As soon as Chinese website iFanr posted a bunch of photos last night showing what appears to be a display assembly for Apple’s rumored twelve-inch Retina MacBook Air, one particular design feature immediately stood out: a polished logo on the lid.

And if the latest leak published by French blog NowhereElse.fr is anything to go by, it seems that Apple’s radically redesigned notebook will in fact lose its traditional backlit translucent logo on the lid in favor of a metallic one that doesn’t glow.

A source who obtained the part back in late December told NowhereElse that it was designed for a brand new product. The publication clears up any possible confusion by stating that iPhone 6 logos are sent to the assembly lines in batches of six units, not four like you see on the top image.

NowhereElse sat on this info for weeks until iFanr’s claimed photos of the notebook’s display assembly came along, clearly showing a polished rather than the traditional translucent Apple logo on the lid (see below).

Twelve-inch MacBook Air display assembly iFanr 009

Another reason why the obtained part isn’t necessarily one of the previously leaked iPhone 6 parts: the area surrounding the logo occupies a much larger surface.


To make its point, NowhereElse scaled up the original iPhone 6 logo seen on the far right on the above photo. You can clearly see for yourself that the resulting surrounding area is much larger than that of its iPhone 6 counterpart.

For what it’s worth, DigiTimes, a hit-and-miss Taiwanese trade publication, alleged that Apple is about to switch to laser cutting and advanced embedding technologies. The new process technology is supposed to make the logo on the company’s upcoming products “3D-like and shine at the edges”.

Source: NowhereElse.fr [Google Translate]

  • RubberDuckZilla

    If this is true, it’s just adding to the reasons not to like the Air’s.

    • Jason Baroni

      Either it will be a little more affordable or Apple is making it happen on every model of the MacBook.

      • RubberDuckZilla

        Hopefully this doesn’t happen to the Pro’s. It’s really iconic that the Apple logo glows on the back on your machine. It just makes it that much cooler. Plus in my opinion the redesign of the air is horrid. For whatever reason Apple does one really terrible hardware change with every device, hopefully this one does’t stick.

      • Jason Baroni

        I understand. I love the glowing logo…

    • justme

      I would love if the iPad has the light on the apple logo

      • Inseltraeumer

        Doubt that will happen. iPad is crammed with battery cells, so there’s hardly enough space to let the screen backlight shine through to the back.

      • im2slick4u

        Cut an Apple shaped hole through the battery

      • RubberDuckZilla

        Same my friend. That would be excellent.

      • The Guy

        They’re trying to get away from the glowing logo on every device, its a welcome change, that was a 90’s thing.

  • Antzboogie

    Wow this is dumb everyone loves the glowing Apple Tim Cook what are you doing seriously????

    • Dan

      Cutting on costs it seems. I agree, the glowing logo is a nice little detail, always though it was neat.

      • I doubt switching from plastic to machined metal cuts any cost. The glowing apple is just the light from the backlight of the screen.

      • Dan

        Seems like a dumb move imo then, not that I’ll buy one, but I anyways thought it was cool.

      • Franklin Richards

        That might just be the reason. There is only one type of screen that doesn’t need a backlight and that is OLED screens. Maybe they’ve opted to have an OLED screen instead.

      • Xee


      • That would be a very thin screen. Thin enough in fact to have a Apple logo behind it that lights up. The materials can be the same thickness and the plastic it most likely thinner.

      • Franklin Richards

        OLED screens are thin because they don’t need a backlight and without a backlight Apple would need to add an extra bit just to make the logo light up.

        Apple has a track record of making things as stupidly thin as possible so I don’t think they’ll add the light up logo. Unless we make a huge uproar about it. Honestly I would rather a light up Apple logo than a stupidly thin MacBook lid.

      • Lol you guys are thinking into this way to much.

    • Jonathan

      Giving it the ability to be thinner, most likely.

      • I highly doubt thats the reason if this is true.. It would mostly be just a visual difference.

      • Jonathan

        Well, I haven’t heard anyone not like the glowing logo. So they’re probably doing it for thinness/battery length.

      • Plastic will always be thinner than metal, If they wanted thin and check they’d simply paint the Apple on. As for battery length, The current Glowing Apples didn’t waste any due to the fact the light was just from the backlight of the LCD.. The only reason they’d switch is for looks. They want it to look like the other Apple Products with the metal logos simple as that.

