CallShortcut lets you add your favorite contacts to the Home screen


Just recently, an updated version of CallBar was released for iOS 7 that makes it a whole lot easier to manage your incoming calls. CallShortcut is yet another jailbreak tweak that provides a quicker way to call your contacts, directly from the Home screen.

Developed by Gertab and David Glinski, CallShortcut allows you to add any of your contacts to your Home screen. These appear as icons on the Home screen just like other app icons and when you tap on any of them, the call will be placed immediately. This provides a quick shortcut to your favorite contacts without ever opening the Phone or the Contacts app.

To start adding contacts to the Home screen after installing the tweak, launch the Contacts app and tap on a contact. Scroll to the bottom and you’ll view an ‘Add to Home Screen’ option. Tapping on it adds the contact to the Home screen followed by a pop-up message informing that the contact has been added.

Personally, I like the idea behind this tweak and how it allows you to keep your favorite contacts right at your fingertips. I recommend that you group all your contacts into a single folder after you’ve added them to keep them more organized and easier to access.

If you’re interested to take this tweak for a ride, head to Cydia now and download CallShortcut from BigBoss for free.