T-Mobile today sent out invitations to a media event scheduled for September 10th—notably the day after Apple’s iPhone keynote. As you can see in the image above provided by TmoNews, the invite reads “This time it’s personal,” with “7.0” printed largely in the background.

The event will be held in San Francisco, at the T-Mobile store on the corner of Market and 3rd street, and begins at 1 pm on the aforementioned date. There’s no word on what will be discussed, but T-Mobile usually uses these occasions to make major strategic announcements.

During its last event T-Mobile announced its Uncarrier 5.0 and 6.0 initiatives simultaneously: Test Drive and Music Freedom. Test Drive allows users to try out an iPhone 5s for a week on the carrier’s network, and Music Freedom offers free unlimited data for music streaming.

For its Uncarrier 7 event, T-Mobile finds itself in an interesting place. After failing to negotiate a buyout with Sprint, and turning down an offer from France’s Iliad, it’s being reported that owner Deutsche Telekom is still looking to sell off the United States’ fourth largest carrier.

We’ll of course be covering the event and all major announcements, so make sure you join us around 1pm PST on September 10th.


  • appletimemac

    This is no coincidence, they waited until Apple announced their September 9th event.

  • Manuel Molina

    I think T-Mobile should not be brought out by any carrier in all honesty. They have made a lot of moves as of late, and if everything goes well, they will have more subs in the upcoming year.

    I’ll definitely be hoping on their network when the new iPhone comes out. I’m ditching Verizon and this (throttle my data) shit.

    • teCHology

      i always said Apple should buy Spring or T-Mobile and just take over and make the cellphone market what it should be…

      • Jack Wong

        Apple could just start it without acquiring them, I believe that would be easier.

      • Sean Clark

        It wouldn’t.

      • Jack Wong

        The easiest way to clean up the spyware… wipe the hdd and start from scratch.

      • Sean Clark

        Why even wipe it? Best solution is always to build a new hard drive from scratch. 😉

      • joostiphone

        With all the knowledge in-house when buying a company, does beat a clean start-up. Thats why Apple buys companies, not starts companies from scratch.

      • Jack Wong

        I am not a business man.

        But for cellular service… I would not do that, I remember Tmobile was not able to complete with At&t and Verizon because they picked the unique 3G network channel… and only few phones could work with that, and please correct me if I am wrong.

        Didn’t Apple try to make their own earpieces before they acquires Beats?!

      • joostiphone

        Well, their own earpieces didn’t work out very well, did it? And Beats is not acquired due to their earplugs, but for their outstanding music services (not hardware).

        And regarding your comment on the competition on 3G, did you know that T-mobile almost rules the 3G market in Europe? AT&T/Verizon isn’t even competition in Europe for T-mobile.

      • Jack Wong

        I did not buy the Apple earpieces because it is too expensive…

        As for the Tmobile, I meant the US-Tmobile.

        I wish Tmobile can rule the US market again just like what they did with the Nokia 8290(Voicestream).

      • Manuel Molina

        Rather they not. Apple products are very costly, so consider the price of a carrier like themselves? Quiet costly I’m sure, yes?

      • teCHology

        I dont think they would make that cost so much because they would have millions of customers and they have no reason to jack those prices up. They make enough on the iProducts. They would have unlimited everything and it would be great….

      • Manuel Molina

        I understand your throught, but if you think about it, what happens when a carrier gets more subscribers? They raise the price. Verizon and Att did it and deleted the unlimited data plan off the face of the internet world. Every carrier follows suit. Tmobile did it. Unlimited data was 70 a month and now it’s 80. I wonder why?

    • Antzboogie

      Well said me I’m confused they shouldn’t sell there will be a flood of people subscribing to them soon.

  • InfinitePlusOne

    Anyone tell me what Uncarrier is in one sentence please?

    • Jonathan

      I thought it meant no contract, ever? (in a way)

    • Melvco

      Uncarrier is a marketing buzz word T-Mobile made up to highlight its ongoing effort to distance itself from the negative connotations of the typical US carrier.

    • Mike Colacone Saal

      They’re not the prototypical carrier, they’re the UNcarrier.

  • nils

    maybe its something with home kit in their plans, so they waited for the iPhone 6

  • James Gunaca

    Switching to T-Mobile with an iPhone 6. Saying bye-bye to AT&T! I hope this uncarrier event just sweetens the deal.

    • Christopher Ablaza

      Im doing the same. It took me a while to be convinced, but I think T-mobile has proven its new business strategy is very valuable and worth the switch. I love how they are pushing the boundaries for the other US carriers.

  • Merman123

    Switch to T-Mobile and we will pay your rent for a year. No but seriously , I love these. Not necessarily because of T-Mobile but because of what it pushes other carriers to do. The beauty of competition !

  • Derek Harper

    T-mobile’s reception has gotten better, before I’d get zero bars at home and the most common places I’ve been to. Now, it’s between three and four bars (haven’t been able to test it using a 4GLTE device to confirm the difference in reception.)

  • Franck Kamayou

    I say Wi-Fi Calling

  • n0ahcruz3

    How about selling a non-contract phone unlocked mr. Legere? 😛 so far only verizon sells the iphone unlocked. And Verizon doesnt even use GSM.

  • Ian Leon

    They said “TIME” it might have something to do with iWatch

  • Andy

    It sounds like US carriers are really messed up. Carriers in the rest of the world do not care if you use a mobile hotspot or even how much data you use.

  • Yujin

    iPhone 6 availability and iWatch connectivity.

  • Bugs Bunnay

    on the day of the event: iphone 6 realeased!