iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus cameras (DxOMark Mobile 001)

The improved rear camera on both the iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus has scored Apple a major victory over its biggest rivals in exhaustive smartphone camera benchmarks published Wednesday by the reputable camera and lens experts at DxOMark.

Achieving an impressive rating of 82 out of 100, both new iPhones have managed to beat Apple’s chief competitors in the smartphone space.

Not only does this include the usual suspects like Samsung’s flagship Galaxy S5 smartphone, which scored 79 out of 100, and the previous Galaxy S4 (75/100), but also other quality devices such as Sony’s Xperia Z1 (76/100), Z2 (29/100) and Z3 (79/100) and yes — even the 41-megapixel sensor featured on the Nokia 808 PureView (77/100).

DxOMark Mobile is basically saying that Apple has “set the gold standard for smartphone image quality” with the iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus, thanks to innovations such as auto-focus video capture and faster focusing overall (courtesy of the new Focus Pixels technology), optical image stabilization on the bigger handset and the more sensitive sensor.

“They have very good, generally reliable auto-exposure in a wide range of lighting conditions and they have both fast and accurate autofocus,” DxOMark concluded.

Note that even though the iPhone 6 Plus has a slight advantage over the iPhone 6 due to its massive viewfinder and built-in optical image stabilization, DxOMark has found both handsets to ”perform very similarly” when it come to snapping up high/quality photographs.

iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus cameras (DxOMark Mobile 002)

Although Apple hasn’t joined the megapixel race and has been using the same eight-megapixel camera resolution for three years straight, the new iPhones still deliver sharper details in both outdoor and indoor lighting.

“In low light, noise reduction is handled well with images revealing fine-grained luminance noise and little of the distracting color (chroma) noise,” said the company.

That the new iPhones rock screens which have “stunning clarity, high contrast, excellent color and wide viewing angles” doesn’t hurt either, especially when viewing and editing stills and video on the go.

Both devices sport an improved rear camera sensor with f/2.2 aperture and use a number of image-boosting software techniques stemming from an enhanced Apple-designed image signal processor inside the A8 chip, enabling sharper photographs overall with more accurate colors.

Video capture has been improved as well with 1080p recording at 60FPS (30FPS on the iPhone 5s) and Slo-Mo video capture at 240FPS, a notable improvement over 120FPS Slo-Mo on the iPhone 5s.

iPhone 6 iSight camera

Best thing you check out a great compilation of side-by-side images comparing regular, lowlight and backlit performance of the iPhone 6 versus all previous iPhone cameras.

And if that’s not enough for you, professional photographer Austin Mann took the new iPhones for a spin on the beautiful locations in Iceland, stress-testing new features like Focus Pixels, Exposure Control, OIS and more to some truly amazing results.

Lsat but not least, we recently told you how iOS 8’s smart Time-lapse feature works and explained why Apple killed the Camera Roll album in the iOS 8 Photos app.

If you own an iPhone 6 or 6 Plus, please do share your mobile photography experience thus far with fellow readers down in the comments.


  • Jason Baroni

    When 8MP and a bunch of great sensors get over 13, 16MP cameras.

    • Guest

      How did the iPhone do with 4K video? Oh wait…

      How did the zoom test go? Oh never mind. When testing iPhones, leave out important tests in order to skew Apple higher. Let’s see accurate detail and noise in shadows of a picture. This is another area where lumias shine. How much did Apple pay them? Like the exposed Austin Mann story

      • CollegiateLad

        I bet you own a Samsung phone… Oh wait! Lol

      • Jason Baroni

        If I were them, I would also be penitent to have gotten any Galaxy on times of iPhone 6.

      • Kurt

        Huh? Note 3 is still better than iPhone 6 plus. And we aren’t even talking about Note 4!

      • Adam Bowman

        Yeah… Maybe. Notice how the Note 3 is nowhere to be found on that chart.

        This is just begging the question; why is the Note 3 excluded from these comparisons?

        It’s somewhat suspicious.

      • Rowan09

        Better at what eye scrolling?

      • Tell me you’re just playing ignorant fanboy there…

      • Jason Baroni

        We aren’t even talking about whole devices, only the cameras!

      • Edgard Ade

        Do you own an iPhone 6/6+ it’s probably bending…

      • dana mohammed

        And you own an iphone that looks like a piece of aluminuim that bends by puting it in your pocket i bet you regret buying it

      • Indian Food

        Yeah, see, the only problem is 4K video is absolutely useless and totally impractical. Barely anyone has 4K displays in their house first of all, and not only that, but 4K takes up way too much space to even be practical. That was a good try though, buddy.

