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One of the most popular Lock screen launchers—atom—is getting a big update for iOS 8 and the iPhone 6. With new developer Daniel Turner on board to execute his vision, Surenix plans on bringing the updated version of atom to the Cydia store this Friday. Here’s the first look at atom running on my iPhone 6 Plus.

As with previous version of the tweak, atom brings its molecular layout to the Lock screen in the form of six app icons that can be customized to your liking. Apps are launched using the Lock screen nub to highlight the app that you wish to open upon unlocking the device. Once you release the nub on top of the app that you wish to launch, iOS will prompt you to use Touch ID or enter your passcode if you have security enabled on your device.

One of atom’s best features is its subtle attention to detail, most notably the animations that pop and move according to the location of the Lock screen nub, and the iOS 8 blur properties of said nub. It’s something that has to be seen in motion to truly appreciate, so I recommend watching the video embed above to see it in action.

Another one of atom’s selling points is its simple and concise preference panel. The tweak’s preferences contain a kill-switch, and six position panels for establishing the six app icon shortcuts on the Lock screen. Each panel features a certain position designation, i.e. Top Left, Top Right, Middle Left, etc., so you’ll need to think through your selection before assigning an app to a specific spot.

atom preferences

I appreciate the fact that atom’s position preferences feature the app icon of the app currently assigned to each position. This lets you avoid having to hunt through the panel to see what app may be assigned to each position, a feature that I wish more tweaks would pilfer.

Overall, atom is a simple jailbreak tweak that’s focused on one singular area—launching apps from the Lock screen. It might not have a lot of bells and whistles that some Lock screen launchers enjoy, but I appreciate its focus, taut animations and straightforward preferences.

You’ll be able to purchase it for $2.99 this coming Friday. Previous owners of atom can upgrade for $1.99. What do you think about atom’s iOS 8 version? Do you plan on jumping on board?

  • Fermín Osorio

    I can have this for free on BerryC8… And better I think.

  • Ishaan Malhotra

    Surenix, why always overpriced?

  • Kevin Chen

    BerryC8 is a lot better and its free

  • waqass

    Hye Jaf you should warn your readers about this new tweak that can kill your device permanently Any troll can use this code and kill any device
    http://www.reddit (dot) com/r/jailbreak/comments/2w2pzz/a_proof_of_concept_that_tweaks_can_permanently/

    • gittlopctbi

      They had a whole story devoted to this type of thing yesterday or the day before.

  • Blip dude

    Locklauncher never made it past iOS 6, Locklaunch7 sucks SOOO BAD on the 6+ and Air 2, so BerryC8 was finally a tweak I could stick too, and still maintain a simple lockscreen. On top of having to pay, I don’t see this being anymore convinient than BerryC8.

  • Jake Barbour

    I think this tweak is more for people without touch id and who want jellylock back.

    • wiety

      angelxwind is working on the update of Jellylock to be compatible with ios8 😉 She even tweeted some pics were the tweak has been running on ios8 already 🙂

  • I saw velox!

    • Blip dude

      Yup, I follow one of the creators of Velox on Twitter and gave a few snapshot teasers. Sadly, no ETA on when it will be iOS 8 ready, hopefully sometime in 2015 though.

  • Damian

    Meh…another paid upgrade that has no change

  • SoylentGreen

    Blatant ‘pals act’ advert, berryC8 is awesome, and free especially if you have touchID, ive no use for lockscreen launchers but if i did, free v $2.99 ( thats price is exploiting people’s goodwill) because one of the ‘so called’ devs can draw on a computer. this artist & actual (able to code) dev combos are pure pants.
    Virtual artist- “Oh nothing is happening at deviant art, no one wants my very average icons.
    Freind- “ive got it, you need to foist yourself upon some real tweak devs, convince them they need a better icon, 2 txt boxes a radio button and some bluuuuur”
    Virtual Artist- “hmmmmm”

    2 weeks later, one guy draws some pics & igoes chill, the guy with the actual talent is sweating over a comp 24/7 till the ‘work part’ is finished.


  • Nirvana

    This goes way better on non-touch ID devices, BerryC8 is less cumbersome!

  • Khalid Tahhan

    Ryan petrich grabby on the big boss repo has been my lockscreen launcher winner hands down. Looks stock, works smooth and allows you to bypass passcode for certain apps launched on lockscreen if u want. This last point is hard to find in other lockscreen launcher tweaks

  • tunutsaigon

    $1.99 upgrading for existing users? Are you kidding me? Nah, I am done with it! >:-(

  • iPhoneWINS

    all i want is jelly lock it is perfect

  • well the tweak appears; the apps are set; but it just takes me to the home screen and not the selected app….

    • nouseforaname

      this is also happening to me.

      • do you happen to have lockscreen extender or forecast installed?

      • nouseforaname

        neither of the two

  • Ethan

    iPad version timeline?

  • crackblind

    Still need to enter a passcode? Nope. Jellylock please come to iOS8!