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After years of speculation, it’s believed that Apple is finally ready to show off its new wearable device, dubbed the ‘iWatch‘ by much of the media. And according to the company’s senior vice president of design Jony Ive, the folks over in Switzerland are in trouble.

In a recent article on tech and fashion, The New York Times’ Nick Bilton mentions that he spoke with Mr. Ive about the so-called iWatch. Obviously, the designer doesn’t offer up an official comment on the secret project, but it’s clear that he’s very confident in it.

“In bragging about how cool he thought the iWatch was shaping up to be, he gleefully said Switzerland is in trouble.” Bilton notes that he’s just paraphrasing here, and that Ive chose a “much bolder term” to express how he thought watchmakers would react to the device.

Apple is widely expected to unveil the wearable at its big media event next Tuesday, alongside two new iPhones and possibly a new mobile payment service. Recent reports suggest that we’ll just see a preview of the device, with the actual launch several months away.

That would certainly help explain why we’ve seen zero leaked parts for the iWatch, and why we still know very little about what it’s going to look like, and do. The consensus is that it will have a focus on health and fitness, though, with a price tag around the $400 mark.

[NYT via 9to5Mac]

  • Kuje

    Ooh nice

  • Gate

    > Apple releases iWatch
    > Switzerland announces its bankruptcy


  • Willie

    Plot twist: apple is making a fondue machine.

    • romeodesigns

      Simply genius.

    • Der Faust

      but we haven’t seen any parts for the cheese fondue machine…..?

      • Willie

        its gonna be assembled in the white building. the white is to resemble the swiss alps. (treat this joke lightly)

    • dialogueanalog

      or a swiss army knife….the iknife

      • R4

        Unapologetically Aluminium.

    • With apple flavor.

  • Virus

    I know I’d rather have a Rolex on my wrist than an iWatch

    • Leo

      I’d rather have no watch ^^

    • Mozaik

      Same was said before iphone and look how market was trupmed

      • dialogueanalog

        what was the alternative to the iphone?

      • Yujin

        An android that looked like a blackberry.

      • Domodo

        Rolex is the equivalent to a Blackberry-looking Android device? Since when is logic not welcome on this blog?

    • Niclas

      Me too. So I can sell it and get an iWatch + loads of cash…

    • Litchy

      Why does everybody bring up Rolex? Oo
      There are about 100 expensive brands I would buy a watch from before I get myself a Rolex. Or is Rolex just meant as a symbol for an expensive watch?

      • dialogueanalog

        its probably the most ubiquitous brand through sheer marketing. in reality as a watch…its ok. id call it the dre beats of watches

      • Yujin

        Rolex is the ultimate brand of luxury for those who don’t know better. Like when people dream of a BMW even though there are better and more expensive alternatives.

  • Wamid

    Apple should’ve bought Switzerland

    • Hyr3m

      They can always try and buy the Principalty of Sealand… it is for sale after all… unlike the best attempt at democracy in the world (with a strong emphasis on “attempt”).

  • Nirvana

    Watch out, Rolex!

  • Hyr3m

    You wish Jony, you wish.

    Oh and btw, Rolex is originally a british brand. They make luxury watches but they don’t do fine watchmaking.
    Try Patek Philippe or Vacheron Constantin… and they will never be put into trouble by the likes of Apple… even considering that eventuality is completely ludicrous and demonstrates a complete lack of knowledge regarding the watch industry as a whole.

  • Star Lord

    I like his confident.

  • HiGhGuY

    Man, I really cant stand jony ive. He seems like such a D-bag to me. His designs aren’t even good, especially the new iPhone (assuming the leaks are correct). Personal feelings aside, if he did in fact say “Switzerland is in trouble” then he is as arrogant as he is stupid.

    I’m sure there are cheaper “bargain brand” Swiss made watches, but what the Swiss are really known for, relative to this topic, are their high end time pieces, with mechanical automatic movements. a $25 digital watch can be more accurate and have more features or “complications” as they’re called in the watch making industry, than a $50,000 high end time piece. That’s not the reason you buy a Swiss watch.

    The point is, what swiss watchmakers provide, and what apple will supposedly provide are 2 different products for 2 very different customer bases. Even If the so called iWatch is sold in numbers 10 times what even the most generous estimates may be, it won’t affect Switzerland’s watch making industry the slightest bit.

    • Hyr3m

      Damn mate, stop reading my mind ^^ I feel like I wrote that comment of yours 🙂 (Especially that first paragraph about Ive; this guy… … I mean… jeez… I can’t even put it into words nice enough to not be censored)

      (Yes, that’s part of a Swiss flag you see in the background of my pic… and I work in the watch industry)

    • barreknarr

      He isn’t on the design theme for the iPhone anymore though

      • Litchy

        He is^^

    • Litchy

      First of all :
      “Bilton notes that he’s just paraphrasing here, and that Ive chose a “much bolder term””

      Ive might have never even said that. There’s not one single quote in this article and you start to judge him for what he might have said.

