SimCity BuildIt (iPad screenshot 002)

Electronic Arts, the world’s top games publisher, announced yesterday that it’s readying SimCity BuildIt, the latest installment in the popular city-building franchise, for Apple’s iPhone, iPod touch and iPad. Once again, the game will task you with building a city of your dreams, with the choices you make evolving your city in a variety of ways.

“Meet your citizens’ needs to keep them happy, or make questionable choices and feel your citizens’ wrath,” the company wrote. Pricing and availability information will be publicized in due time.

SimCity BuildIt features lush 3D graphics providing a nice 360-degree view of your city that you can zoom, rotate and pan around. Check out the screenshots below.

SimCity BuildIt (iPad screenshot 001)

The game is scheduled to hit iOS and Android platforms ”soon,” the publisher said. SimCity BuildIt is a brand new SimCity game “like you’ve never seen before”, designed for gamers on the go.

SimCity BuildIt (iPad screenshot 003)

Electronic Arts did not say whether the game is optimized for the sharper screen resolution on the iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus.

SimCity BuildIt will mark the second SimCity game on the App Store following the release of SimCity Deluxe for iPad and its $19.99 counterpart on the Mac App Store.

[EA via EuroGamer]

  • Kris Dessers

    Designed for gamers? I’ll bet it wil be riddled an ruined with TONS of iap… Want to build some more roads? Better buy a pack!

    • im2slick4u

      Ugh why did you have to say iAP. I was getting excited until you reminded me that this is EA and its probably going to be a pay to win game. SimCity is one of my favorite games and if they actually deliver on this it would probably become my #1 mobile game.

  • Dan

    freemium garbage most likely, I’d pay upwards of 10$ if this were a real game

    • Same with Real Racing. If it was actually ‘real racing’ as opposed to ‘fake racing’ I might actually be tempted to purchase it and would likely enjoy playing it too. However since it’s ridiculed with in-app-purchases it’s useless. I have no idea why EA do this either. They don’t do it on the desktop so why take the stance that in-app-purchases are okay and show other smaller developers that it’s literally 100% okay to ruin mobile gaming with in-app-purchases and as a result ruin it’s potential.

      • Dan

        I agree. I barely play any mobile games anymore, if I do, I make sure it’s paid and that there are no IAP’s. The last game I bought was wayward souls, before that I can’t even remember.

      • Kurt

        World of tanks is my current game of choice. There are iap but it’s not need or pushed

  • Umut Bilgiç

    I lost all hope against EA. To me EA mobile title = annoying “In App Purchases”. Cool ea, you make a lot of money out of it. But the idea of microtransactions is you can play without them but will go slower in game.

    • Couldn’t have said it better myself. I will never by another mobile game again from EA if they continue to make games with in-app-purchases (unless the IAP is to remove all IAPs). Although I fear that this will mostly be due to the simple fact that I won’t be able to buy any more games by EA, even if I wanted to, for mobile since they likely aren’t going to make any premium games anymore…

      • Umut Bilgiç

        Iap remover iap is kinda cool lol. MOTHER OF ALL IAPS.. $$$

    • Dan

      same, if I see EA or Gameloft, I skip over it. Although I adore Sim City, so I will give it a shot if it’s a paid app.

      • Gameloft actually aren’t too bad. They have no IAPs in Modern Combat and they have IAPs in Ganstar Vegas but it doesn’t ruin or hinder the game which is what IAPs in games should be. They shouldn’t ruin the game they should compliment it…

  • n0ahcruz3

    Sharper screen resolution on the iphone 6? 4.7″ 326 ppi same pixel density as the 5s. How is that sharper? It will definitely look good on 6+ tho in 1080p 401ppi