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With precisely nineteen days until the alleged September 9 iPhone 6 unveiling (notably, Apple hasn’t denied the rumor) and three days after refreshing its Family plans, the nation’s third-largest wireless carrier, Sprint, has introduced a potentially disruptive and new unlimited plan.

Specifically, the new plan is offering unlimited talk, text and data in exchange for sixty bucks per month. How cool is that?

Quickly, do the math in your head — that’s $20 less compared to Sprint’s closest competitor T-Mobile. By the way, T-Mobile promptly responded to Sprint’s announcement by promising to treat switchers to a year of free unlimited LTE data.

Jump past the fold for the full reveal…

According to Sprint’s press release, the plan goes into effect starting Friday, August 22.

Available to both new and existing individual accounts, it requires eligible users to bring their own smartphone/tablet or buy a new device via Sprint’s Easy Pay program.

As a reminder, Easy Pay allows customers to split the cost of hardware into monthly installments, similar to T-Mobile’s policy.

Sprint’s chart sums it up best.

Sprint 60USD Unlimited Plan (Compeititive Comparison 001)

As you can see, Sprint’s $60 per month is $20 less than the comparable offering of its closest competitor, T-Mobile. On an annualized basis, this translates into a savings of $240 a year over T-Mobile.

In the meantime, T-Mobile announced earlier today that it will be luring AT&T, Verizon and Sprint castaways with one full year of free unlimited LTE data. All you’re required to do is talk a friend into switching over and each of you will be awarded with free unlimited data on T-Mobile’s fast LTE network, for twelve months.

And what happens if you’re already on T-Mobile’s unlimited data plan? Simple, you’ll instead receive a $10 per month credit.

In other Sprint news, the Sprint Spark enhanced LTE service program today launched in 27 markets, offering increased download speeds of 6-15Mbps on compatible devices.

Also, the Kansas-based carrier said Sharp’s five-inch Aquos smartphone will be arriving exclusively at select Sprint, Boost Mobile and Virgin Mobile locations.

And last but not least, as of this Monday businesses can buy Google Apps for Business from Sprint.

Is Sprint’s $60 pe month unlimited data plan impressive, do you think?

I for one will be monitoring with great intent how AT&T and Verizon react to Sprint’s announcement because neither offers unlimited data.

  • Merman123

    Waiting on AT&T…

  • Victor

    Forgot the r in per

  • nazcorp

    I’d switch back to att if they reintroduce unlimited… From TMobile. I’d only have to pay off the rest of my devices and get the new plan. But doesn’t Sprint’s unlimited still have throttling? Or is it just like TMobile’s?

    • Manuel Molina

      Sprint doesn’t throttle. Their internet is slow at a point that throttling wouldn’t be required.

  • Mike

    I am a very unhappay AT&T unlimited data customer. With music streaming it is very difficult to stay below 5GB/month and avoid data throttling. I’m seriously thinking about making the switch to T-Mobile. Any thoughts or suggestions on T-Mobile? Do they throttle unlimited plans? How is the LTE coverage?

    • Wood1030

      I’m pretty sure T mobile says that music streaming on lte (4g) NOT counted against your data usage. Seems like it might be ideal for you. Not sure what Sprint does as far as music streaming is concerned.

      • James Gunaca

        I confirmed with T-Mobile today that this also covers iTunes Match!

      • Wood1030

        Nice work, JG. I think you just sold me on T-Mobile 🙂
        Won’t be missing AT&T much…lol

      • James Gunaca

        I am getting the Test Drive device in the next day or two. If all is good over the 7 day trial, come iPhone 6 it’ll be time to switch.

    • Steve R.

      My dad and sister have been very satisfied with T-Mobile and because of their great experience my other sister switched as well and has had a positive experience(my sisters both used to have Sprint). Depends on your area though, I recommend looking at T-Mobile’s coverge map and if the coverage is decent you should try the free 7 day Test Drive program (you have to use an iPhone 5s)

      • Wood1030

        I actually tried their “test drive” promotion a few weeks ago with an iPhone 5s and was very impressed with the speed and coverage area (I’m in So Cal). I’m thinking of switching to T-Mobile after new iPhone is available. I have AT&T now (eek) have had them for 7 years, since first iPhone came out.
        I have a grandfathered unlimited plan that I’ve hesitated to give up with all the throttling, limited data plans popping up, but might go ahead and make the switch next month.

      • James Gunaca

        Considering the same here! Might just do the iPhone 5s test drive before the 6 comes out so I can make a decision before it gets tough to buy an iPhone 6 because of demand.

      • Steve R.

        That’s probably your best bet, because iPhones are usually in high demand until like January once they’re released.

      • Wood1030

        Sound like an excellent plan!

      • James Gunaca

        I did it, I ordered the T-Mobile test drive 5s!

        Now, since they’re running a $650 promo to cover ETF’s, I’ll probably us an early upgrade with AT&T to get an iPhone 6 for the few hundred bucks, then have T-Mobile pay the ETF so I can keep the phone, take it to T-Mobile and not have to pay the installments for the phone.

        I hope…

      • teCHology

        for them to pay ETF fee’s you have to “sell” them you device. For instance me and a friend switched from At&T and i traded in my iphone 5 and got 300$ which went towards being a new iphone from T-Mobile. but 2 months later my friend wanted an android phone (BOOO lol) and sold his new iphone back again and got 450$ and so on….But in total i switched 4 iphones and got 4 new iphone 5S and T-Mobile paid 1200$ ETF fee’s from AT&T

    • Chun-Li aka ThunderThighs

      T Mobile Throttles unlimited data also.