      And second:
      If he really said something like that, I think what he meant was that once a modern product like a few years ago the iPhone arrives and all people start to want one, the watch-business is going to be something very different. If everybody wants a smartwatch sooner or later only very few people will still wear classic watches. Sure, not everyone will abandon the nice expensive swiss watches but still… It would get harder to sell the classic ones.

      I’m not saying this will happen, but it’s not impossible. Nobody awaited a full touchscreen device with access to the internet like on a PC when the iPhone arrived.

      Let’s just wait and see what Apple has to offer.

      P.S. “His designs aren’t even good” – I can’t say anything about the iPhone 6 because it isn’t even released yet 😀 😀 but Ive’s other designs… not even good? I respect others opinions but you seem to be one of very few people who think like that. The iPhone 4(s) was a design loved by almost everyone, the iPhone 5(s) is a phone you see almost everywhere by now, the MacBook and iMac lineup simply looks like a high quality product… don’t really understand whats not to like… but everyone has a different opinion.

      • dialogueanalog

        personally, I think the watch industry will still be strong. when people grow up and start wearing suits and having jobs they go for the classic watch. if ive can pull of a classic design with an interactive ui then great.
        another reason buy the watch is that it is fixable and timeless. you don’t need to upgrade it because a vacheron constain will look as good and work as well minus some services after 50 and even 100 years. my grandfather passed down to me a longines watch which he wore during the second world war. I mean…that watch went through a lot. an iwatch will by definition of progress in tech be obsolete within 2 years. I hope that apple blends mechanical with electrical rather than all electric…Samsung already released the new watch iteration…which is better designed. there is only so much wrong that can be changed to a round face and a leather belt.

    • Homeboy

      I totally agree with you, a swiss watch still works after a century compared to a Smartwach which is outdated after two years…

      • Plistumichu

        A razor last longer than a disposable razor, but, does anyone buy them?

    • Yujin

      Damn, an essay and history lesson

    • DFD

      Jony isn’t known for throwing such “arrogant” terms as you so put it. He’s really a very humble and down to earth guy. I mean have you ever heard him speak? He is really soft-spoken, and always gives credit to his design team. I think for a guy who came from a background starting out with designing toilets, he’s come a long way. You are taking this quote completely out of context. The man is proud of what his team has been able to advance and he’s just giving the watch market competition a jab.

    • fake_french

      Health is the trump card. Let’s say you’re a rich old dude. Sure, you can wear a classic Swiss timepiece, which looks very nice indeed. Or you can wear an iWatch that looks decent, and can also can warn you that it looks like you’re two hours away from a heart attack and should seek medical attention.

      Game, set, match. Apple wins.

    • Steve__S

      I agree with the notion that whatever Apple comes out with, won’t really be direct competition with the Swiss watch makers. I would expect these markets to be different.

      But, suggesting “his designs aren’t even good” is just foolish. Even people who don’t like Apple’s products for one reason or another admire Ive’s design skills. When you make such ridiculous comments, it’s you that comes off as the D-bag as there is a large body of work which proves you wrong.

  • Agru

    Yeah sure. They’re shaking with fear. Come on Jony, you can’t be serious. 300+$ for an iwatch that can last 3 years, then starts suffering of battery problems, receiving no more updates, no more compatibility with new idevices, or 3000$ for a grown man-watch that will last probably forever, never losing its value, like a good bottle of champagne? Mmm difficult choice.

    • justme

      I agree with you. this iWatch in 3 years will become “old”, so we would say “damn I need another one because this is too slow and doesn’t run iOS X smoothly” and…… again you may walk to the apple store to buy an iWatch 2[s] with 1GB RAM and 32 of storage, blabla etc… and swiss watch will offer the same thing and will never lose it’s value.

    • Omar Ruiz

      The watch in all reality will be targeted to the die hard fans. Apple products spread like wild fire regardless of price.

    • Rak S

      Agreed, but it wouldn’t surprise me if Apple (now or eventually) teams up with Tag Heuer, or someone like that, to produce a high-end version, along with the standard $300-ish model.

    • fake_french

      Once a watch can tell you if you’re looking at a heart attack in a few hours without medical attention, what rich old arsehole is going to want to wear a dumbwatch?

      • Agru

        Why am I even studying medicine if the iwatch can do this

  • Andres

    Can it be September 9th already

  • Rowan09

    So the legendary iWatch does exist.

  • mav3rick

    Yeah, right, because it will not have cartoonish icons, neon colors on blinding white screens with thin barely seen fonts…

  • GuyBey0ndC00L

    Cause Stone Cold said so

  • rockdude094

    Am i the only one that tapes my phone to my wrist ?

  • powermixx

    The Rock is giving the Keynote.

  • Martin 

    Maybe he meant it that Apple will start producing better chocolate than Switzerland 🙂