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If you’ve been around jailbreaking for any decent amount of time, then you’re no doubt familiar with Gridlock—a jailbreak tweak that allowed you to arrange Home screen icons with spaces in between them. Anchor, a new jailbreak tweak that just recently appeared on Cydia, takes this basic premise and brings it to iOS 8.

Once you install Anchor, you can begin rearranging your Home screen app icons immediately. The name of the tweak stems from the fact that your app icons are then anchored on both the x and y axis, meaning that they will not magnetically stick together, thus maintaining the spaces in between each app icon.

You’ll find a preference panel in the stock Settings app to enable and disable Anchor, and for viewing and resetting Home screen layouts on a page-by-page basis. The resets allow users to remove the spaces between each app icon on a given page without having to do so on a one-by-one basis manually.


Anchor lets you to come up with some pretty interesting Home screen layouts, and is the perfect companion for jailbreak themes, widgets, or unusually cool-looking wallpaper. If that sounds good to you or if you’ve been missing the functionality previously provided to us by Gridlock, then you should check out Anchor for $1.99 on the BigBoss repo. What do you think?

  • John Smith

    Woot love this (and i am first) p

    • Rahimo

      Yaaayy !!

  • The first 2 pages worked fine; but it left me with 8 additional BLANK pages; all my icons were missing. Just waiting for an update fix so it’s fully baked.

  • Jared O’Tremba

    Don’t download this, caused me to have springboard crashes every hour, also I lost all my apps past the second page. The apps don’t pop into place like they used to with GridLock. After removing the tweak it re-arranged all my icons and sorted them alphabetically. Defiantly not worth the money I spent on the tweak.

    • Weird. I didn’t have any of these issues, and I have a ton of tweaks installed on my device as well. Odd.

      • Alexis Marrero

        Had a similar issue with this tweak. Several Springboard crashes. which is sad because I have missed Gridlock since ios 8 and was really excited about this tweak.
        list of installed tweaks
        action menu
        alternate controls
        crash reporter
        double cut
        no percent sign
        open ssh
        tone enabler

      • Los_dgamf

        i installed this tweak through another repo, and my phone is stuck on a re-boot loop. I’ve tried reiboot, but no luck. Any ideas?

    • redsymphony

      have the same issue

    • Dennis Jones

      Removed all my icons except 3. I did a clean install with NO other tweaks and no apps except for the ones Apple installs. After install Anchor I only had 3 icons showing. Removed Anchor and everything came back. I have tried several times to install it and always the same result. This in on an iPhone 6 plus with iOS 8.1.2

  • Chris Gilmore

    Unrelated question:
    Two big cydia apps don’t work on my iPhone 6 running 8.1.2, Display Recorder and Music box. Can anybody help?

    • Digitalfeind

      Display out is not updated for iOS 8.

      • Chris Gilmore

        That’s why I said “Display Recorder” which worked for me before in earlier iOS 8.

      • Digitalfeind

        Sorry don’t know I wrote display out. Display recorder is not supported for iOS 8.1.2.

  • Sebastian Alsina

    Bug filled and overpriced. Not even worth pirating.

  • Sunil John

    Crashes! Waiting for a newer version

  • This has been out for a week or so and I picked it up day 1. Sadly it doesn’t really work that well. If you have an iPhone 6 plus the icons are all messed up once you turn your device sideways. There should be an option to have the icons one way horizontal and another vertical. Also the wiggling icon on the dock gets annoying when a folder is near by.. it will disappear. 🙁 The program needs an update to fix a lot of issues.

  • Will Mason Moses

    Does not play nice with iWidgets 🙁

  • Falcon James

    Super buggy. Installed it two days ago and deleted it yesterday. Icons disappear at different times. If you check out reddit, you’ll see that there are a lot of people having issues with this.

  • dainese46

    Still not working correctly . After installing it, now it doesn´t crash but hides my icons, which is frustrating. I mean, thanks for the effort of even trying to make this tweak work, but it still needs that little bit of polishing to work perfectly on every phone. Mine is btw, 5S 32GB 8.1.2

  • Update just came out…but it immediately crashed upon bootup ;-( for me anyway

    • FasiYoo

      Love Anchor. Need Anchor. Broken Anchor since the latest update. Help!

      • Breaking… Developer expects to release a revamped update this week…..

      • FasiYoo

        Sorted today. Thanks, Great work

      • elaborate?

      • FasiYoo

        anchor tweak updated today via cydia. No more crashesx my pages look much better now

      • FasiYoo


      • if that is indeed the latest version is still very unstable particularly with folders

      • Is the latest version? I thought a newer one was soon to be released

  • Leo Den Engelsman

    Crashing my springboard 50 times a day. Disabled all my tweaks but still crashes. Removed it and everything works fine again. Please an update! Ipad3 with IOS 8.1.2

  • crazy; worked fine for a brief while; icons came back; then crashed continuously and had to remove.