      • leart

        Exactly I’m usually fine even with videos that i make with my old ipod4 for everyday use and they are taking mb instead of hundred or gb of size that are using newer devices. If i want to shot something professional i will find something but for normal captures i don’t see the reason to use half of hard drive

      • Ashish Maheshwari

        If you are fed up with videos shot with iOS devices taking huge space, try an app named COMPRESS. It converts raw videos into 720p without any visible loss in quality (and the size gets reduced to 1/4 of the original size) 🙂

      • therealjjohnson

        is that an iOS app or a desktop app?

      • linusmarcel

        yup, that’s just the kind of mediocrity that you need to hear when you don’t care enough. It’s a $1000 phone. you wouldn’t want to buy something that expensive and just be “okay” with it.

      • 4K video is noticeably sharper even on a lower res screen, watch MKBHD’s videos in both 1080p and 4k (http://bit ly/1wLyTYF), and tell me you’re too blind to notice any difference in quality.

        “but 4K takes up way too much space to even be practical.”

        Too much space to be practical? Maybe for those restricted to a fixed amount of storage space on their device. It takes more bits to store more raw quality…shocking.

      • Fanboy 

        A screen can only display its maximum screen resolution capability….. That’s like saying I can hook up a Blu-ray player to my 1990 square box tv and that the quality would somehow be higher……

      • It’s called pixel condensation; that’s how large content looks sharper on a smaller screen…wouldn’t expect you to know that until Apple tells you.

        EDIT – Such buggy Disqus

      • Fanboy 

        Well I clicked on your link on my desktop, and watched it in 1080p and 4K resolution and there wasnt a single difference. So no. Fact remains that sure, it can “condense” the resolution of whatever video you are watching, but it STILL only going to display your screens resolution -_- your display cant create new pixels you know…..

      • You didn’t notice any difference? Oh well…MKBHD and the commenters must have some special eyes then.

      • Fanboy 

        I guess so. So you’re telling me that if I watch a 1080p video on my iPhone 6 (resolution of 1334 x 740), and then watch a 4K video on it, it will somehow display more than 1334 x 740 pixels? Wow sounds magical I’ve never heard of such thing!

      • No, it won’t display more pixels, the quality of each pixel will be slightly more sharper…

      • GuyWithTheThings


        In the real world, in real use, will it really make that much of a difference? Are you guys seriously arguing over this? Holy shit the world’s gone to hell. It’s a screen. It’s a phone. Jesus christ.

      • linusmarcel

        haha! totaly agree with you bro

      • Kurt

        Because videos from mobile devices take a single pixel and copy it three times to lower the size of the file. 4K converted to 1080p will give you a video with each pixel having its own info. Sharper, better colors. But I think 4K shines in the fact you take a video on a tripod, and in post, you pan around with perfectly smooth motions. Looks incredible if you add time lapse . But in this case each pixel won’t have its own information and will share it as normal 1080p video does on mobile devices.

      • Decio Arruda

        YouTube looks better in 4k because of bandwidth. If you download the 720p and 1080p versions of the same movie and watch them on a 720p screen you won’t tell a difference. And pixel compensation is actually not good. It ends up either very minimally distorting the image of just bit displaying certain pixels.

      • Kurt

        Mobile video takes one pixel of info and uses it for the three pixels around it. If you take a 4K video and watch it on a 1080p screen or convert it to 1080p each pixel will have its own information.

      • Rowan09

        It’s called cloud storage, so this idea that I need a SD slot must be a joke. 4K is not needed on a phone right now since it’s not a standard. The Note 3 had it with no image stablization just to say so. Maybe other companies should add 240 slow mo since every feature thought of by Samsung should be a standard.

      • Yeah, try recording directly to the cloud and tell me how smooth that goes…

        “4K is not needed on a phone right now since it’s not a standard”

        Yeah, not needed =/= useless or impractical.

        “The Note 3 had it with no image stablization just to say so”

        Righ, when Samsung is adding innovative features it’s just to say so, or it’s weird or it’s useless, until Apple finally adds it…typical

      • Rowan09

        What you make no sense? Remember when 3G was on Android with no service available anywhere. What was the point of having 3G with no 3G towers up yet? Apple always wait until tech is mature so this is no surprise. I do not need 4K on my phone and if it’s added great, but it’s far from anything I’m hoping for. You have this idea that unless Apple says so people are idiots and you’re wrong.

