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Twitter, Reddit and several other social networks are blowing up this evening with talk of a major nude celebrity photo leak. The trove first appeared on 4chan’s /b/ thread earlier today, and it includes Academy Award winner Jennifer Lawrence and several others.

The pictures were allegedly retrieved through a vulnerability in Apple’s iCloud service, which allowed the celebrities’ phones to be hacked. Thus far, no one has confirmed that iCloud was actually breached, and few details are known about the attack, or the attacker.

Many of the celebrities named in the leak have taken to Twitter to comment on the matter. Some of them, such as Victoria Justice, are disputing the authenticity of the photos, while others, including Jennifer Lawrence (well, her PR agent), have confirmed their legitimacy.

Again, it hasn’t been established that this was the result of an iCloud hack. In a comment, actress Mary Elizabeth said “knowing those photos were deleted long ago, I can only imagine the creepy effort that went into this,” suggesting this may have not been the case.

That being said, Apple has been criticized for iCloud’s security multiple times in the past, and an attack did take down its developer center for several weeks last summer. If the reports are true, what a terrible time for bad PR, just ahead of next month’s iPhone event.

[Mashable, BuzzFeed]

  • Mac_Guy

    Link to these pics? lol

    • J. Rockwell

      They can be found in 10 seconds in a simple google search.

      • Mac_Guy

        WOW NO WAY! (Sarcasm)

      • J. Rockwell


        -actually send me a link please

      • BoardDWorld

        Do take note that this is dozens of photos, not dozens of people, it’s about 4 celebs. If it had really been hacked it would have been hundreds if not thousands of photos. They’re likely using a photo app that has a bug or they haven fallen for a phishing scam.

      • MrDDify

        If you have the link could you send it to me? 😀

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    • Ara Rezaee

      They’re not as good as you might think

      • Christian Mejía

        Couldn’t find them.

      • Willie

        Maybe they took it with an iPhone 3GS.

    • jack


    • jack


      • NaSty

        You da real MVP

      • Zunaid Ahmed

        LOL, cool photos, could find those without the pixels, god well done man….thumbs up

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        You really are the real MVP

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  • regkilla

    Upvote this comment if you saw her nudes :p

    • NaSty

      Downvote it if they weren’t as good as you expected

  • Maxim∑

    Apple encrypts photos being sent and stored on the server with AES-128. The only way this would be possible is if someone from Apple internally leaked these photos by gaining access to the master server certificate but I would guess that’s pretty hard to do

    I also see a galaxy note in some of the photos. With the stuff Samsung has done in the past I wouldn’t be surprised, especially when we are so close to the iPhone 6 keynote.

    Basically no one has proof that iCloud is the cause of this

    • AppleFanboy

      You shouldn’t be upset that iCloud got hacked. Be happy that we got some goodies 😀

    • Victor

      Quit acting like you’re an apple god. Nothing today is secure bro.

    • highNiggaPie

      Dozens of celeb nudes got leaked and you’re here being a fan boy face it iCloud got hacked it happens and like 95% of them were iPhones you can see in every pic

      • chris125

        if it was android, he would have been all over it for being so insecure and not caring about security. Oh how the tone changes when the shoe is on the other foot. Fanboys never disappoint..

    • hotrod2391

      Denials, denials, iCloud was hacked! Wake up! Your crowing glory that is Apple is not invulnerable.

      • OverlordBR

        Your crowing glory that is Apple is not invulnerable.

        No one is.

      • Passwords hacked / cracked != iCloud hacked.

        TLDR; Please stop trolling and acknowledge the fact that iCloud is actually very, very, secure.

      • Hyr3m

        Apparently an iCloud vulnerability allowed for passwords to be bruteforced…

      • That’s not a vulnerability. It’s possible to do that on most sites only Apple didn’t show a CAPTCHA or lock the account being brute forced. It’s fixed now anyway…

      • What’s your definition of a vulnerability in the first place? Just ’cause it’s doable on other sites doesn’t make it invulnerable…

      • “Susceptible to physical or emotional harm”

        If you employ good security practice at no point is your password susceptible to physical or emotional harm due to a brute force attack.

      • Hyr3m

        “Apple didn’t show a CAPTCHA or lock the account being brute forced” <- that's the vulnerability… and you agree since you said "It's fixed now anyway" …

      • I won’t disagree with you but I will disagree with people stating that Apple / iCloud has been hacked since it hasn’t. Yes this is a vulnerability but it’s a vulnerability on people’s passwords more than anything. If you have complex passwords you won’t be affected by this. In addition to this how did the hacker gather email addresses? There has to be more to this than what we know…

      • IMnotmadBRO

        Do you work for apple? How you do know it’s never been hacked before and apple hasn’t caught it?

      • No I do not work for Apple and I know it hasn’t been hacked since Apple would have said so yet they haven’t so either they’re lying which is unlikely since the blowback would be immense once there lie(s) had been uncovered or they are lying which I seriously doubt it, even more so when you consider how diverse and transparent Apple is becoming.

