iPad Air 2 (rear panel, Nowhere Else 003)

A pair of photographs of excellent quality were published Wednesday morning by the increasingly reliable French blog NowhereElse.fr, seemingly picturing a purported rear shell of a sixth-generation full-size iPad. The device, which Apple will probably call the iPad Air 2, should be unveiled in October.

The rumor-mill hasn’t leaked many iPad Air 2 parts so this particular component offers an insight into some of the minor design tweaks.

For starters, the volume buttons are said to be inset in a recess. Also, a hole for the microphone on the back is now positioned alongside the camera rather than being centered on the top.

The device’s interior appears to be revised slightly, too.

NowhereElse.fr claims [Google Translate] it’s been able to get hold of these high-quality images from an unknown source. Here’s a look at the assumed rear panel with the Apple logo cutout and the camera/mic holes next to each other.

iPad Air 2 (rear panel, Nowhere Else 001)

And another look at the interior layout.

iPad Air 2 (rear panel, Nowhere Else 002)

The previously leaked iPad Air 2 components include Touch ID, SIM trays, the power/sleep button, GPS antenna, a mic and Wi-Fi module, to mention but a few.

If history is an indication, Apple will unveil the new iPads at a media event in October.

The rumor-mill is praying for the Touch ID sensor, a faster A8 chip with 2GB of RAM, improvements to the cameras, anti-reflection coating on the display for better readability outdoors, light changes in the device’s appearance and more.

The video below highlights some of the possible design changes.

Yesterday, Bloomberg revived a rumor that Apple was readying a brand new 12.9-inch iPad model for release later this year. Bloomberg’s sources privy to the matter are adamant that Apple is now shooting for an early-2015 release as production of the device is scheduled to begin by the first quarter of next year.

It’s not surprising that Apple is looking to shake up the iPad lineup: last quarter, the firm sold 13.2 million iPads versus the 14.4 million expected. It was the second quarter in a row to have come slightly below expectations concerning iPad numbers.

In a brief interview with Re/code reporter and columnist Walt Mossberg, Apple’s boss Tim Cook said that any slowdown in iPad sales should be interpreted as just a “speed bump”.

“We couldn’t be happier with how we’ve done with the first four years of the iPad,“ Cook told Mossberg and added that, “I’d call what’s going on recently a speed bump, and I’ve seen that in every category.”


  • Capirexz

    Flat design or what ?

  • Martin 

    I own ipad 3 and I’m pleased with it. But I know that it’s time to switch to a new model. I hope that the new one will be even lighter than air 1. After I saw sony Z1 (or something – I’m not sure code name) my iPad 3 with 650g weight seems to be heavy as hell

    • I’m in the same boat. I love my iPad but in order for it to be more than a content consumption device I need something big from Apple otherwise I’m going to continue using my iPad 3 albeit at a snails pace…

      • WATTS

        Isn’t this the problem though. For what the device is actually used for there is only so much power that’s needed and then there’s no need to upgrade and waste money.
        I have an iDJ Pro and its made to fit the iPad 3 perfectly so I have to stick with the iPad 3.

      • The iPad is great as it is but there is one major limitation and that is storage space and power. The processor in my iPad 3 is really quite pathetic (although great when it was first launched). In addition to this you can’t upgrade the storage whenever you feel like it so I might buy a new iPad purely to get more storage space (I have a 32gb iPad but for an iPad feel this is too little)…

  • Maxim∑

    Better have 2GB of RAM..

    • Matt Taylor

      You know… However if the new side by side multitasking is introduced won’t that consume the extra gb of ram? I think a minimum of 3gb should be the new standard on the full sized iPads! Otherwise I fear they will continue to be notoriously known for their low ram and bad web browsing experience!

      • Matt

        Apple is greedy when it comes to ram. It would be an achievement of the decade to see more than 2 gigs of ram in an iPad

      • Keabsy

        More RAM leads to more power consumption which leads to a decrease on battery life. That’s why the i6 is rumored to have just 1GB of RAM, and that’s why it’s not bad to leave apps on the multitasking menu. Less RAM = More battery. Correct me if I’m wrong tho, that’s how I think about it.

      • Matt Taylor

        How about a higher capacity battery to accompany more ram? We all know Apple uses smaller (mAh) battery’s than other market players! OR, and I’m just brainstorming here, but how about they forget about shaving millimetres every generation of release and concentrate on batery life!?!?

      • Keabsy

        I know right, I can’t even walk around with my iPhone 5 without a case without thinking that it’s going to fall because it’s so thin.. and the battery can’t last me a full day of use.

      • Matt Taylor

        Yeah you’re right! More ram means slightly smaller profit margins, and I guess Apple would rather more money than more ram in their iDevices lol

      • Keabsy

        That’s the way they’re doing it, it makes sense, they’re making things thinner, and they want to keep the same or improve the battery life, so by upgrading the chip and keeping low RAM, they’re able to say “we’ve perfected the battery life in such an amazing way!”. Battery is something so important to me and to all users that I’m not even considering buying the i6 until I see a review talking about battery.

  • adal.javierxx

    better with a Flash light… ipad should bring Flashlight