      • Jonathan

        Oh, never knew that. Thought the glowing logo had a light of its own. :/

      • Jason Baroni

        So it’s Jony Ive’s idea.

  • Joey_Z

    These are little details that people liked about Macbooks. I miss the breathing indicator, now the lighted logo is gone too.

    • breathing? or do you mean battery? I’m sure you were probably autocorrected.

      • Joey_Z

        nop, the sleep indicator that dates all the way back to iBook G3 snow, or as far as I can tell.

      • Joshua The-Legend Wiebe

        Yeah, it’s the little LED that flashes slowly to indicate “Lungs” as lights, it was located at the front of the Macbook Pro Santa Rosa (latest one I can remember) and would slowly dim in and dim out when it was closed.

      • Andrew

        Whaaaat? That’s not there anymore?

    • Dan

      If you need a breathing indicator… you’ve got worse problems than a glowing logo >.<

      • Joey_Z

        To make things worse, also missing the dedicated metal power button. I finally caved for the retina diaplay, but I like everything else on the previous generation.

    • leart

      definitely the glowing apple logo is very nice to see…in the past i liked even the idea of “breathing light” in Nokia E72

    • QuarterSwede

      Pulsating is a better word and that was always a nice detail. Sad to hear it’s gone.

  • Dante Arellano

    Whattt! No fuckk no no no!!!

  • Chocolatewe

    This new macbook is so bad loooool

    • Maxim∑

      Yeah I’ve used it too

      • Chocolatewe


  • Chang in Charge

    Honestly couldn’t care less if the glowing logo is removed I never see it anyway as I don’t stare at the back of my Macbook.

    • It’s there not just for show off, but acted as a good indicator of when the computer is awake/sleeping/off.

  • Yet another something I would like to see in my Surface Pro gets flung away…throwing away all the advantages. Something tells me this is just the bottom line product.

  • iPhoneWINS

    this move is to make sure the Air is seen as the cheaper model below the elite mac book pro… its smart from a business and produce differentiation angle

  • Sohail Wahab

    Jony Ive is turing into a gay designer by deleting each and everything on every update instead of adding one

  • Buzz { Light:Year; }

    So less battery consumption

    • eXoguti093

      It doesn’t consume any battery at all.. It’s just the screen’s backlight that turns on the display

      • Buzz { Light:Year; }


      • eXoguti093

        That’s why it’ll change brightness whenever you increase/decrease the brightness of the screen

      • Buzz { Light:Year; }

        Does it also show text? What about gifs. Wait PNG’s what in tarnation JPEG!! Yes JPEG!!

      • eXoguti093

        What?…. Something cool thought is that if you turn the brightness all the way down till the screen is off and you shine a light through the logo on the back you’ll be able to see your screen content lit up where the light is

  • People still buy MacBook Air ??

    • BoardDWorld

      My mid 2012 Air is still going very strong, it was the best decision by far. Post 2012 there has been very little reason to upgrade. Also they have cut back so many features from Pros I don’t see the point in them for everyday use to spend all that extra money.

      • I got my MacBook Pro in 2010. I upgraded to 2 2tb of SSD with removing the CD drive and 16gb of ram running Yosemite now But I never really saw a used for the MacBook Air.

    • jack

      Ppl who have money

  • Franklin Richards

    Only logical reason for this is that Apple has opted to use an OLED screen as they do not require a backlight thus there will not be a light source to light the Apple logo. If this isn’t the case then Tim Cook or Jony Ive is going in the wrong direction.

    The consumers love the light up Apple logo. They even paid for mods just to make the iPhone Apple logo light up. MAKE OUR DAMN APPLE LOGO LIGHT UP!

  • john diaz

    I’m not surprised. quite stupid if you ask me, their going to lose popularity. whenever your in a place like Starbucks that bright apple logo always seems to stand out among the competitors everyone notices it.

  • Jason

    Apple is getting cheap and put more profits into their own pocket

  • macboy74

    Blah blah blah I guarantee it’ll have a glowing Apple.

  • Aaron de Silva

    iPad Pro?

  • Hot12345

    If this is true, i will not buying this macbook.

    Because the apple feeling is to glow that apple logo.

  • The Guy

    About time, I thought they were getting rid of the glowing apple on all their products…I remember a while back when Steve was around that it was the long term plan…

  • vivalaivsca

    This is the main reason people buy MacBooks… and its gone?

  • rockdude094

    I think the glossy mirror black apple logo would look amazing !