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Apple announced this afternoon that it has increased the size limit of an app package submitted through iTunes Connect to 4GB. That’s double the previous size limit of 2GB, which had been in place since the App Store launched in 2008.

The move should appease both developers and game-makers, who have been struggling to keep their app sizes under 2GB despite the multiple increases in display resolutions of Apple’s various mobile devices over the past several years.

The size limit of an app package submitted through iTunes Connect has increased from 2 GB to 4 GB, so you can include more media in your submission and provide a more complete, rich user experience upon installation. Please keep in mind that this change does not affect the cellular network delivery size limit of 100 MB.

Note that Apple says although it’s increasing the size limit of app bundles, it will still be enforcing the 100MB over-the-air download limit.

Source: Apple

  • I still don’t understand why we can’t download apps heavier than 100MB on cellular data. It should be a warning pop-up, not a prohibiting one,

    • Joshua The-Legend Wiebe

      You can with a jailbreak. Theres a tweak called 3G Unrestrictor that will let you do just that. And the reason being is for your protection, Apple limits you so you can use your data for vital important reasons than just downloading apps. It makes sense considering if you need to use the internet for something crucial when no wifi is available.

      • I know but I don’t understand why they don’t want us to download apps larger than 100MB on cellular data. It’s just non-sense.

      • Joshua The-Legend Wiebe

        Because it takes up a lot on your bill. Can you imagine downloading an app thats over a Gig and your service provider smacking you with a HUGE bill because you downloaded apps which exceeded your limit? I do understand if you or some have unlimited data and what not but it would be bad on Apple’s side if consumers (who have limits on data) gave them hell for not putting on a limit. I think Apple should only make the apps downloadable via wifi. It just saves money and not to mention battery power, imo.

      • Redha Hassan

        I think you are wrong … Just add a feature in the AppStore settings to optionally put a limit not obliging users to connect to wifi even if they have unlimited data or they do not have wifi currently.

        Apple sometimes put unreasonable restrictions. For example : why do apple prevent us to choose the toggles we want in the control center. No answer 🙁

      • Because the average Joe is stupid when it comes to technology. So, no matter the basic options being there, the average Joe will find a way to screw things up and blame Apple…thus, Apple tries so hard to appeal to such average Joes by limitimg the options and make most of the decisions for the user.

      • Tommy

        Average Joe like Joshua The-Legend Wiebe here

      • ck125

        If someone is that dumb that they download a huge app and go over their limit, well that is their fault. But it should at least have the option to download over cellular, I mean they could have some sort of pop up like they have now that says “this is a large app/update” downloading over cellular may put you over your data limit, that way protecting them self from the “idiiots/sue happy people of the world.

      • Tommy

        So true. Idiots should pay for their mistakes. Let the smart ones enjoy.

      • Digitalfeind

        I’m still on unlimited data and one of the reasons I jailbreak is to be able to download anything thing from the AppStore with being on wifi.

      • RubberDuckZilla

        No… If you go over then you go over. Let it be from app downloading or whatever else you use your data for. It’s no different if you use it. They should flat out allow us to do it. It’s a pointless restriction as Pier said. Shouldn’t have to jailbreak to do such minor things.

      • Allen Greathouse

        Cause some ppl are really stupid and ruin it for us all by not knowing their limit.

      • L J

        I have unlimited data. I should b allowed to download what the crap I want

    • Apple is trying so hard to make their OS idiot proof…excuse me, average Joe friendly. That way, most of the people that use their OS wouldn’t need to actually take responsibility of their actions and think before they tap/click in order to stay safe; Apple makes all the decisions for them…Apple even believe that’s why people buy their products.

      The drawback, those who actually think before they tap/click get frustrated with such dictator limitations…you’re an examplee of such.

      • N&LH

        “That way, most of the people that use their OS wouldn’t need to actually take responsibility of their actions and think before they tap/click in order to stay safe” & “those who actually think before they tap/click get frustrated “…….can you tell me how did you come up to this conclusion?…

        How did you know most people would not need to take responsibility of their actions and think?….This is just a way to show most IOS users are stupid…If you don’t have any evidence then don’t say something stupid like that MrCrazy !!!

        Think before you write a comment

      • Niclas

        I don’t always agree with MrElectrifyer but in this case, he is right.

      • N&LH

        My main point is there is no body is stupid, everyone is smart but people who don’t have good IT background does not mean they are stupid. So for example, when the IT guy does not know much about something does that mean he/she is stupid…MrElectrifyer always want to show Apple users are stupid/sheeps/don’t think. He loves trolling and insulting because he hates Apple.

      • Niclas

        Using those words usually indicate inferiority complex.
        But the underlying message delivered in his post is correct.
        It is also true that if the smartest man alive would met a man speaking another language, he wouldn’t appear very smart.

      • “How did you know most people would not need to take responsibility of their actions and think?”

        Because that’s exactly how it has been with Microsoft Windows and Google Android users. You have the many people that’ll ignoramusly tap/click the OK/Yes/proceed/Next/accept button in warning dialogs/messages they get when browsing the web, downloading a file/application, opening a file, or installing an application. They then get their system screwed up, or infected with some malware despite the all the warnings and messages they get on screen from the built-in security (in the case of Windows, first from their browser, then Windows Defender, Windowd SmartScreen filter, and lastly Windows UAC).

        You’ll finally find them saying stuff like “Windows/Android is so insecure”, “Windows/Android has too many viruses”, and “I’m switching to XYZ because it’s secure from viruses”, all blaming the system for their negligence. In order words, refusing to tale responsibility for their negligent actions. Apple is doing it’s best to eliminate the need for those decisions, by making the decisions for their users.

        TLDR: Learn from history and use deductive reasoning…if you can.

        Knowing your thick-skull attitude, I shouldn’t even have bothered trying to talk logic into that old and decayed peanut in your head…waste of time, but still did.

  • Hopefully this will mean less “Please wait while we download tons of assets” splash screens…

  • john diaz

    This is good new it means we’re going to start seen great games soon.

  • Dante Arellano

    Dear do u remember that bitch that got a phone bill of $4000 or $7000 for use too much data so that is thae reason in somehow apple cares people they dont want let you run with sensors””

  • czbird

    This is mainly because of the new necessity for the developers to include 64bit compiled application into IPA. Since Apple forced everyone to do this from (I guess) 1-March-2015, games over 1GB would not be distributable anymore if the max. size was not raised, in case they still wanted to support older 32 bit devices (i.e. Their IPA would be doubled in size).

    The bad thing of this approach is obvious – everyone will now have to download twice as big installation packages, and their iOS will decide which compiled version of the application to actually use.

    However, purely 64bit apps will benefit from this.

  • imvaid

    And they still sell 16gb version iPhones..

    • Diego

      Yeah, I don’t know why they don’t abandon the 16gb and release the 32gb.

      • George

        Because greed

  • Ksain

    So, this means a better graphic in games, like Bioshock, where you need a lot of space for nice textures?

  • iPhoneWINS

    great move games can be bigger now