      • “What was the point of having 3G with no 3G towers up yet”

        Future proofing? It sure doesn’t go well with the Apple brand…thanks to people like you that proudly buy the newer version whenever it’s available.

        ” I do not need 4K on my phone and if it’s added great, but it’s far from anything I’m hoping for”

        Yeah, that’s exactly what you and other die-hard Apple fans were saying about NFC, big screen phones, widgets, custom keyboards, and many other SmartPhone features, until Apple finally brought it to an iDevice besides you. It’s not needed or useful until you have it on your device…

      • Rowan09

        You can future proof early and that’s useless. When the iPhone 3G came out 3G towers were still hard to find. If I don’t or can’t use a feature I care less about it. Once again I own a Note 2 and is it a big phone yes, is the 6+ small no it’s big also. I’m not blind or any idiot to the fact that people are going backwards to big phones again. I got use to the Note 2 and so I purchased a 6+. NFC on Androids weren’t well incorporated for everyday use for me, I don’t beam music, apps, etc to anyone so it would be useless. The Apple pay system might actually be of some use to me since it solving a problem for me, so if it does I’ll use it. I don’t need Apple to add features to see if it’s useful. When have I ever made or implied that opinion? Widgets in the notification is cool but I still don’t care for widgets on the home screen, if Apple implements it great, but I still won’t use it. I’ve said Apple need to add file system access and a Notification Center, they added a notification center and I was happy. Apple doesn’t think for me i think for myself (I still have a third gen iPad dude). I buy a new iPhone because I for one fix them so I pull mine apart when I get it and I sell my old one to offset the price of the new. I’m not on contract so I have the freedom of doing what I want. Apple adding features is good, but don’t tell me they need to add 4k with no image stabilization and expect me to be happy with it.

      • “You can future proof early and that’s useless.”

        Yeah, you’re the perfect Apple customer…a fool and his money will always depart.

        “When the iPhone 3G came out 3G towers were still hard to find.”

        So what? I’d rather have one device that I can use for the next 6+ years than cough up more cash for minor upgrades each year…you prefer the latter, that’s why Apple is proud to have people like you.

        “If I don’t or can’t use a feature I care less about it.”

        Yeah, you never plan ahead, just for the now…

        “NFC on Androids weren’t well incorporated for everyday use for me, I don’t beam music, apps, etc to anyone so it would be useless. The Apple pay system might actually be of some use to me since it solving a problem for me, so if it does I’ll use it.”

        Yeah, it’s never right for you unless Apple does it. Android and BlackBerry phones here in Canada and Japan have always been able to make payments via NFC at PayPass/Pay Wave terminals, nothing new here in Canada nor in Japan…but that’s only a fraction of the uses of NFC (http://bit ly/1tDXfoT), the others are probably still useless to you until Apple implements it.

        ” I don’t need Apple to add features to see if it’s useful. When have I ever made or implied that opinion?”

        You doing it right now; calling features Apple hasn’t implemented useless, and calling stuff that was always on other platforms and Apple just recently implemented useful…coincidence? I don’t think so.

        “but don’t tell me they need to add 4k with no image stabilization and expect me to be happy with it. “

        What’s the difference between recording 1080p without OIS and recording 4K without OIS? Besides one just being sharper?

      • Rowan09

        This is comical now you’re trying to convince me of what I need from a phone. The G1 was never going to be a 6+ year old phone are you kidding me. I have no issue with a company (any company) not adding a feature if I can’t use it. If they add a feature which I can’t use not don’t want to use I don’t brag about it. When the iPhone 3G came out 3G was only in the city by me and I traveled everyday and live in the suburbs. I’m a fool because NFC in the US is not popular and Apple pay is simily doing mobile payment right? Dude I didn’t make this statement it’s all over the web, Google and Blackberry did not make NFC popular in the US is a FACT dude. I don’t use NFC for any of the feature I stated because Apple implemented Air Drop and it serves my purpose. Am I mad they decided to add NFC now, no if they could have done Apple pay without it I wouldn’t care. Keep lying to yourself and make it seem as I believe Apple is flawless while others are full of flaws. I don’t hate Android (own 2 Android devices) I hate the Play Store. I’m done with you because you’re trying to argue facts with your opinions. Later man.

