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Aeternum, arguably the best Apple Watch UI jailbreak tweak available on Cydia, received a massive update today. The update brings lots of fixes and several notable new features to the table. If you purchased Aeternum the past, but felt it wasn’t ready for prime time, you may want to check it out again now that it’s received its notable update.

Here is the full change log for Aeternum


  • Added setting to switch between old rectangle and new diamond basic layout
  • Added animated clock and calendar icons
  • Added setting for animation speed
  • Added setting for scrolling speed
  • Added setting for default zoom level
  • Added setting for dock icon count
  • Added setting for centring on launched apps


  • Improved placement of icons to better fill screen and allow better sorting by usage (from rectangle to diamond shape) – you might have to – rearrange some of your icons to your custom order
  • Improved minimum zoom level
  • Improved appearance of Spotlight icon by hiding its name
  • Improved some more little things


  • Fixed Spotlight keyboard not showing up automatically
  • Fixed missing Icons on iPad mini non retina
  • Fixed crash when emptying folders in normal SpringBoard
  • Fixed hard to click x/delete buttons on icons
  • Fixed icons being clickable at minimum zoom
  • Fixed some apps having a very long name label
  • Fixed tap on status bar scrolling up Aeternum view
  • Fixed glitch with icons remain spinning when opening app switcher while icons spinning
  • Fixed some more bugs

Aeternum Update Settings

As you can see, there are just as many additions and improvements as there are outright fixes, which is why I suggest giving the tweak another shot if you’re not still using it. I really enjoy the new diamond basic layout, and I also like the ability to change the amount of app icons present in the dock via Aeternum’s preferences. Users will also appreciate new settings for animation speed, scrolling speed, and default zoom level.

The one lingering bug that I noticed appeared when switching between the default Springboard and Aeternum’s replacement interface. The dock, which can be kept in Aeternum, disappears when switching back into normal mode from Aeternum. You can, however, quickly recover the dock simply by changing the orientation to landscape mode. It’s not a deal breaker by any means, but I wanted to mention it since I encountered it multiple times while testing this update.

Overall, Aeternum is a stellar update that brings a variety of new features and fixes to the table. I recommend that anyone straddling the fence about whether to use this tweak check it out. Aeternum can be found on Cydia’s BigBoss repo, and the update is free for those that already paid the original $2.99.


  • GuyWithTheThings

    Sweet! Might have to buy it now.

  • TheShade247

    iOS 9 Beta 0.1 by jb community

  • Jen doe

    Is it compatible with ios 7?

    • Andrew

      According to the Cydia page, it works on iOS 7 and iPad, BUT it glitches and is not officially supported.

  • john diaz

    Maybe if the iphone was round.

  • Guest

    I really like the animation. Placed it like that so I don’t have to go up and down. I just scroll from left to right

  • Victor Molina

    I really like the animation. Place it like that so I don’t have to scroll up and down. I just go side to side

  • BUGG

    Can someone tell me why after I installed it My icons are an apple logo rather than the circle as showned in the video? Any ideas on how I can get it to the circle icons?

    • Mutaz Hafeel

      Its probably maybe you enabled the icon masking option. Check the settings area…

    • BUGG

      There isn’t an option for that in the settings area

    • Newly

      I Got The Same Problem And I Don’t Even Have The Activator Option Showing?

      • BUGG

        I have the activator but just the apple icons instead of round icons on my springboard. I don’t know what’s wrong with it

  • Bugs Bunnay

    sweet! nice update. *goes to buy aeternum.* wait… $2.99??!? *goes to buy 3 mc doubles with mac sauce heart attack heaven.* maybe if it was $1.99 i’d get it and yeah yeah yeah, developer spent so much time and this and that and it’s only a few bucks, whatever. bite me.

  • GDD2010

    Still mis NextGenUI. This seems eerily familiar.

  • Jemie Torres

    It wont work with my iPod Touch 5th gen. iOS 8.1.1. 🙁 can anyone help me ? 🙁

  • Andy Gostavo

    all i need from this tweak is folders ..

    • BoardDWorld

      That’s not what the UI is about, it’s about seeing everything, having it all available within 1 swipe and a touch. For that reason I doubt you’ll see folders.

  • ceevee369

    This release seems not to work. Previous one did. Can’t figure out which other app / tweak is blocking it.

  • Still no folders…

  • Xee

    Awesome update. Keeps getting better.

  • Andrieux Querido

    will not install if they dont make an on off Button so i could go back to my iOS

    • KonoChrome

      There is (I can confirm as i use it) you can turn on the option to triple tap the home button, also configurable to anything in activator.

  • Bj Gäûćhåñ

    Jeff! I have bought this nice tweak but it’s not working on my iPhone 5, iOS 8. Can anyone help me ???

  • Templar

    Updated it and now it doesnt work just great

    • Newly

      My Phone Has The Apple UI After Updating It, Plus I Cant Find The Toggle Option In My Activator Settings This Blows

  • Timothy

    I just want it to scroll infinitely, like Infiniboard, but in all directions!

  • Steven Honey

    Does anyone know what tweak ben is using to have more than 4 apps in the dock? I have springtomize, but its not letting me add more than 4

  • ceevee369

    Respring taking ages? Templars solution (reddit) when Aeternum fails also brings salvation to the long Respring issue.

  • ceevee369

    Removing that line also solved the long respring issue

  • Grc Rojas

    Is not working on Iphone 5 with 8.1.1… Anyone else?

    • cha

      Yes i have the same.. iPhone 5s 8.1, activator send me to safe mode, any time i install both tweaks.

  • iGag

    hey guys. respring button pops Never up in my case, and neither works aeternum with three touch. Wtat do?

  • cha

    Why every time i download my paid aeternum, activator is installed and send mi iPhone to safe mode? i have this conflict with activator 911 please.

  • Amr Koresh

    Aeternum not working with ios 8.1.2 and not appear in activator -why?