Episode 80: Sebastien and Cody explain why they’ve yet to jailbreak their iPhones. iOS 8.1.1 kills the Pangu jailbreak. Tons of new jailbreak tweaks discussed, including a cool new Apple Watch UI tweak called Aeternum, and a tweak that lets you optimize apps for the iPhone 6 Plus and the iPhone 6’s larger screen. Jeff goes gaga over the new Cydia.

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  • Wowzera

    Since I am not so good in listening english (as I find a lot easier read and write), could anyone tell me what is the reason Sebastien and Cody still didn’t jailbreak their iPhones in iOS 8.X?
    From what I think I have heard, they still did not do it because the currently mess of lot of updates in Pangu and Cydia.

    The reason I am asking this is because I am currently running 7.1.2 JB on iPhone 5S and I am attempted to update, but I am afraid to experience bad wifi (as I did in 8.0 GM), worse battery life and lags (currently, in 7.1.2 JB my phone is running smooth with great battery life, but I obviously want the new features, even though I don’t them).

    • CS

      Stay on 7.1 JB. That’s what I am jailbroken on all of my devices besides the 6+. It’s by far more stable than 8.1 jb and most tweaks are compatible. You can find many iOS 8 features on Cydia. Actually I’ve basically cloned iOS 8 on my ios 7 devices…

      Name some iOS 8 features u want and I’ll tell you if there’s a tweak for it

      • Ali

        Wasn’t there a tweak to “freeze” the screen, so to say? Like when showing someone a picture, you can freeze the screen so they can’t scroll to see other pix? I forget the name 🙁

      • Bugs Bunnay

        that sounds kinda nifty. disable touchscreen with activator. someone should make that.

      • Guest

        guided access in the settings

    • Thomas A. Anderson

      Because they are two grandmas!

    • Yermum

      Upgrade as soon as possible and ignore everything CS wrote. I actually have a 5s jail broken on 8.1 and have had zero problems whatsoever. The upgrades from Apple combined with the jailbreak really enhance what iOS 7 was. Feel free to ask any questions if you’re curious about something.

  • David Gitman

    My dream is to be mentioned in one of this podcasts

    • Bugs Bunnay

      hint – bribe them

  • “international” flights do have wifi…

  • Joonyaboy

    I think the only thing I really need right now is f.lux. Everything else is pretty good. Also the ability to have folders within folders cause I have over 600 apps that I rotate through and I hate having all those folders on the screen

  • Mr.DnQ

    new Essential upgrade Cydia….

  • Mr.DnQ

    CYDIA 1.1.16, go saurik

  • Steve Lee

    sir i have question my 5s still on ios 7.1.2 should i upgrade to ios 8.1 or keep my ios 7.1.2 because i hear many problem and bug on ios 8.1 and about battery issue im so scared because when i go to 8.1 i cant downgrade anymore so please please advice this make me frustration about 5 days what i must do thanks before

    • Christian Mejía

      I would keep iOS 7. I jailbroke my 5s on iOS 8 and it crashes all the time.

      • Yermum

        You’re doing something terribly wrong. My 5s is 100% stable, just like it was in 7.1.2 jail broken.

      • Christian Mejía

        I’m not doing anything wrong I deleted all my tweaks and still the same problem.

      • Yermum

        Then it’s due to garbage in your backup. On a clean restore and only retrieving backup from iCloud is basically flawless.

    • Yermum

      Do it. You won’t regret it. If anything (like you favorite tweaks haven’t been updated yet) at least do the update to 8.1. A fair bunch of new features and runs 100% stable now.

  • Slifur

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  • Downloaded Pangu with a trial version of Parallels. Bitchy but not too painful.

  • I also noticed my iPhone 5 getting hot from normal usage but after the patch, it’s working fine now.

  • Current tweak bugs: Gridlock crashing; Airplay server not working; CC shuffle buttons don’t show, Gesture music controls not yet working; and Better Power down sometimes crashes. Im sure the devs are hard at work…..

    • Yermum

      Don’t install tweaks that haven’t been updated for 8.1 and you won’t have any issues. Smh.

  • sNick

    Same issue with control center in lockscreen. iPhone 5s.

  • Chocolatewe

    jeff is amazing