      • You’re trying to convince me of why having a future proof phone is useless, I’m saying that’s just asinine fanboy talk…

        “The G1 was never going to be a 6+ year old phone are you kidding me”

        Duh…I’m not kidding you when I say a SmartPhone should be able to last 6+ years of use. Non-Apple devices are capable of that; they’ll run the latest OS similar to or better than their original, while remaining compatible with older stuff…

        “I have no issue with a company (any company) not adding a feature if I can’t use it.”

        I have issues with any company selling inferior, short-life devices at the same price as non-inferior, future-proof devices. I find such devices to be rip-offs, and I hate rip-offs with a passion.

        ” If they add a feature which I can’t use not don’t want to use I don’t brag about it”

        Who says you can’t use it? Can’t use it right out of the box (similar to IPv6 Ready Routers), but at least saves me from needing a new device when such feature becomes the standard…btw, that’s only talking about 3G, NFC has been usable for years.

        “I’m a fool because NFC in the US is not popular and Apple pay is simily doing mobile payment right?”

        It not being popular in the US is not equal to useless! That’s plain short-sightedness, which is foolish. Apple Pay did the capitalist part it right (like it has been in the past 7 years), the rest features are still missing from iDevices…let me guess, you consider them as “useless”.

        “Google and Blackberry did not make NFC popular in the US is a FACT dude”

        Surprise, there’s life outside the US…

        “I don’t use NFC for any of the feature I stated because Apple implemented Air Drop and it serves my purpose.”

        So, ’cause you don’t use a certain aspect of the NFC features Android and BlacBerry devices have had for years, you then make the conclusion “NFC on Androids weren’t well incorporated for everyday use”…very intelligent.

      • have_gun_will_travel

        You have a SERIOUS case of pen!s envy, don’t you!

      • GTFO iTroll…

      • Rowan09

        True, but the difference between DVDs and Bluray is singnificantly different when compared to the difference between 4K on a 1080P screen.

      • therealjjohnson

        Most are restricted to a fixed amount of storage space on their device though. You have unlimited space?

      • 4K takes like 350MB per minute on the Note 3, the Note 3 can easily handle a 128GB MicroSD card…

      • dana mohammed

        Impractical reallyyyy im buying a 800 dollar phone and you speak about practicality guess you have an iphone which is bendable and has no micro SD wake up bro we are in 2014

      • Rowan09

        If you can’t do 240 slow mo it’s just useless (sarcasm). I don’t own a 4K monitor and it’s not needed on a phone yet. I remember when it was released on the Note 3 without image stabilization so what’s the point?

      • dana mohammed

        Whats the point from having a bendable usless phone at least you get 4k that works not a piece of bent metal

      • It’s only practical when Apple says it is…

      • dana mohammed

        Who cares if apple says or not paying money on an outdated phone is impractical in the first place by the way did apple say a bendable phone is practical? Bend it like beckham

      • Again, it’s only practical to when it comes from Apple…that’s how iSheeps are.

      • dana mohammed

        You nailed it

      • NoBendy

        So Dana Why is that you are stuck on bending

        Do you Bend a lot TOO?

      • dana mohammed

        Bend it like beckham or iphone 6 plus

      • hoggleboggle

        except that numerous test have shown that the 4K footage downscaled to 1080 has significantly more detail and clarity than even a top DSLR. This is where 4K video recording is currently most useful until more 4K displays become available.

      • Jason Baroni

        Yes, I miss 4K, but I wouldn’t have any device to watch those videos except for the phone.

        However, the numbers don’t lie. You can read them above.

      • Ricky

        Not sure but actually how many phones with 4K are out there? Not many so why bash apple with them not having a 4K. It’s like asking all android phones why they don’t have and aluminium body only a few have it.

      • MaxCox

        When Apple increases the megapixel count you will see Apple fans raving about how this is so much better than the last and how the previous camera was terrible compared to this. Happens every year. iPhone 4s was released and people said the camera was improved and better than the iPhone 4. iPhone 5 comes out, same thing. iPhone 5s comes out and the camera is new and better than the last. iPhone 6/6 Plus and the camera is new and better than the last. iPhone 7 and the camera is new, improved and better than the iPhone 6/6 Plus.

      • José Gabriel Rivera Velázquez

        That’s exactly how comparing something works. One is better than the other. Am I missing something here?