      • Hyr3m

        Indeed, Apple/iCloud hasen’t been “hacked” per se. However it appears a glitch (or overlooked aspect) in their “find my iphone” system allowed for weak password to be easily discovered… hence it’s not just about the weak passwords.

        Some people are saying that this was not the work of just one person and that some very old (and already deleted) pics mean that it’s actually a “public release” of material that has been collected and exchanged over the years by multiple individuals in dodgy corners of the web. (“I’ll send you the vid I found of this singer if you send me all the pics you have from that actress”). This would explain why some of the material has not yet been released and why the guy is actually trying to cash in on it (since if publicly released it will lose all of its value in such exchange boards).

      • IMnotmadBRO

        Of course it’s fixed now you freaking DOPE. But that doesn’t mean it wasn’t a vulernability. Apple sucks hands down. Always have always will. The fan boy presence on this thread is amazing LOL. They STORM TO THE INTERNET TO DEFEND THEIR PRECIOUS APPLE!

      • Dear IMnotmadBRO,

        I’m replying to your comment to inform you of a defect that may or may not exist with your keyboard. It would appear that your capslock and/or shift key(s) may have suffered a defect of sum sort resulting in sporadic bursts of capital letters printed to the screen. I suggest you send your keyboard and/or machine in for repair immediately or purchase new equipment to replace the defective equipment.

        Yours Sincerely,

        The Internet

      • IMnotmadBRO

        Your comment along shows me your probably a 13-14 year old moron. Considering the fact if someone has hacked icloud before and it wasn’t detected. How would apple even know? Kind of the point of “undetected” isn’t it? Also, if they thought it was going to jeporadize their precious “secure” image. Don’t think for a second they wouldn’t sweep it under the rug.

      • Your comment along shows me your probably a 13-14 year old moron.

        Wrong! guess again…

        Considering the fact if someone has hacked icloud before and it wasn’t detected. How would apple even know? Kind of the point of “undetected” isn’t it?

        Auditing would reveal the origins of any security breaches.

        Also, if they thought it was going to jeporadize their precious “secure” image. Don’t think for a second they wouldn’t sweep it under the rug.

        Considering Apple is cooperating with the authorities I don’t think they’re sweeping this under the rug.

      • IMnotmadBRO

        Yeah of course their not on this hacking attempt. Did I say this one you incompetent fool?

      • I said who is to say icloud wasn’t hacked before this attempt and it just never made it to the public.

        Apple is to say. If you choose to disbelieve what they say then that’s your choice but the fact of the matter is that Apple knows their own company better than anyone else. If they say they haven’t been hacked then you better believe they haven’t been hacked.

      • IMnotmadBRO

        You’re not understanding the point. The point is, icloud has probably been hacked several times. It’s never made it to the news because of the fact that it wasn’t a huge “headline” Chances are this guy hacked icloud more than once and threatened Apple to expose them for the suckers that they are. Then when they didn’t believe him he up’d the game to something that he knew would explode that Apple couldn’t cover up. You probably don’t even know a thing about networking or security. You’re just here to support your fanboyism. There’s never a point in arguing with a fan boy. No matter the case. Because their “precious” is never wrong. Apple sucks. It’s not secure like you fan boys thought. Move on.

      • Now you’re just talking nonsense which signals an end to this conversation. You have no proof of what you’re insinuating and are simply making wild guesses. Me thinks it’s time for you take your tinfoil hat off and face reality.

      • IMnotmadBRO

        me thinks you need to learn English. It’s “I think” weetard 🙂

      • No s**t Sherlock. It’s called informal language.

      • IMnotmadBRO

        Ahh. I was a tad off. 18 year old from hastings, UK. It makes sense now. Anyone from the UK is never wrong. Which has all his info on the internet. If anyone is in need of this noobs skype or other names… Quick google search will reveal his apple fanboyism and anything you want to know about him… Should probably make sure none of your stuff is public before talking smack punk.

      • Guest

      • I find this hard to believe.

        1. I am not 18
        2. I do not live in hastings
        3. I don’t use Skype
        4. I just went through all 17 Google search results and found nothing about me other than social media profiles and blogs I’ve commented on.

      • Sircam

        Please stop being such an Apple fanboy and acknowledge the fact: Apple WAS hacked. NOTHING is actually very, very, secure, and Apple is not an exception.
        For their prices, at least, they could take responsabilities for their screw-up and admit it.

    • Dan

      Well if some random dude on IDB says it, must be true

    • iCloud isn’t even the problem. Many blogs and news websites are suggesting the problem is a flaw with FindMyiPhone that allowed the bruteforcing of password. A proof of concept known as iBrute exists on GitHub. Even with this tool though two-step-authentication and strong passwords would easily prevent any security breaches.

