CrazyClock 2

Before iOS 7, a jailbreak tweak was required to have an animated Clock app icon on the Home screen. That, of course, changed with iOS 7, as Apple ushered in its own version of the animated clock icon.

CrazyClock takes Apple’s animated app icon and does some pretty interesting things with it. It can significantly speed up the animated hands on the clock, and even make the hands move in a counter-clockwise direction.

Once installed, you’ll need to open the Settings app and scroll down to find CrazyClock’s preferences. Inside, you’ll find a kill-switch and a “clock ticks per second” panel. For every second the animated clock app icon ticks, CrazyClock will tick as many seconds in either a clockwise or counter-clockwise motion. You can denote the counter-clockwise from the clockwise motions by the negative value in the ticks per second panel.

CrazyClock prefs

As you might imagine, CrazyClock provides no real benefit to the user. In fact, it might actually serve as more of a distraction than anything. But being able to make the clock app icon go “crazy” is fun and might give your friends a chuckle. And since it’s free of charge on the BigBoss repo, there really is no harm done.

What do you think about CrazyClock?

  • Eldon Martino

    if i was going to Jailbreak my iPhone 6 how would i do it

    • theapple99

      whats your IOS version?

      • Eldon Martino

        IOS 8.1.3

      • theapple99

        oh im sorry your not on a jailbreakable firmware. you cant downgrade anymore so you are stuck. I’m very sorry you will have to wait for another jailbreak for your version.

    • theapple99

      if you are on ios8.1.1 or ios8.1.2 or earlier you can jailbreak your iphone 6 with taig. if you click on the tab at the top on idownload blog that says jailbreak it will say how to jailbreak. click on that

    • Brian Brown

      Pangu, although it matters on your OS version 🙂

      Pretty simple actually but you can’t Jailbreak the latest iOS yet. Which Is iOS 8.3 I think

  • 0ʇılouɐɯ

    Yes I was going to JB my iP6 bcoz of this… ahhhhhaaaahhhhh………

  • Justice and Malice

    Here’s what I don’t understand. If you clearly state in the post that this serves no benefit to anyone, and can even be seen as a distraction, then why post about it? Why bring something to my attention you feel I wouldn’t need or wouldn’t want?

    • Mike Santoro

      Like this post?

    • He wrote about it with the understanding that some of iDB’s readers might think it is pretty cool. Just because it isn’t beneficial, doesn’t mean it isn’t something that someone would want.

  • Eldon Martino

    After I had jail broken my current version would I
    still be able to update to IOS 9 when it comes out

    • Brian Brown

      Yeah of course. Take note, you might lose your access to Jailbreak again after upgrading because there isn’t any speculation on a Jailbreak for iOS 9 right now bro.

      • Brian Brown

        That’s entirely up to you at that point. Your not forced to upgrade your iOS either

      • Eldon Martino

        Could you keep me posted

      • Buzz { Light:Year; }

        I don’t think it’s might its you will

      • Brian Brown

        ? huh

  • Time dilation,… you’ll arrive before you leave!

  • Rares

    Best… best tweak ever, 12 out of 10

  • What does this do to battery life?

    • Leo Parker

      Horrible. I uninstalled it

  • urrl

    Works great but my present favorite is SmartTap. Lets me double tap my iPhone on and off just like the LG G3 I used to have. I no longer need to use the sleep or home button, saving wear and tear.

    • iPhoneWINS

      cool how bad is the battery drain????

      • Okada San

        I had that installed. Battery drain was horrible.

      • urrl

        I am uninstalling crazyclock too. Seems to drain the battery.