AdvancedSettings8 Featured

AdvancedSettings8 is a jailbreak tweak that unlocks Apple’s hidden settings for iOS 8. These settings are hidden for a good reason, as they reveal things that the average user would have no clue how to use. I consider myself to be a fairly advanced user, and it was enough to confuse me a bit, so there’s that.

But there is some value to be had from AdvancedSettings8. After you peruse the multitude of sections and the vast array of adjustable values, you’ll surely stumble upon at least one or two settings from which you can personally derive value.

Once you install AdvancedSettings8, you’ll find a new preference panel in the stock Settings app that relates to the tweak. But this preference panel is just for enabling and disabling AdvancedSettings8 via a kill-switch, and it contains no other options.

To access the meat and potatoes of the tweak, you’ll need to perform a tap and hold gesture on the stock Settings app icon. Doing so reveals the AdvancedSettings8 interface. There you’ll find well over a dozen sections pertaining to everything from Parallax effects to Control Center to CarPlay. It’s safe to say that there’s something for everyone to be found here.

AdvancedSettings8 doesn’t hold back when it comes to technical jargon and values, so it’s easy to be overwhelmed when you see stuff like Damping, Epsilon, and Mass values. Still, there’s enough simplicity to be found that I was able to adjust some of the settings to enable things like nested folders and more extreme Parallax effects.

For a free tweak, AdvancedSettings8 packs a lot of punch. Half of the time you might not know what the punch is, but it’s still worth trying since it’s free on the BigBoss repo.

What do you think?

  • john diaz

    I wish there was a more simplified version of this.

    • Utrarunner5

      Springtomize 3

  • Cool and yet useless as if doesn’t save the settings once you reboot. 🙁

    • Cameron Nelms

      You can restore them, it’s at the bottom

  • coLin

    can you make a tutorial on what we have to change in order to get better battery life of off this tweak? (i.e: disable the parallax effect -> set bla bla bla to zero)


  • rockdude094


  • Eni

    Anyone knows how to turn off the parallax effect with this tweak? only for home and lock screen.

    • Mohammed Sahib

      You can do it without jailbreak.

      • Eni

        Read it again. i said just for the home and lock screen, not all the other animations. the stock option it shuts all the animations off

      • jcheinaman

        Parallax effect can be turned off under the wallpaper selection in settings. Been like that Since iOS 8. He isn’t referring to the reduce motion setting.

      • Eni

        Lol my bad, I meant the reduce motion, I f*cking hate that thing

      • Mohammed Sahib

        LOL yes. Are you still on iOS 7?

      • Eni

        No i’m on iOS 8 actually, and i was refering to reduce motion but i messed up lol, not the parallax. i mean even if you disable the parallax the icons keep still moving and i hate that

      • Kurt

        You’re just holding it wrong. lol

      • Eni


  • Yunsar

    This isn’t new, we had HiddenSettings7 last year after the discovery by Hamza Sood.
    Also: is there any other method to launch the settings panel? I have watchboard enabled and tapping and holding the settings icon does not launch it.

  • AshWin SuryaWanshi

    some option of springtomize still not working properly <<
    and statuseHUD2 also not working

  • Behrad

    how can i set ios 6 opening apps effect on ios 8? please

  • Cmlo_

    I need this theme in my life, what is it please someone help!!!!

  • Ranz Sayaman

    hey i accidentally turned on thermal trap, please help! anyone know how to turn it off? 10.2

    • titto

      me too,please help me

    • Kevin Topete


      • Ranz Sayaman

        I’m just gonna wait until a full jailbreak comes out (untethered) so we got safe mode.

      • Kevin Topete

        we do have safe mode but dosen’t work to disable thermal trap to get into safe mode you unjailbreak (shutdown and then turn it back on) then go to the yalu app and press go and immediately hold the volume up button until it boots into safe mode

      • Ranz Sayaman

        Yea I know it sucks. I tried ssh but it never worked for me, probably doing something wrong. I need someone to help me out with that because I know nothing about programming