      • Rowan09

        It’s amazing how this report comes out Apple is on top and people making excuses. If Apple was on the bottom it would be see they didn’t upgrade the camera. The camera on each upgraded device did get better, unless you owned them all you wouldn’t notice the difference.

      • Ashish Maheshwari

        Seems like Apple is paying everyone on the internet to sing praise about their iPhone camera but still Samsung has a bigger marketing budget :p
        And still its Samsung who fakes benchmarks :p remember that report?

      • therealjjohnson

        I dont own anything that has a 4K screen or capabilities. Most people dont.

      • darb

        DxO makes high end digital photo development software. They test cameras and camera/lens combinations to aid in developing filters to correct for optical and chromatic distortion, dynamic range, noise and a few other things.

        Their software doesn’t handle video, whether it’s 4K or 0.5K. It’s for photos only.

        Furthermore, DxO clearly states: Finally, DxOMark has no ties to or interests of any sort with camera or lens manufacturers, which means that we are completely independent from them.

        This software is their business, so to assert that Apple pays them reveals your ignorance and Android zealotry.

        Samsung is actually the one who pays for good reviews. Tech bloggers have written about how Samsung approached them with schemes of how they would be paid. Samsung has also used PR firms to set up fake surveys to give results that favor itself. Samsung has also been successfully sued by other manufacturers, Dyson being one, for blatantly copying design.

    • sosarozay300

      so what youre telling me is, you have a 4k display and a 4k display pc monitor to watch your 4k videos? most people dont have a 4k display so that technology is useless. when apple adds 4k to their iphones, all the tv companies will sell 4k tv’s for a lot cheaper? wanna know why? because apple runs the technology market

      • Jason Baroni

        Doesn’t even take a fanboy to agree with you, boy. You are right in every way. Apple runs the market because the world depends on them to solve the puzzle and make things work the way they always should.

  • Eric M


  • Ваше Онтатиле Масвибилили

    nice. No need for high end specs to make the best device.With 8MP, 1 GB ram, 1.4GHz it still outperforms many if not all

    • Adam Bowman

      That is… until you attempt to crop the photo and find the resolution to be sub par.

      I don’t know about you, but I tend to crop a lot of my photos, and unless there are enough megapixels, the image can significantly degrade in quality. And while I understand the concept that more megapixels does not necessarily mean better photos, this claim starts to fall apart when you decide to crop.

  • George V

    I can say I extremely happy with the new camera on the 6 plus cant wait to do way more with it just need some free time

  • blastingbigairs

    I am so not happy about the fact that the 6+ bends so easily in your pocket. That just kills it for me!!! I might just gave to go with the 4.7″ 6 now 🙁

  • Recon

    You’re doing a disservice to your readers by pretending the iPhone 6 and iPhone 6+ bending issue doesn’t exist and not reporting on it. You’re supposed to be a reliable and trustworthy source and that means reporting on all legit (as much as possible) news good or bad, especially something this important

    • CollegiateLad

      I don’t need iDB to tell me aluminum bends. I keep mine in my front pocket. No issues yet… But I don’t wear skinny jeans either.

      • Kurt

        I5 and 5s bent in the back pocket. iPhone 6 and 6 plus bend in the front also.

      • Incursio

        Only a true dead in the head fanboy would try and defend the fact that a phone is bending under normal everyday use and habit. Don’t be a moron. Please. Just don’t. The fact that it hasn’t happened to you is irrelevant. Many users are experiencing it hence the reports and as Recon said. iDB should really have reported this by now. You’re just trying to be a smartass but instead are just exposing your foolishness.

      • CollegiateLad

        Yes, I’m quite the fool since I just reported my phone hasn’t bent under ‘normal everyday’ usage. I must be a fanboy… Lol

      • Eric M

        You can’t fix stupid. And I’m sure he doesn’t even have the phone. He is just along for the ride.

      • Kurt

        You must not own an iPhone 6 lol

      • CollegiateLad

        You’re right… I own the 6+… Lol

      • Kurt

        Great, prove it, take a picture. Not a stolen one from the internet lol

      • have_gun_will_travel

        Yet you continue to ignore the fact that OTHER brands bend, too. Google “bent phones” and look at all the PAGES of pictures of bent phones from Samsung, HTC, LG, Sony and others!

      • Guest

        Only the iPhone bends in the front pocket and easily. Flawed design.

