Sprint debuts $60 per month unlimited plan ahead of iPhone 6 announcement

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With precisely nineteen days until the alleged September 9 iPhone 6 unveiling (notably, Apple hasn’t denied the rumor) and three days after refreshing its Family plans, the nation’s third-largest wireless carrier, Sprint, has introduced a potentially disruptive and new unlimited plan.

Specifically, the new plan is offering unlimited talk, text and data in exchange for sixty bucks per month. How cool is that?

Quickly, do the math in your head — that’s $20 less compared to Sprint’s closest competitor T-Mobile. By the way, T-Mobile promptly responded to Sprint’s announcement by promising to treat switchers to a year of free unlimited LTE data.

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According to Sprint’s press release, the plan goes into effect starting Friday, August 22.

Available to both new and existing individual accounts, it requires eligible users to bring their own smartphone/tablet or buy a new device via Sprint’s Easy Pay program.

As a reminder, Easy Pay allows customers to split the cost of hardware into monthly installments, similar to T-Mobile’s policy.

Sprint’s chart sums it up best.

Sprint 60USD Unlimited Plan (Compeititive Comparison 001)

As you can see, Sprint’s $60 per month is $20 less than the comparable offering of its closest competitor, T-Mobile. On an annualized basis, this translates into a savings of $240 a year over T-Mobile.

In the meantime, T-Mobile announced earlier today that it will be luring AT&T, Verizon and Sprint castaways with one full year of free unlimited LTE data. All you’re required to do is talk a friend into switching over and each of you will be awarded with free unlimited data on T-Mobile’s fast LTE network, for twelve months.

And what happens if you’re already on T-Mobile’s unlimited data plan? Simple, you’ll instead receive a $10 per month credit.

In other Sprint news, the Sprint Spark enhanced LTE service program today launched in 27 markets, offering increased download speeds of 6-15Mbps on compatible devices.

Also, the Kansas-based carrier said Sharp’s five-inch Aquos smartphone will be arriving exclusively at select Sprint, Boost Mobile and Virgin Mobile locations.

And last but not least, as of this Monday businesses can buy Google Apps for Business from Sprint.

Is Sprint’s $60 pe month unlimited data plan impressive, do you think?

I for one will be monitoring with great intent how AT&T and Verizon react to Sprint’s announcement because neither offers unlimited data.