Apple stylus concept Martin Hajek 009

Renowned 3D designer Martin Hajek recently published on his personal blog a batch of nice renderings representing his artistic take on Apple’s rumored creative stylus accessory.

Hajek’s creation “borrows the design language of the iPad Pro” and includes interesting such features as an Apple Watch like digital crown of sorts for additional operations, capacitive +/- slider for adjusting options and a glowing Apple logo.

Hajek being a designer, he’s also envisioning biometric sensors taken from the Apple Watch, but that would be a technology overkill atypical of Apple if you ask me. Enjoy the renderings embedded below and feel free to chime in with your thoughts in the comment section at the bottom.

Apple stylus concept Martin Hajek 001

Apple stylus concept Martin Hajek 002

Apple stylus concept Martin Hajek 003

Apple stylus concept Martin Hajek 004

Apple stylus concept Martin Hajek 005

Apple stylus concept Martin Hajek 006

Apple stylus concept Martin Hajek 007

Apple stylus concept Martin Hajek 008

Earlier this month, KGI Securities analyst Ming-Chi Kuo contended that an Apple-branded stylus is an inevitability for the firm. In Kuo’s view, the accessory will be introduced alongside the iPad Pro in late 2015.

Aimed at creative pros and sold standalone, it “will improve the user experience of the 12.9-inch iPad” in conjunction with specialized apps for illustrators, designers, graphics artists and so forth.

Apple stylus concept Martin Hajek 010

“Coupled with its unfavorable cost structure, high selling prices may turn consumers off if the 12.9-inch iPad is always bundled with it,” reads the analyst’s note to clients. “We therefore expect the stylus to be an optional accessory before sufficient user feedback is received.”

By the way, Hajek’s renderings of the rumored iPad Pro model seen above and top of post are inspired by alleged iPad Pro blueprints that the Japanese Apple magazine MacFan published in December 2014.

Hajek has been on a roll lately: he recently imagined a nice concept of a rumored one-port MacBook Air redesign and published a set of nice looking mockups comparing the twelve-inch notebook to the twelve-inch iPad Pro side-by-side.

Source: Martin Hajek

  • Ali

    That looks nice! I is compatible, I might one for iPad mini! Currently using Adonit (occasionally).

  • ✯Mike✯

    Nooooo not another stupid iOS-ified device. we need a hybrid OS

    • Not impressed by “iOSX” hybrid. It’s a popular topic on blogs buy can you name any major benefit for users, developer or Apple itself? Just look at Microsoft, their “one size fits all” strategy with Windows 8 is failing. The computer wants to have a different user interfaces from the tablet, optimized just for it.

      • ✯Mike✯

        I agree to a point. I love iOS on the iPhone. but we need something more productive on a device with a bigger screen. The iPad is nice, but if we had a OS that took more advantage of the screen other then simply bigger icons and apps, it would be much more worth the price tag in my opinion.

      • You consider getting on 12% of world-wode computers in just 2 years failing, yet consider hovering around 7℅ for the past 7 years a success? Couldn’t get any more asinine than that… Not even gonna go into debunking your 1 size fits all claim.

  • Jason Baroni

    I hope it works with the other iPads, too.

  • Looks ugly. Steve Jobs said that the best stylus you have is your finger.

    • You do realise Steve Job is a business man and not some god, right?

    • Kurt

      And steve jobs was dead wrong. No pun intended.

  • neez

    I like Martin’s efforts of making imagined things look real in renderings. But IMO he forgets what design is all about. Fingerprint sensors in a stylus? Glowing logo? All that functionality overkill? C’mon design is the perfect marriage of form and function taking all the variables and limitations into account.
    It can’t be just pretty, or have some functionality not possible with the current and short term future technology. It needs to work for the user, witch is a professional. It has to use as little as battery as possible to be able to las for at least a day (no LEDs or sensors). It shouldn’t be more complicated then what we have in the market for stylus (see Wacom) and it should feel solid, reliable.

    Apple don’t take risks by making over complicated and unreliable products. They focus on making better and perfected (see revolutionary) versions of products already in the market. This stylus, if real, have to be better and perform better than what Wacom (market lider) has to offer for Pros.

  • iXanczy

    Where is the Kickstarter?
    Jokes aside, this looks really good. 1 iPad pro for me please 🙂

  • iPhoneWINS


  • Norbi Whitney

    Haha wow, I just sat through the whole thing without hardly realising. A really fun watch, especially to see the reactions to things like scrolling down your music. How far we’ve come in such a few years.