      TLDR; Celebrities need to improve their security online and use more secure passwords and perhaps encrypt ‘sensitive’ photographs. Of course none of them will likely do this so I don’t know why I’m even writing this…

    • Jason Baroni

      People are so overreacting to you, gosh…

    • Domodo


  • Riley Freeman

    so many pics but the kate upton ones were pretty good. girls from downtown abbey is the funniest smelling her boyfriends butt hole lol. shes not a looker but her stuff are pretty funny. I am curious if someone ends up in jail like scarlett’s hacker. Pretty ridiculous that the fbi spent time tracking someones nudes

    • Sadly money and fame has its perks one of which being getting the fbi to waste time tracking hackers as opposed to going after real criminals…

    • Just_the_guy_u_hate

      where did you see them?

      • Riley Freeman


  • n0ahcruz3

    Where the f**k is the link to their nude photos?! Jen Lawrence nudes pics where?! Lol

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  • Chris Holden

    still waiting for the jlaw vid 😛

  • aviotron

    Never will share any single pic on this leak cloud ! Even if its a blank pic.

  • Weiss

    Who has links? I can’t navigate this stupid ass 4chan shit. Where’s the Arianna Grande shots.

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      • Weiss

        Nice! Lol @ TheFappening

      • Evolex

        You the real MVP

  • Chris Longden

    “alleged iCloud hack”…. one celeb posted that she actually has an android device, so god knows whats going on…

    • Wait did Apple hack Google

    • jack

      I know a lot of ppl who have an iphone and an android device…

      • Chris Longden

        Good for you, im on about a celeb that has only an android tho… probably a dropbox hack tho…

  • Dan

    This thread made my day, well actually Jennifer Lawrence did

  • hkgsulphate

    my faith in Apple ;_;

  • toortoor

    “Again, it hasn’t been established that this was the result of an iCloud hack. In a comment, actress Mary Elizabeth said “knowing those photos were deleted long ago, I can only imagine the creepy effort that went into this,” suggesting this may have not been the case.”

    or, apple keeps your photos even after you delete them :), where else? “creepy efforts” is not an image recovery app 😉

  • Chris Longden

    Thinking about it, who’s to say it isn’t a dropbox hack… dropbox can auto-upload your camera roll and im guessing it has the same functionality on a android device….?

  • Lurker22

    What I think is really funny is that in this day and age these stupid actors would even think of taking these type of photos on a smartphone. Anything done on these smartphones eventually get hacked/leaked. If their managers were any good, they would have said warned them better…

    • aw81

      It’s not fair that their lives face so much intrusion but it’s not like they’re not aware of it.

  • It never ends; the public cloud can never be as secure as your local USB storage…

    • Zunaid Ahmed

      USB drive can also be hacked the moment u connect it to the computer, so yeah, u r still not safe.

      • That’s presuming you’re connecting it to a stranger’s computer, it’s not encrypted, and/or the stranger’s computer (or your computer) is infected by a spyware. Lots of loops to go through just to get 1 person’s data vs. hack some third-party’s internet-connected HDD (i.e. cloud storage) and gain access to thousands of individual’s data…I’d choose the local USB, anytime.

  • jack


  • Rares

    Links please, for research.

  • Matheus Lisboa

    They say it’s old pics, but icloud deletes photos within 30 days and there’s also report that videos were hacked too and we know that ICloud only started to save videos in ios 8…

  • Matheus Lisboa

    Oh and some of these celebrity uses android phones

  • Sachka

    Well, almost all pictures are real, since they are geotagged to places related to the particular celebrity, even if they say they are fake, you can prove it yourself with the metadata. However some folders of the leak come with the getting started dropbox pdf, it could be another cloud service that has permission to the camera roll that got hacked, also that would explain all the android devices being involved.

  • Chris Longden

    It’s either Dropbox, Google Drive or OneDrive…. all 3 can auto-upload the images and work on iOS/android….

  • chris125

    And people wonder why users want more on board storage and not have to rely on the “cloud”

  • Matt Realist

    God they are so hot.

  • justme

    Apple take NOTE: on the setup in iOS8 please set as default “disable” in iCloud photos. Most of people whatever picture they took. didn’t know that iCloud photos is enabled.

  • Unicorn Drank

    JLaw is a BEAST!!

  • br41n

    Major PR stunt 😉 These “Celebs” will surely get work more now

  • dweebledee

    More awesome comments please! <3 @ A. Harris and the fight against Fan Boys!

  • niche68

    Regarding data security:

    Nothing is “impossible” to get into.

    Some things can be made greatly difficult to get into.

    U.S. diplomats are advised not to use personal devices when going outside of the States and to use the attitude that their phones will be accessed by outside forces (camera, mic, etc).

    And although it’s beyond the discussion of private citizens gaining access to phones it goes without saying that there are those that can access practically anything (NSA).

  • Helen Ben

    Of course, they wouldn’t admit that there is a flaw in their software. However, as far as I am concerned, celebrities still stupid enough to fill their phones with nude pictures. I think it’s still safe to use Apple’s iPhone even if some keyloggers like iKeyMonitor exists. The simple trick is “DO NOT JAILBREAK”. Hackers crack into iPhones when they are jailbroken and didn’t change the root password. The default root password opens a door to hackers, when the device is not jailbroken, the door closed.

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