂

    • 9to5Slavery

      Make sure you do a ITUNES back up and then iCloud Back up for insurance. Download the jailbreak app on computer I think PANGU. You don’t have to erase anything.

      • Ben

        So I just jailbreak using whatever tool? With all the apps and stuffs on it? I only have like 500MB available.

      • 9to5Slavery

        Make sure you have at least 1GB lol! 500mb is risky lol

      • Rowan09

        Jail breaking without restoring first can be risky, but hey it’s worth a try to have a jailbreak.

      • Jake Barbour

        Actually the tool you would use for 8.1.2 is TaiG for Windows, or PP 25 for Mac, Pangu is not supported for that firmware.

  • sriram varadarajulu

    Airblue Sharing!!!! its a must in the above list

  • diggitydang

    This current version of Activator sporadically paralyses Control Centre so it gets a BOOO in my books. It’s a real shame though because it’s one of those base tweaks that are so crucial to the whole JB experience and I had to remove it because I use the Control Centre flash light several times a day and couldn’t stand swiping up with nothing happening until I put the phone to sleep and woke it up again. Holy run on sentence, I know… It’s been a long night. Hahaha.

  • yagami

    main reason for jailbreak:


  • Nice list, but QuickActivator > Polus, and Filza > iFile, IMO.

  • Sleetui

    These are great tweaks but like some people I’m concerned on battery life. Has anybody have any battery drain from these tweaks? Also Jeff, you should do more of these types of posts. Haven’t really seen these kinds in awhile, good job man!

  • A must have, and I think Apple should have implemented this, is SiliencePlease. It stops the iPhone playing notification sounds while youre making a call.

    • Tommy

      But I want to know when I’ve received a text whether or not I’m in the middle of a call.

      • You recive the note, but you wont here it. I found it disturbing reciving a message whilme I’m in a call.

  • Faisal

    Hey Jeff, Email this video to Tim Cook please

  • Linton Findlay

    Aria, swipe selection, type status, IMM, CC settings. I find with Polus it disables the ability to open apps on the lock screen without the passcode. Itouchsecure is pretty useless on iOS 8 too

  • Daniel Roa

    i had the itouchsecure tweak on my iphone 6 and noticed that it was causing my phone to lag, apps to be extremely slow and/or crash. of course crash reporter identified it as the problem. removed the tweak and everything was good as new. I hate activator because for me, at least, when it gets installed by another tweak reachability works intemittently. people suggested using virtual home but why install one tweak just so i can use another!

    • Shadowelite123

      Did you get a cracked version? Because that’s literally the only reason you could have a problem. Unless like everyone is also having the same problem, you must have either a tweak that is conflicting iTouchSecure or you got a cracked version of it.

  • Yash Gorana

    iFile. No.
    Filza. Yes.

  • Matt

    How do you access the files once you download them with Safari Downloader? Do you need to use ifile? Or can you get that mp3 file you downloaded to open up in the music app?

    • Carlos Medina

      iFile and from ifile you can open it there or transfer it to the music app.

  • Xee

    Is My3G the preference over 3G Unrestricted these days?

    My favs are:
    1) VirtualHome
    2) Springtomize 3
    3) Safari Downloader+
    4) Adblocker
    5) LockGlyph
    6) PullToRespring
    7) NoAppStoreRedirect
    8) Deezert3r

  • Benedict

    Reading Jeff’s and other’s favorite cydia app list, it demonstrates that an un-jailbroken iOS version/device is not suitable for professional use. If I’m out on business I need these functions of a desktop machine. And that’s a reason why I’m using an android phone which – in my eyes – would be a better choice for most people (here).

    • Xee

      Not really no. That would bring in a whole load of other problems and niggles.

      • Benedict

        …which would be for example?

  • gittlopctbi

    To better use iFile, how does one figure out which directory (or bundle?) that an app uses?

  • Feivl

    Jusrt purchased SafariDownloader+, now Safari shuts down a few secs after launching it. Any ideas? The only tweak I can think of being a problem is littlebrother. Is that a known issue?

  • Seba

    Just purchased iTouchSecure. What a awesome tweak!!! Time saver. Highly recommended !!! Trust me you will love it like I do 😉

  • mk3s

    My list….

    -Auxo 3
    -SMS on GV 8
    -BiteSMS(if it ever gets updated)

  • Kyle

    Hey Jeff 🙂 I have a question: Why does your Settings.app show you an available OTA update? Your iPhone 6+ is jailbroken, so how is it possible to receive an OTA update suggestion? I used to remember the times on iOS 5, when I had to install a tweak (called “Software Update Killer” on BB) that made me unable to (accidentally) install these updates. But since iOS 7 the iPhone does not check for updates no more, hence it says “Checking for Update …” all the time.

  • Feivl

    Am I the only one, where Safari Downloader+ makes safari crash after a few seconds? Disableing Little Brother and Tabcount didnt helb. Iphone 6 on 8.1.2. Any ideas anyone?

  • mrjayviper

    thank you for the list. very useful and not limited to cosmetics. I came from android and the appeal of changing aesthetics has worn off even on that ecosystem