Aeternum Featured

Aeternum, a jailbreak tweak that mimics the Apple Watch UI on iPhone is now available for download in Cydia. Developed by SpiritOfLogic, Aeternum has received Jeff’s praises as he called it the best looking and best functioning Apple Watch UI-inspired tweak so far.

As highlighted in our recent preview, Aeternum comes with features you might expect from such a tweak. More specifically, it allows you to disable or enable the dock, and rearrange icons to your liking. But maybe more importantly, the tweak uses clean and smooth in and out animations when launching apps.

That being said, Aeternum’s biggest hurdle might be the nature of its existence. Are people really ready to replace the familiar Springboard icons layout and user interface with something so radical? It might need some getting used to.

Aeternum is available now in the BigBoss repo for $2.99, although there appears to be a problem with the payment processing system, making it impossible so far to purchase the tweak. This problem should be fixed shortly though.

Will you give a try to Aeternum? If you do, make sure to come back here and let us know what you think of it.

  • Wa1t

    I have wayyyyy too many apps not to have folders which makes it currently useless. I’ll wait for the updates

  • rowan

    I love it but sadly the clock and the calendar icon don’t work anymore the clock Is stuck at the time i downloaded aeternum just like my calendar

  • H Le

    it killed my iphone 6 instally right after I bough it. It is now stucked at the Apple screen. Look like I have to restore the phone.

  • Dave

    Bought it installed it messed about for 5 mins uninstalled it, should’ve bought a couple of lottery scratch cards

  • Bugs Bunnay

    to f them right back I think someone can just remove the drm check or rewrite something in the deb and redistribute it for free.

  • Chocolope Jailbreakush

    Finally got my hands on this (FREE). No I didn’t personally text/tweet the developer nor join his 100 free copy giveaway.. straight up OG pirating after all the hassle & people buying the app and not gaining access its always better to wait.

    • Adriano Henrique

      which repo did u use to download?

      • Chocolope Jailbreakush


      • Adriano Henrique

        Not working for me.

  • Rahn

    Can you still use and create folders with this tweak because I have way too many apps to be scrolling through all the time and trying to find them.

  • Matt Cropley

    I could definitely use some help. i’m probably an idiot but for the life of me i cant get this to work on my iPod touch. I’ve checked activator and even quickactivator but cannot find the options to choose aeternum. thanks for the help

  • Mikael Gryholt

    I have paid for and installed it but can not get it to work , anyone know why?

  • Francis Agbada

    Just paid and installed it a few minutes ago and it works well with ios 7. Cheers!

  • Shingo

    why on 7.1.2 only showing spotlight? is it conflict with other tweaks?

  • Kev Nai

    How do install it

  • Luis Ramos

    Aeternum is not working for my 5s … I respring and nothing happens .. It dont even show up in activator … Can anyone help… I tried all the repos that cracked aeternum.. Do i have to actually buy it for it to work?

  • Stuart Cowdrey

    After installing the paid version of Aeternum on my iPhone 6 + it would not work either.

    Spend ages scouring the internet for some help.

    Then tried reinstalling “flipswitch” which is part of the download package.

    After this it worked straight away!!

  • ismail patel

    i paid for the app and installed it. however i am not able to activate it. on activator i don’t see an option called aeternum. please help

  • Mikey Stover

    will it work on a iPad 2

  • Luis Ramos

    Its not working on my 5s…

  • Oscar Alfonso Flores O.

    I cannot activate it!
    I have tons of folders, is that a problem?

    Iphone 5s iOS8.1

  • I’ve been using it for a week now and I kind of love it. It’s a little unstable though. Causes a little lagging and crashing of apps. When I turn it off my phone works as fast as lightening so I can only assume that Aeternum is the culprit. If they can get it a little more stable I’ll use it permanently.

  • Devon Bunkley

    Bought it and not working??? Any solutions anybody!??

  • Arthur Tregenna

    Dont know how to set an activator gesture for aeternum


    I accedenlty unassigned Aeternum and now I can’t use it. CAN ANYONE HELP ME!!!

  • Simon Dahlström

    I downloaded the cracked version on ios 8.3 and everytime i open a app while using this it boots in to safe mode please help!