    • TwinSon

      Listen, I switched from AT&T to T-Mobile April of Last year because my roommate & I got throttled constantly even though we both had grandfathered in unlimited data plans. Sold my iPhone 5 for $400, sold my line with the grandfathered in data for $250 on ebay (which also gets you out of paying an ETF), and I picked up an HTC One until I got my 5S. Overall I’ve been extremely pleased with T-Mobile (I Live in Phoenix, AZ). I don’t get throttled ( I use probably about 20Gbs of data month) & coverage is good. Our bill tops out at $170 monthly and thats for 2 Unlimited Everything Plans with 2 iPhone 5S on their payment plans. We were paying $200 a month on AT&T and getting throttled after 5GBs. Make the switch.

      • teCHology

        ahh i didn’t know i could sell my AT&T account, i wanted to transfer my AT&T account from my dads name to mine and they said if i did i would loose my unlimited data plan. Dang wish i would of known this before i switched i had 4 lines unlimited 🙁

      • TwinSon

        One other reason to switch. Their customer service reps are so poorly trained you could call in twice, speak to 2 different reps and get 4 completely different answers. They don’t know want anything. It’s simple to transfer billing responsibility and in no way alter the contract.

    • Snailpo

      T-Mobile does NOT throttle on unlimited plans. Take a trip to one of the T-Mobile shops and ask them about it, most know a lot about their plans etc. If you go with a 5gb plan you are not throttled until you go over that 5gb, and instead of paying for overages on your bill lets say $10 per GB they just throttle you down and you keep on trucking!

    • Curtis Morales

      they are going to start throttling soon they announced that, coverage ib the city is awesome, not so hot in rule area’s. i believe you can call and txt over wifi with certain android phones on there network.

      • teCHology

        they will ONLY throttle people who use peer-peer (torrents and such) and people or use a lot of tethering and such…Not just everyday people who facebook/twitter/music/vine/insta ect…

    • n0ahcruz3

      They dont throttle, but if u go against their TOS then they will throttle you.

    • teCHology

      i came from AT&T and had there unlimited and hated when i got to the 5GB mark, I have been with T-Mobile now for 8 months and couldn’t be any HAPPIER. I use between 7-11GB on my device alone not counting the 4 other iphones on my account (150$ month AWSOME) and have never noticed any throttling or anything to impede my normal stuff (pandora, spotify, insta, vine, netflix, xfinity GO, ect….)

  • Satrop 

    I WILL be ditching AT&T for Sprint! Service isn’t that bad but I just can not stand the companies practices. And you can’t argue that price tag!!

    *Heads to Sprint store!

    • Chun-Li aka ThunderThighs

      Hope you know Sprint service is horrible compared to other wireless services. I had Sprint and can tell you making calls, texts, signal, and data was horrible. They give you amazing offers but crappy service. Stick with AT&T or go to. TMobile

      • RuddyN

        I’ve been with sprint for awhile now and I can say that that’s not true at all. At least not from my experience. I’ve yet to have any issues with them and customer service is phenomenal.

  • If the event is supposed to happen on Sep 9, shouldn’t we expect Apple to send invitations by now?

    • Jamessmooth

      Most likely next week. Still too early.

    • Artur Pastuszek

      That’ll happen on sept 2nd
      Thats 1 week before the apparent sept 9th event. Has been like this for as long as i can remember with iphone events which would be since the 4s. Ipad event inventations have probably been the same but i cant confirm on that

  • Cool, unlimited data at 2G speed…

  • Manuel Molina

    Sprint unlimited data is so slow that it makes you wish you used 2G speeds on other carriers because it’s faster. I’ve tried sprint 3 times and their LTE is slower than other carriers 2G

    • RuddyN

      Yeah, I don’t believe that for one second.. Sure they may not have as good a coverage as Verizon, but it isn’t as slow as you’re claiming it to be.

      • Manuel Molina

        In New York City, it sucks. They coverage is not the real issue, it’s their data speeds. It’s the worst out of any carrier and they still use dial up. That’s what’s use for their 3G speeds most of the time. 6 MBPS is the highest Sprint offers, and the highest I ever got was 1 if I was lucky. My friends has sprint and it was the same thing. Do the research and see if I’m lying.

  • nonchalont

    Hmmm….should I keep Verizon or switch to Sprint? I’m in Phoenix, AZ.

    • RuddyN

      There is LTE service in Phoenix.. And you will be paying far more less than you do with Verizon if you switch. Not to mention Verizon over charges for data like crazy. I honestly don’t know how people can stay with them.. I’ve had Sprint for a while now and I’m very satisfied.. I live in Tucson and go to Phoenix every now and then. I have no troubles up there with Sprint.

  • RuddyN

    The only thing that has me hesitant at this offer is they never said it was unlimited for life, like they did previously for the $80 deal. Kinda has me wondering what they plan on doing.

  • Unicorn Drank

    The day Sprint improves their network up to par with ATT’s will be the day I switch, no price will make me switch, since I still am on ATT’s Unlimited plan.

  • Dani Hayes

    Still grandfathered in on AT&T. Maybe cheaper on Sprint but I have a 4S and 5s that I like switching my SIM card between them both. Not to mention Sprint was always horrible when I had them.

  • JSintheStates

    An ad for Sprint.

  • Rey Hernandez

    It’s 50 for unlimited text and talk and 10 for basic phone data. Not smartphone but basic phones. For a smartphone it’ll be a 30/per smartphone for unlimited. You’re gonna be paying 70 for the unlimited everything. It’s just 10 dollars less and if you’re doing the easy pay depending on the phone you have you’re paying an extra for the phone “financing” cause that’s what it is. So you’re gonna be back to where you started