OS X Yosemite (teaser, MacBook Air and iMac)

Despite all the talk of a problematic decline in software quality, Apple is feeling your pain and isn’t standing still.

Currently in testing, a second update to OS X Yosemite is due later this week. First of all, Mac OS X 10.10.2 apparently squashes that annoying bug which manifests itself annoyingly as intermittent Wi-Fi issues.

Another one resolves a bug preventing your Mac from reconnecting to a Wi-Fi network after waking from sleep, causing you to manually disable and re-enable Wi-Fi, which gets old fast.

Next, iCloud Drive should be now accessible directly in Time Machine, including the ability to track changes to files and documents.

Moreover, 10.10.2 prevents the so-called ‘Thunderstrike’ hardware exploit which targets Macs equipped with high-bandwidth Thunderbolt ports and also includes other important fixes.

The software addresses the recently discovered omission where Spotlight would load remote email content when the preference was disabled in Apple Mail, thus potentially exposing some private data to spammers.

OS X Yosemite Spotlight

And most importantly, as iMore discovered, OS X 10.10.2 fixes that nasty Thunderstrike exploit which lets attackers inject malicious code into a Mac’s boot ROM via the Thunderbolt port.

“To secure against Thunderstrike, Apple had to change the code to not only prevent the Mac’s boot ROM from being replaced, but also to prevent it from being rolled back to a state where the attack would be possible again,” the website explains.

The Retina 5K iMac and 2014 Mac mini were previously updated with Thunderstrike fixes and now 10.10.2 will fix the problem for all recent Macs running Yosemite.

And last but not least, the software update will fix three vulnerabilities that Google disclosed via its Project Zero research program.

9to5Mac’s Mark Gurman obtained 10.10.2 release notes via Apple employees:

  • Resolves an issue that may cause WiFi to disconnect.
  • Resolves an issue that may cause web pages to load slowly.
  • Fixes an issue that caused Spotlight to load remote email content when the preference was disabled in Mail.
  • Improves audio and video sync when using Bluetooth headphones.
  • Adds the ability to browse iCloud Drive in Time Machine.
  • Improves VoiceOver speech performance.
  • Resolves an issue that causes VoiceOver to echo characters when entering text on a web page.
  • Addresses an issue that may cause the input method to switch languages unexpectedly.
  • Improves stability and security in Safari.

I just want a way more reliable Safari because not a day goes by that I don’t have to restart my Mac at least twice.

This is mostly due to Safari eatening up all system resources and refusing to quit or some random piece of web content slowing my machine to a crawl because the WebKit layout engine is riddled with bugs.

Source: 9to5Mac, iMore, ArsTechnica

  • Shawn

    I see people complaining about Yosemite for all different reasons. I personally have found the new Safari to have been the best part of Yosemite with speed and reliability.

    However, I recently made a separate partition and installed Mavericks because Finder has become bare useless for me when moving large files or connecting to network drives and like almost everyone says, my Wi-Fi has become bare useless.

    I miss things like continuity and handoff and iCloud Drive has made it impossible to sync pages and such but, for me it seems to be a good trade off for a reliable and stable OS.

    I have always rooted for Apple in the long run but, these recent releases have left a sour taste in my mouth and I hope iOS 8.2 and OS X ~10.2 fix my issues.

    • Saurik

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  • whodakat

    I feel so alone. I never have any of these “problems” people have. I can’t remember my WiFi ever dropping since I upgraded to Yosemite, and Safari is great! Way better since the upgrade. The only time I have to restart my computer is when Parallels (running Windows of course) fails me.

    • Connect to an enterprise network and Wifi will easily disconnect multiple times 😉

      • GuyWithTheThings

        I’m connected to an enterprise network all day with no problems.

      • Good for you. I envy your bug free Mac

  • Kr00

    I think Apples yearly release of new OS’s, both iOS and OS X, is having an effect on quality, as seen with iOS 8 and Yosemite bugs. I applaud Apples desire to add great features year on year, but not if it means we have to endure frustrating bugs for the first 6 months. Drop the deadlines and just release it when it’s 100% done.

  • Lagax

    What about the filevault issue?

    • There’s na issue with it?

    • Shawn

      This too. I had to completely wipe my computer to fix it.

  • iPhoneWINS

    GREAT cause my Wi-Fi has been very lame

  • So basically this is going to be a “Sorry we broke everything here’s the fixes” update…

    • iPhoneWINS


  • Andrew

    “Moreover, 10.10.2 prevents the so-called ‘Thunderstrike’ hardware exploit…”

    Then a bit later…

    “And most importantly, as iMore discovered, OS X 10.10.2 fixes that nasty Thunderstrike exploit”


  • Matheus Lisboa

    So it’s not just an impression? Safari is really taking a lot more ram?

  • nrubin29

    1. Open a stack (folder) in your dock in fan or grid mode.
    2. Pick an item.
    3. QuickLook it (press space).
    4. It bounces!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Yosemite is best Mac OS confirmed.

  • Tommmy

    Anyone has any problems with Yosemite on Macbook Retina 13″ mid 2014?

    • iPhoneWINS

      yup battery not found glitch and WIFI has been dodgy

      • Tommmy

        This is sad. Thanks for the info.

    • Carlos Medina

      Animation is terrible and it lags often

      • Tommmy

        Thanks for the info.

      • philip Mills

        yes my macbook pro retina 2013 16 gb ram 1 t ssd
        freezes on shut down after i upgraded from mavericks
        any help out there

  • Janie O. Miller

    If I have an iMac from 2011 and I’m running Lion.. I’m wondering if I should even bother with Yosemite… i haven’t had any issues with my Mac.. should hate to start running into issues as I’ve heard of. Only issue I do run into is a somewhat slow Safari, but my husband streams music while I’m often on my Mac or iPad; it could just be our cable ?! LOL any thoughts?