Apple Watch digital crown

Marsh Supermarkets, a retail food chain headquartered in Indianapolis, IN, with stores throughout Central Indiana and parts of Ohio, has installed iBeacons in all of its 75 stores and plans to run Apple Watch triggered advertisements when you walk in the store, AdWeek was the first to report.

The Apple Watch isn’t even on sale until reportedly March, but that isn’t stopping Marsh from preparing to take advantage of the hands-free advertising.

“If you look at that situation when you’re running through a store, how much more convenient is it to have a hands-free option to see what you’re making for dinner or understand what the deals are when you’re in-store?” Todd Dipaola, CEO of inMarket, the platform that’s powering the in-store activation, said.

inMarket claims to have the world’s largest network of beacon-enhanced shopping apps.

Marsh plans to beam customers’ Apple Watches with offers, coupons, and recipe suggestions it thinks will better your shopping experience, with inMarket’s help. Furthermore, AdWeek reports Marsh will link the mobile offers to its loyalty program to track coupon redemption and sales data to better serve customers with advertisements.

iBeacons, announced by Apple in mid-2013, is a group of low-powered, low-cost transmitter hardware that can notify nearby iOS 7 devices of their presence through advertisements or other notifications. Several companies across the US have been working on installing iBeacons across their properties, including Major League Baseball, Disney World, Macy’s department store, and more.

It’s interesting the Apple Watch hasn’t even launched yet, and retailers are already targeting away to plop themselves on your wrist. Some analysts have believed the Apple Watch will be a hit, which could be good for retailers, while other analysts think it will flop in its first generation.

“We’ve built the integration ahead of the debut so on day one—as the Apple Watch comes out—these apps can be ready for prime time,” Dipaola said, having a positive outlook on the wearable.

Digitimes reported last week that many analysts in the Asia region have cut their forecasts for first-generation Apple Watch shipments to as low as around 10 million units in 2015. Analysts are more optimistic about sales of second-generation Apple Watch with improved software and better features.

Source: AdWeek

  • Dave Newcomb

    Please tell me these ads will be opt-in.

    • Guest

      Haha wouldn’t be surprised if the iphone soon has ads on our lock-screen instead of notifications

      • Virus

        Apple already place ads on the lock screen when ever I walk passed a Starbucks and a few other shops I get their app logo on the bottom left of the screen, you can disable it tho

      • M L

        Are you serious? I have never seen this happen. Ever. Do you have a starbucks app on your phone or something?

      • This is a feature the premise behind it being if you walk near a Starbucks you might want to use their app. It’s not intrusive nor does it force you into doing anything it’s simply a convenient way to open the app associated with the location you’re near should you desire to do so. I’m pretty sure you can also disable this functionality too…

      • John

        Wait a second, what’s your definition of an ad because the last time I checked, this isn’t an ad in any shape or form.

        In fact, it’s a feature that Apple have promoted on their website so maaaaaaybe do a little research BEFORE commenting?

      • Jonathan

        Like the Kindle Fire?

  • M L

    I think, personally, it would be suicide for Apple if it wasn’t opt-in. Oh I have no doubt that they will make it on by, then will add some hidden way, buried in the menu’s to shut it off.
    They will attempt it, then wait to see if there is a big uproar, which there will be. Then pretend to be the ‘rescuers’ and tell us how to disable it.

    • Franklin Richards

      Apple hasn’t bombarded us with ads on their devices yet. I am confident that they won’t make it native to the device. Not so sure about third party apps though.

      • Exactly. Apple is completely opposed to the sort of advertisements being proposed by this store. With third party apps though anything is game. Many apps will likely have these annoying advertisements instead of charging for their app due to the fact that for some unknown reason the freemium business model is so successful. In other words the price for a free app will be our privacy and constant advertisements on the Apple Watch.

  • Tommy Gumbs

    This makes me not want the watch.

    • Sikozu

      You would have to have the supermarket’s app for this to happen in the first place. iBeacons are a simple Bluetooth transmitter, which the app then uses to load the relevant data. The only things a iBeacon transmits is its unique identifier and transmitter power value.

  • watch spam? Thats not going to go over well. Expect ibeacon blockers.

  • nyangejr

    So that’s what the apple watch will be about, no iBeacons in my country, should I be glad?

  • John

    This is click bait and a little bit of free advertising for the companies involved.

    We saw this last week at CES when a company announced they would be the first to bring advertisements to the Apple Watch, then 24 hours later, they retracted EVERYTHING saying it probably couldn’t happen.

    Free promotions.
    Click bait.
    That’s all this non-sense is.

    Besides, anyone read the terms and conditions regarding the submission of an App which includes WatchKit APIs?

  • It’s AdBlock time.