      • have_gun_will_travel

        Once again, Ron White proven to be correct!

    • Merman123

      I’m sure they will report on it soon. To add to that, I find it funny how every year something horrible is said about the new iPhone. There’s always problems. Then after a couple of days,they magically disappear and are never heard of again. People just blow stuff out of proportion. That guy bending the iPhone until his hands are shaking, is by no means an indication that it will happen to all phones under normal usage. I’ve used my iPhone 6+ in my pocket since release day and my phone is still 100% flat.

      • “That guy bending the iPhone until his hands are shaking, is by no means
        an indication that it will happen to all phones under normal usage.”

        Did you snore past the beginning where he mentioned it was already bent from his pocket?

      • Kurt

        Shhh, we leave out important facts like those around these parts

      • Merman123

        Have you seen that guy’s twitter feed? He’s having a blast with the publicity. It is hard to take him seriously. He’s constantly retweeting memes and posts regarding his stats from the bend video. Of course he would add that at the beginning of the video. I’m not here to say that the bending of the iPhone is not possible. I could see why certain scenarios might account for it bending. But this test which he calls “scientific” is far from it.

      • So, ’cause he’s got many followers, you think it’s just because of the iPhone 6 video? I really don’t get this excuse…he’s been making YouTube videos for years now.

        “He’s constantly retweeting memes and posts regarding his stats from the bend video. Of course he would add that at the beginning of the video.”

        So, you think the memes came before the video? You’re really not making any conventional sense. He stated the bending began from his pocket, now you’re just looking for dingbat excuses to believe he’s lying, despite many others confirming the problem…ignorance is a bliss.

      • Merman123

        Hey, do you own an iPhone 6/6+? Just curious…

      • No, but at least I can learn from other people’s mistakes, instead of being a closed-minded numbskull who’s bound to repeat history ’cause they ignore it…

      • have_gun_will_travel

        Then you had better not buy a large format phone from ANYBODY. Google “bent phones” and look at the PAGES of photos of bent phones. HTC, Sony, Samsung, LG and others…they’re ALL represented!

      • After someone sat on them you numbskull…the iPhone 6 bends easily in your front pocket.

      • Duh-Modo

        How do you know

        seems like this kind of stuff keeps happening and then it disappears

        samsung paid trolls like you are here just to bash apple

        need to learn this is not going to help
        Apple is still going to sell shit load of Iphones

      • Apple keeps commanding iSheeps like you turn a blind eye to everything that’s wrong with their device.

        Seriously, it’s so pathetic how iSheeps respond with stuff along the lines of “So what, my iPhone 5 bent too.” Using that same reasoning, GM should have said “So what, the ignition switches have been faulty for decades…”.

        It’s just asinine when the defence of a product reaches a fanatical level where users use the faults of past generations as a bizarre sort of nullification of current faults. And even more bizarre, Apple will probably announce a “stiffer” “6S Plus” model to standing ovations, then iSheeps would just go with the flow as if the iPhone 6 problem never existed…

      • Rowan09

        My brother has a 6+ in which he keeps in his pocket while working on the highway and it didn’t bend. That guy must have some strong quads.

      • Possibly, and a SmartPhone should be able to withstand that…

      • Rowan09

        His does so I don’t know what to say.

    • Adam Bowman

      I totally agree. In fact, I’m somewhat shocked that iDB hasn’t released an article on this issue yet.

      Maybe they will soon. I’m going to give them some time and give them the benefit of the doubt.

    • have_gun_will_travel

      Google “bent phones” and look at all the pictures of LG, Samsung, HTC, Sony and other bent phones!
      I personally don’t have any pants with a pocket BIG ENOUGH to put the thing in. I have always, and will continue to, carry my iPhone in my SHIRT pocket. And yes, I’ve already tried it, and the 6 Plus fits just fine.

      • Guest

        Iphone 6 bends easily. Others don’t. Ouch, that hurts huh?

  • Forget about the actual real-world comparisons (http://bit ly/1psj57a, http://bit ly/1psjhn9), just go with the benchmarks…they’re always right 🙂

    • toortoor

      it doesn’t make sense,
      my 8mpx digital camera takes better pictures than my iphons 5s,
      there is not much difference between 5s and 6 cameras, not even an image stabilizer.
      the benchmark makes no sens, even if it is a benchmark.
      I want to see real life comparisons.

  • Anmol Malhotra

    Things just keep getting better and better with the release of these new iPhones.

