Episode 77: We discuss the negative connotations behind jailbreaking. Jeff plays emulators on iOS 8.1 and expresses his love for XBMC, and Sebastien and Cody talk about more repo hacks and favorite jailbreak tweaks from the previous week.

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  • Kattman

    Where’s the ios 8 jailbreak?

  • Matt Taylor

    I am very scared for the jailbreak scene what with how much stock iOS has grown with iOS 8, the lack of a current jailbreak, the amount of piracy on Cydia and less innovative tweaks!

    I was the most hardcore jailbreaker going and I never thought I would see the day I left it behind, but… It’s happening! None of my devices are currently jailbroken, I’m sick of the constant fight with Apple and always waiting months to use my purchased software!

    Maybe the reason people pirate jailbreak tweaks is because they never know how long they will have to wait to use them the next time an iOS update is released… Or if there tweaks will be updated or when! I have spent hundreds on Cydia and at this point I consider most of it a loss!

    Anyway just my two cents…

    • Platy

      A jailbreak now for ios 8 would be a massive loss.

      The new iPads are aren’t even out. Ios 8.0 is a buggy mess as well.

      • Matt Taylor

        You are very right! I had forgotten about these very good points!

      • Justice and Malice

        You usually don’t see a jailbreak until the X.1 release anyway.

    • Guest

      That’s sad. Stock iOS is a joke.

  • The solution to jailbreak tweak piracy is to copy Adobe and create the Cydia Creative Cloud subscription with access to all tweaks for an affordable $99 a month and require Internet access to use every single tweak no more tweaks in aeroplane mode or with cellular data turned off 😛

    • Derp

      Ignores sarcasm and responds with ‘Die’.

  • Victor Molina

    Those the podcast app keeps deleting itself from anyone els???

  • leart

    Out of this topic, any idea what the heck is this??
    Can’t sync apps anymore from iTunes on my iOS 6 devices, even in different pc, jailbroken or not 🙁

  • farers

    c pour con le jailbreak ios 8

  • farers

    repondé moi svp le plus vit que possible

  • nonchalont

    Jailbreak will definitely come for iOS8. Every iOS was jailbroken after the JB scene was born. We might need to wait until 8.X is out.

  • Chris

    Anybody know the service Jeff talks about that lets him run emulators on 8.1?