Best games 2014

For me, when it comes to games, there are so many amazing ones that it is difficult to decide which gets top billing. When Sebastien asked for my pick, I almost had an anxiety attack just thinking about it.

Luckily, the pick for best apps and games is a collaborative effort and the weight of this list did not rest solely on my shoulders. The writing team at iDB submitted their favorites for this year’s best game and the entries were put to a vote. The winner, runner-ups, and the game we think is the best ever, are listed for you below.

The best game of 2014

Monument Valley

Monument Valley best 2014

Apple isn’t the only one to think Monument Valley is the best game to come out in 2014. We fell in love with this little ditty right from the start. It features dynamic graphics that are as aesthetically pleasing as hand painted art. It has incredible puzzles that defy gravity and logic. The soundscape is so lovely that you will be immersed in the game. It tells a story so sorrowful and wonderful that fans begged for more. Only about a month ago, Monument Valley received an update that adds eight more levels so you can continue Ida’s adventure. The puzzles are based on manipulation of the viewing angle in order to expose new pathways to cross. Each new building features walkways, staircases, and ramps. You may think there is a wide gap between two paths, but rotating the building will reveal a connection you could not see before. Steer clear of the Crow People and you can help guide Ida to enlightenment. This game is available for $3.99.

The runner ups


Vainglory best game

One of the first real mobile multiplayer online battle arena (MOBA) games finally made its way into the App Store. Thanks to a boost in graphics and technology for the iPhone, as well as the iPad, players can now join teams of fighters online on their mobile device without suffering the kind of lag time that would have previously made this type of gaming impossible. Players battle against other groups in arena style fighting. The goal is to destroy your opponents’ turrets and Vain Crystal. How you achieve this is up to you and your teammates’ strategy. Fight to take down the enemy, but make sure they aren’t off destroying your Vain Crystal at the same time. Play 20-minute pickup games as often as you like and earn ICE points for every battle you win. This game is available for free.

Leo’s Fortune

Leo's Fortune best game

This sweet little platformer charmed the pants off of us. Not only is it incredibly good looking, graphics-wise, but it also epitomizes everything that makes a platform game perfect. Players roll along in the control of the fuzzy blue Italian, Leo, as he searches for his stolen gold. Collect coins as you travel. But, beware of traps and other obstacles that will stop you from getting to your destination. Players go head-to-head with some cleaver contraptions and must figure out which lever stops the cog or starts the belt. Then, use your skills in well-timed jumps to get from one platform to another. Leo’s animations and rich storyline will have you enchanted after the first level. This game is available for $4.99.


Threes best game

When it comes to casual puzzle games, Threes is this year’s winner hands-down. It is a mix between a math quiz and a puzzle game. Players combine two like numbers to add them together to make a new multiple of three. The only time a number is not multipliable with three is when it is a one or two. Ones can only combine with twos in order to make threes. Threes can only combine with threes to make sixes, And, so on. In addition to the puzzle challenge, the tiles are all animated with smiling features. When they combine with other like-numbers, they say a cute phrase like, “What’s up?” or, “Oh, hey.” It’s too cute. This game is available for $1.99.

Modern Combat 5: Blackout

Modern Combat 5 best game

Gameloft’s hugely popular first-person shooter series has been pushing the envelope when it comes to iOS technology since the beginning. This fifth installment gives players the most realistic military invasion so far. Players control a soldier and command a small group of fighters on special ops missions across different countries in the world. There are different customizable classes, so players can choose the type of fighting style that works best for them. Earn experience points to increase your character’s stats. Join others in Squad vs. Squad multiplayer matches and increase ranks for your efforts. Once you get good at using your weapon, you can unlock more advanced versions for the best in class. This game is available for $6.99.

The best game ever



This puzzle adventure game is arguably the best game to come out on iOS, not just because it is a great game with fun challenges, but also because it was made for the iPad and iPhone. Players head out on a wild adventure in a Zelda-like game of mystery and intrigue. Speak with non-player characters to find out more about the missing professor and help townsfolk rid their land of pesky wildlife. Whack away at bushes, tall grass, and clay pots to reveal gems, health, and other treasure. Sail from one island to the next in search of more information about each island. Revisit earlier lands to expose hidden caves you didn’t realize were there before. If you like puzzle adventure games, you won’t be disappointed. This game is available for $8.99.

What is your favorite game to come out in 2014? Let us know in the comments below.

Best of 2014

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  • Eni

    I bought Leo’s fortune yesterday for 0.99

    • TechLove

      I won’t ‘Buy’ it until I ‘Get’ it… 😉

      • Eni

        I was waiting for that too but it never happened so.. 🙂

    • smith

      I also bought it yesterday but for Free using FeaturePoints..
      Here is referral code if anyone want to try featurepoints 97DDSE
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      • smith

        Wow now got Infinity Blade 3 for free using feature points (only 594 points required) Referral code: 97DDSE

  • randomGuy

    vainglory definitely the best game of 2014 for me 🙂

  • Merman123

    Monument Valley is a beautiful work of art, but in terms of game play, I wouldn’t call it the best game of the year.

    • Brian Brown


  • Wow

    Best game on iOS ever is TWD1 not even debatable. Name another game that engrosses the player in its world better than TWD1.

  • Rares

    What about Assassin’s Creed Identity? It’s an awesome free roaming game.

    • Eni

      It’s just for Australia

      • sadaN

        Why is that?

      • Eni

        Idk :/

  • James G

    Great games. Thanks for the list! I just bought Leo and Monument Valley. Looking forward to giving them a go.

  • Matt

    It kills me that in every post they show up pics with the latest devices out there while I’m still stuck with my iPhone 5

    • mlee19841

      Just a bigger screen bud. Nothing outrageous.

  • Carlos Maanuel

    Which jailbreak tool is better: pangu or taig?

    • Sbhs Sbh


    • Sbhs Sbh

      taig es mas estable

      • Carlos Maanuel

        Gracias! Es que estoy en 8.0.2 y tengo la opcion de hacerlo con pangu o actualizarlo y hacerlo con taig y como nunca lo he hecho con taig queria saber si no tenia algun bug o algo

      • Andrew

        Why don’t you upgrade to 8.1.2?

    • Bugs Bunnay


  • john diaz

    Modern Combat 5 is such an overpriced game.

    • Eni

      Yeah but it’s worth it, i bought it since the first day and i play it every day, it’s adictive and beautyfuly made.

      • Fanboy 

        It’s not worth 2 pennies until they add controller support

  • leart

    Im addicted to this retro style one..

  • Brian Brown

    I wonder if there’s an alternative to Oceanhorn

  • Bart.

    Threes! == a paid version of 2048?

    • Edward Chan

      2048 is a rip off of threes…

  • Neil Mersh

    I really love Fifa 15 Ultimate Team. It’s free, too!