    Just don’t keep the iPhone 6 Plus in your pocket.:)

    • Franklin Richards

      The other problem is that almost all the tough phone cases are now out of stock or haven’t been released yet. I’ve got an iPhone that I’m too scared to take out of the house. I’ve always hated using phone cases and I hate that I actually need one this time.

      • CollegiateLad

        I bought a case for my 6+ but never use it cause I love its thinness. I’ve been keeping it in my front pocket with zero problems.

      • Guest

        Never talk about premium feel. Mr. I put a cheap case on my premium feeling iPhone.

      • He says he doesn’t use the case whats wrong with you?

  • Psykr

    Should I expect a post here about the IPhone 6/6+ bending issue?

  • Noah

    Hey Christian, there is a spelling mistake in the second last paragraph!

    “Lsat but not least, …”

  • patrick

    Z2 (29/100) has to be 79

  • Soo are you going to talk about the complaints that have been pouring on the iPhone 6 and plus bending while in their pockets? I’ll wait. That’s why I’m sticking with my 5s.

  • Aaron de Silva

    Don’t forget it’s flexibility! It literally bends over the competition!

    • Kurt

      “iPhone bends over backwards to fit your needs” lol

  • applebrainwashespeople

    at least the other phones don’t bend in your pocket after a few days.

    • MrDDify

      you’re pocketing it wrong!

  • erkut ter

    Nokia is fuckin bankruptcy

  • MagicDrumSticks

    Man! I woke up to the smell of a load of crap in my bedroom, then I realized I had left an iDB article open on my computer.

  • Itzkhaoz

    The phone bends

    • Duh-Modo

      So does you MOM

  • iPodDroid

    The real question is: Will it bend?

    • Duh-Modo

      Your Mom Did

  • HamptonWalley

    I am actually suprised the Galaxy s5 is front of iphone 5S in this test.

  • Rowan09

    Apple haters do and will be quick to point it out.

  • Allen B

    I find this whole discussion hilarious. All the android fans talk smack about the phone bending and how the camera actually performs. My phone has been in my front pocket for the past few days and I haven’t experienced any bending… Dude must of been wearing skinny jeans and had it in his back pocket or something lol. The camera looks spectacular to me personally. Oh and android heads, why does apple sale more iPhones in 3 months then you guys do in a year. Oh because it’s perferred world wide over Samsung. Get with the facts that apple will always make a better quality device over Samsung… Which they do by making features sleek and clean and easy to use. Instead of doing what Samsung does which is oh let’s pack every single feature that is never really needed but we’ll pack it in there for no reason what so ever.

    • GuyWithTheThings

      I agree. Just be prepared for the hate. Especially from that Electrifyer guy. Maybe Domodo too. 😉

  • Miguel A. Medina

    We’re is the lg g3?

  • Nick Jones

    reading these posts make me laugh. Everyone trying to prove which phone is better. (In reality it’s just making you look like clowns) In all honesty the phone that’s better is the one you’re happy with, be it a iPhone,samsung, or any phone you have. Saying “my phone is better than yours” just makes funny reading for most sane individuals. Why go so far to prove what phone is better? Why try to convince the other person to get your phone. Who is paying you? Please enlighten me so I too can get paid. LMAO y’all r to funny. BTW how do so many pro androids end up in a mainly apple website?

    • GuyWithTheThings

      I thought I was the only one…

    • Ottawa Gamerz

      we all used to own ipads and our kids have apples simple

  • Ottawa Gamerz

    congrads apple for winning that now only if ur phone didnt bend 🙂

  • rightwingtroll

    Perplexed a bit by the benchmark. Two of the best phones – The Nokia Lumia 1020 and Nokia Lumia 1520 aren’t even on the list. On further review, it appears that those phones are rated against the DSLR cameras, rather than the mobile phones. Since the tests are different it is impossible to compare them here, but one can only presume that they best the iPhone 6 and 6 plus for being on a better list.

  • Jaimon Perry

    Doesn’t seem like they tested the LG G3 which is a shame with it being the best camera on an Android device that is currently released.

  • n0ahcruz3

    This iphone has improved in video. Still images looks the same, not impressive.

  • Manjuuuuuuuuuu ..

    • Ashish Maheshwari


  • Cailin Hancock

    what about note 3? where does that line up in the graph out of 100!

  • Arya Singh

    Apple is non-sense