Modern Combat 5 Blackout update 1 teaser

Gameloft, the prolific maker of mobile games hailing from France, on Wednesday launched the first content update to its award-winning Modern Combat 5: Blackout shooter for the iPhone and iPad and boy is it massive. Saying the update brings a whole bunch of rich content and goodies to the already well-rounded experience would be a gross understatement.

Now available on both iOS and Android, the feature-packed update brings two of the most beloved multiplayer maps from Modern Combat 3 and 4, several new multiplayer leagues for solo and squad battles, a new Rematch button for squad battles, the ability to vote for the next map in multiplayer, new area of effect skill for each soldier class, additional battle packs, amusing seasonal goodies for Christmas and much more.

And if that wasn’t enough, in celebrating the update Gameloft has temporarily slashed MC5 to four bucks, with the discount reflected in the App Store later today.

The update brings the Overtime multiplayer map from MC4 and Scramble from MC3. Overtime is an indoor map set in an office building lobby that includes vast but clash-prone rooms that should be well-suited for close to mid-range firefights.

Scramble, an outdoor map, is set in an abandoned airport hangar and has wider areas suited for mid-to-long battles.

Next, there are five new leagues for solo and squad battles — Bronze, Silver, Gold, Platinum and Diamond — each linked to a weekly leaderboard that rewards die-hard players who make it to the top.

Modern Combat 5 Blackout update 1 iPhone screenshot 003

Another small but important change: the level cap for Solider classes has increased from 100 to 120. But wait, there’s more!

After a Squad Battle is over, players from both teams can choose to have a rematch and keep fighting in the current configuration. You’ll also notice a few new areas of effect skill for each soldier class.

In team fights, for example, players reach the next level with the introduction of area of effects skills that make team play even more vital.

Modern Combat 5 Blackout update 1 iPhone screenshot 001

Activating the new skills doesn’t affect the player who activated them. Instead, it buffs the team members who are in the following skill’s area of effect:

  • Assault – 10 percent increased damage for a limited time.
  • Heavy – 10 percent less damage for a limited time.
  • Recon – 10 percent increased movement speed for a limited time.
  • Sniper – 50 percent less time visible on the mini-map.

As for the newly added battle packs, you’ll earn them by progressing through the game, but the impatient types can always get them for real cash by way of the In-App Purchase mechanism.

Battle packs offer masks, kill signs, experience point boosters or pro weapons on a random basis. What’s a pro weapon, you ask? According to developers, it’s a modified version of an existing weapon that has different stats and a similar balance to the original version.

Modern Combat 5 Blackout update 1 iPhone screenshot 002

Finally, here’s what seasonal Christmas content includes:

  • Jingles – activated on specific maps, during matchmaking, at the end of matches.
  • Winter blizzard effect on the Rooftop map.
  • Specific posters and props on all multiplayer maps.
  • Special Santa skin for VIP.

Modern Combat 5 is on Apple’s Best of 2014 list in 28 countries and one of the runner-ups on iDownloadBlog’s Best Games of 2014 charts.

Modern Combat 5 Blackout update 1 iPhone screenshot 004

Modern Combat 5: Blackkout 1.1 changelog:

Multiplayer bonanza

  • Dominate enemies on two beloved Modern Combat maps: Scramble and Overtime.
  • Vote for the next map you want to battle on.
  • Get revenge in Squad Battles by asking for a rematch.
  • Climb the Solo and Squad multiplayer leagues.

Class has its perks:

  • Support your team with the new Class Skills that help all nearby allies.
  • Level up to reach the new Level-120 cap.

Christmas is coming to town:

  • Holiday jingles added to the menu.
  • Seasonal masks: Santa, The Reindeer and more.
  • New blizzard effect for the Rooftops map.
  • Special Christmas decorations all around.
  • Special Santa skin for all VIPs.
  • Seasonal content will last throughout the Christmas season.

Battlepack goodies:

  • Cool masks.
  • Awesome new kill signs.
  • Pro weapons.

New widget:

  • See which friends are online and what they’re doing.
  • Check the status of live events.
  • Check your Solo and Squad League rank.

Improvements and fixes:

  • Improved anti-cheating system.
  • Added a “Report” icon to inform us of suspected cheaters.
  • Enhanced Spectator Mode and kill cams.
  • Improved spawning system.

The game is optimized for the iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus.

The 719-megabyte app supports the fifth-generation iPod touch and any iPhone or iPad from the iPhone 4s onward and the iPad 2 or newer. An Internet connection is required to play.

Modern Combat 5: Blackout sells for $4 in the App Store.

  • justme

    the best mobile FPS you can buy.

    I waiting for chat-voice in squad team battles mode.

  • Tim

    Did they include MFi Controller Support anyone?

    • Gabriel Anaya

      Nope :/ supposedly they are adding MFi support but the didn’t add that in this update because it needed mute testing

      • Tim

        Then I’m getting my refund on iTunes. This is garbage, I can’t remember the last time I played a game using touch controls since MFi. Controllers for all + DualShock 3 all the way

      • Pj Hickey

        How do you do it ? My ps4 controller connects with controller for all but It doesn’t work at all in this game

      • Tim

        This game doesn’t support controllers yet. No one can use one yet.

      • Pj Hickey

        Oh the way you put controller for all and pad, sounded as if you had it working

      • Jeff

        Xbox 360 controller works on mine. Oh wait, I got android suckers.

      • ikillyou


  • Straightshoota

    No mfi means it’s just another average game. They need to step into the last 2 years and stop updating like its the past. We want MiFi support

  • sadaN

    Thank you Gameloft for ignoring MFI controllers existence, oddly enough I can’t even say it was in detriment of their Duo Gamer, since it’s not compatible with MC5 either.

    Oh, btw, many thanks to iDownloadblog as well for ignoring my emails offering promo codes for my app.

  • Fanboy 

    I literally wouldnt even pay a nickel until they add MFi Controller Support. If it supported that, I would even be willing to pay $10 for the game! Guess they like to ignore their customers!

    • smtp25

      I realy wanted to upvote you twice on this one