Cydia Redesign

After several weeks of slower and slower output of new jailbreak tweaks, it seems the trend is finally reversing. This week saw quite a few new releases, and some very interesting ones too. I gather all the new tweaks that were released on Cydia here so you don’t have to scroll through all those font packages you’ll likely never use.

atom (iOS 8) – an app launcher for the Lock screen ($2.99 – review)

Axial – another app launcher for the Lock screen ($1.50 – review)

Blender – creates face mixtures with your photos (free)

Popular – an app launcher that tracks your most used applications ($0.99 – review)

Profluence – assign Workflow automation to Activator gestures ($0.99 – review)

ReStats – allows you to automatically reset your cellular stats (free – review)

SimpleCenters – customize Control and Notification Centers ($1.00)

Skrollerz – tap the status bar to scroll to the bottom of a page (free – review)

SlapTap – a swipe-based game (free)

SnoozeMeNot – removes the Snooze button for alarms (free)

StatusbarWeather8: adds the weather and temperature in the Status Bar (free)

StickerMe – use Facebook stickers in iMessage conversations ($1.49 – review)

SwitcherFX – adds a blur effect to the cards in the App Switcher (free – review)

WhatsApp Web Enabler: enables WhatsApp Web on iOS devices (free)

WidgetCenter – adds widgets to Reachability ($1.99 – review)

Which of these tweaks are you going to try?

  • mike

    Definitely waiting for Stratos. I have faith in Cortex.

    • Brian Brown


  • Unicorn Drank

    Whatsapp Web Enabler and they said it wasn’t possible

    • Nino

      tried it, but everytime i try fo scan the QRcode it freezes.

      • zeeshanm

        Same here

      • Mario Britten

        Take a look at the reddit post for this tweak, there is an alternative .deb file download link in the comments which definitely works (i can confirm, am using it right now)

      • Unicorn Drank

        I don’t even get the option for web, I guess the limitation statement is true lol

      • Aaron

        You have to manually turn it on in settings. Doesn’t work for me though 🙁

      • Ishaan Malhotra

        There’s a link on the devs twitter page with the working page. The update for the fix is on the way. Works perfectly!

    • Delfos Sambucetti Arturaola

      What does this tweak do?

  • Thomas Hopkins

    I thought by this week we’d have around 6 tweak releases – with the constant downfall in production recently!

  • Kanzler

    ive once read about a tweak which disables the passcode when the iphone is connected to a xiamo mi band. does somebody know the name of that tweak? thx! 🙂

  • Tom

    Is Skrollerz the tweak formerly know as Scrottom?

    • Chris

      What an unfortunate name that would have been if it was called that.

    • iamzaidan

      Scrottum wasnt the name of it. I remember it was just a joke someone had posted in the comments of that article. i might be wrong tho

      • Tom

        I know. Jeff spoke about it on the Let’s Talk Jailbreak podcast. He was going to call it ‘Scroll to bottom’ or something like that, then he combined ‘scroll’ and ‘bottom’ to come up with ‘Scrottom’. He didn’t realise his mistake for quite a while.

        I just couldn’t resist the opportunity to tease Jeff. 🙂