iPad Air Plus blueprints

Japanese magazine Mac Fan has leaked what appears to be the blueprint of what is referred to as the 12.2 inch iPad Air Plus, reports Macotakara. According to the January 2015 edition of the magazine, iPad Air Plus, as it is referred to, will be 305.31 mm x 220.8 mm x 7 mm and will be powered by the A9 processor. The device which has now long been rumored could be scheduled to ship between April and June 2015.

Although rumored to fit a 12.9 inch screen for a while, recent reports made mention of a 12.2 inch screen and a 7 mm thickness. As for the estimated debut of the device, well regarded analyst Ming-Chi Kuo recently reported that manufacturing issues could delay the iPad Air Pro to the Spring of 2015.

Mac Fan also shared additional details about new features for the larger tablet, specifically that it might sport no less than four speakers, each speaker being placed on each side of the device.

Finally, the publication noted that iPad mini 4 will be powered by an A8X processor, have the same design as the current iPad Air 2 and that iPad mini and iPad mini 3 will be removed from Apple’s line-up. There is no date estimate for this device but it would be hard to imagine this happening until the Fall of next year. The claim that Apple may discontinue iPad mini 3 is also hard to believe.

While more and more credibility is added to the rumored device, it’s still too early to really make anything out of these rumors, which is why we recommend taking them with the proverbial grain of salt.

[Mac Fan via Macotakara]

  • R N


    • Kyle McNulty – Mclovin341

      Them Speakers look really interesting, would be about time we get dual speakers on both sides of the device .. Hmm

    • Bob

      Random trivia. That was actually the first ever comment on Youtube.

  • William Melendez

    Lol, iPad mini 3 will be removed … I feel bad for the suckers that went with that model.

    • -= J$@ =-

      These are the same ppl who bought the ‘New’ iPad (iPad 3), lol!!

  • Matt Taylor

    Large side bezels again looks like the device resembles the iPad 3rd gen more than the Air line!

  • Tommy Gumbs

    You call this a leak? its pretty much what we have heard from the rumor mill for a while. And its all fine and dandy but if it ships with the same version of iOS then ill pass. Its about time for Apple to let this machine be more than it can be, or more than it is.

    • Kyle McNulty – Mclovin341

      Why fix something that isn’t broke?

      • Tommy Gumbs

        Blackberry probably thought the same thing at one point. Lol.

        Look at the falling sales of iPads vs competitor tablets and then answer your own question.

      • Kyle McNulty – Mclovin341

        I admit that the iPad mini 3 was the worst line they have ever released which tbh anyone in the right mind wouldn’t buy it as you’re paying an extra £100 for Touch ID but I personally think that the current iPad air 2 is a good improvement from last iPad Air.

      • Tommy Gumbs

        That upgrade is fine…air to air 2. Although I have an air and see no need to upgrade. I also kept with the iPad 2 until the air was released. But in terms of an even bigger iPad. Adding more sizes is not going to stop the loss of sales. They need a tablet with more functionality.

      • Cody

        Right now, I see no point in buying an iPad. It’s just a big iPhone. I have my MacBook Pro to do my work. You see less people with iPads nowadays.

      • Tommy Gumbs

        Every morning I wake and grab my plus while in bed to read emails, etc. My iPad is a big alarm clock. I take it meeting and use it to record audio as well. That is about it.

        Games are better in the plus too.

      • Not a hater

        Actually the “competitor tablets” aren’t doing well at all.
        They are even worse than the ipad.

      • Yeah, say that to the headlines (http://zd net/1y97rI9) and to these former Mac users that switched to the Surface Pro 3 (http://bit ly/1tVwdIy)…Apple’s iPad is now in the same position as Nokia’s and BlackBerry’s phones were back in 2007 (outselling the iPhone 10 to 1), only time will tell if Apple will learn from history…

      • Not a hater

        The IPad sales are effected by those 200$ and below tablets , those flagship tabelst ( I don’t know if you can use the word “flagship” with tablets) aren’t really doing anything to the ipad sales .
        No Nexus 9 , sasmung’s most expensive tablets. Or even the Surface Pro 3 are considered a threat (mentioned them because it appears that you think those are the one driving the ipad sales down)

      • Not sure where you even got the stats for those cheapo devices, but sure, ignore the rising sales of competitor tablets and blame it all on cheapo device sales when it’s Apple’s devices that are taking a plunge…genius <_<

      • Haha, very well said!

  • n0ahcruz3

    I’ll be the first in line if this is the first apple tablet that can really replace a laptop.

  • Arthur Larin

    So you’re saying that the 9.7″ screen will become known as the iPad Mini?

  • Jonathan Talbot

    I wouldnt be surprised if the ipad mini 3 got removed… Cuz tn the line up would be ipad mini 2 and ipad mini 4… Which would be good enough 😉 and also the ipad mini 3 is complete SHIT!! Its just an ipad mini 2 with touch id..

  • rockdude094

    Enough with the A9 ! Put an Intel in the damn thing already ..

    • Andrew Breyen

      So true.

  • Sean Clark

    When I heard they were adding stereo speakers I was expecting them to be on the front like the HTC One. They’re still on the sides though, all to save their precious bezel.

  • Mohammed

    Huge bezels,almost as big a pc screen bezels,they should put those bezeld to good use by putting a front facing speakers.
    As for the OS,lets be honest it won’t run OSX,and IMO it shouldn’t run OSX,OSX isn’t really a touch-optimized OS.
    And of course they shouldn’t use IOS,they need a new OS,or at least optimize IOS for such a big screen:
    True multitasking,alot of gestures(its a really big screen),stylus support and then leave to developers to make Destop-class apps.

  • Nathan Smith

    I will be so disappointed if the iPad (pro/plus) is just a larger iPad. I’m hoping its something innovative and closer to a surface pro

  • FadedZero

    Lmao. Because evrybody needs 4 speakers. So stupid.

    • It could be an innovative feature, semi-quadro speakers; now you can distinguish between what you’re hearing coming from your front and your back watching a movie or gaming.

      I say semi ’cause you don’t actually have speakers in front nor behind you…

  • Interesting, the top-left model of the back looks precisely like the MacBook Air’s back, something tells me it will be the 12″ MacBook Air people have been talking about, but this time, with a detachable keyboard…getting closer and closer to the iRefrigeratorToaster.

    • Cameron

      what if i told you that i would still think the same if apple released a 12″ tablet. Especially the first 4 above. Not everything Apple does iFans agree upon, for example, even the most loyal of ifans were incredibly critical of the plastic iphone 5c from the beginning, sales numbers sealed its fate. So could the 12″ ipad.

  • vivalaivsca

    This is fake. But the a bigger iPad is a possibility.

  • They need to make use of the screen space instead of just blowing up the OS.