Apple posts iTunes Best of 2014 charts

iTunes Best of 2014

Like in years past, Apple ahead of the holidays published its list of the best and most popular apps, movies, TV shows, music and books available on iTunes. In the category of the top paid iPhone app, Heads Up! came in first. Facebook’s Messenger is Apple’s top free iPhone app and Clash of Clans emerged as the top grossing iPhone app, respectively. On the iPad side, Minecraft, YouTube and Clash of Clans have been rated as the App Store’s top paid, free and grossing apps, respectively.

Without further ado, here’s the rest of Apple’s most popular apps and media in 2014.

These charts vary by country so the lists below highlight Apple’s favorite apps, games and media on the U.S. iTunes Store:




TV Shows:


Hyper lapse from Instagram and Leo’s Fortune are listed as runner-ups in the iPhone App and Game of the Year category, while the iPad App and Game of the Year runner-ups include Storehouse and Hearthstone: Heroes of Warcraft, respectively. On the Mac side, the App and Game of the Year runner-ups are Affinity Designer and Transistor, respectively.

Apple’s been maintaining these annual charts for five years straight.

And which of the aforementioned apps do you own?

Those who don’t agree with some of Apple’s choices and would like to highlight their own favorite items are more than welcome to chime in with their submissions and thoughts in the comment section below.

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