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Today seems to be the day for app discounts, as Apple is giving away Rise Alarm Clock, and now the developer of Notifyr, an app for receiving iPhone push notifications on your Mac, is giving his app away for free every other day for a week.

We first wrote about Notifyr on its launch back in May, and it took the tech community somewhat by surprise, as many thought Apple would remove it from the App Store per one of their many regulations. Regardless, it’s been available for download at a $3.99 price tag up until today, as Notifyr has gone free for a limited time.

If you can’t grab it before the price goes back up after midnight, check back soon, as the developer has stated that Notifyr will be free every other day for 7 days starting August 6th.

If you haven’t already purchased the app, make a point to download it while it’s free – it’s well worth the bandwidth. As we previously explained, Notifyr uses Bluetooth Low Energy in combination with an OS X client to send iOS push notifications to the Mac desktop. The app has to be running for this to work, but it can be idling in the background, and the use of Bluetooth LE means you’re not likely to see a negative effect on battery life from it.

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Prior to Notifyr’s launch, this feature had only been available through the use of jailbreak tweaks such as PushNotify. Now, being jailbroken isn’t a requirement for having this convenient feature.

Keep in mind that because Notifyr uses Bluetooth LE to function, it is only compatible with certain devices, including…

  • iPhone 4s or newer
  • MacBook Air 2011 or newer
  • MacBook Pro 2012 or new
  • iMac late 2012 or newer
  • Mac Mini 2011 or newer
  • Mac Pro late 2013 or newer

Unfortunately, my iMac is a year too old to have Bluetooth LE built in, but I bought Notifyr on launch day anyway because I knew I’d be purchasing a newer Mac in the future, and Notifyr is well worth the investment. Now that it’s gone free, there’s no reason to refrain from downloading it, even if your current device isn’t compatible.

Notifyr is normally $3.99, but you can download it for free every other day over the next week from the App Store. You’ll also need to grab its accompanying OS X app.

Have you already downloaded Notifyr? Let us know what you think about it in the comments below!

  • Steven Miller

    Having a 2011 iMac without Low Energy Bluetooth is starting to suck.

    • reedog117

      Just replace the Airport card with a newer one — no need to replace the whole computer

    • Skoven

      Perhaps a Bluetooth USB-dongle is the solution for you then?
      They don’t cost much anyways.

      • Steven Miller

        I might have to look into that, I didn’t know whether or not you could use a dongle.

      • Chaotic Buddhist

        The dongle is ineffective. The system is “smarter” than that. Meaning, Apple wants to sell you hardware.

  • Anmol Malhotra

    Reviews are bad.. :/
    Anyway, its free im downloading it xD

  • Sachin

    Is there any tweak or app for this to work with Windows?

  • pauleebe

    So basically it’s unofficial handoff/continuity?

    Explains why it’s going free, this thing will be dead within 2 months time.

    • siddique

      right , but i guess continuity is not supported for all iOS devices models

      • pauleebe

        Doesn’t matter, because this uses the same hardware technology. Can’t speak for all of their notebooks, but this has the same hardware requirements for the Macbook Air, Macbook Pro, and iPhones.

        I guess the advantage is you can stay on iOS 7 or Mavericks or older, if you consider that an advantage.

    • Continuity doesn’t sync push notifications between devices.

  • Framboogle


  • Ricky

    Still not free…

  • Alexander Gennadievich

    It’s not free!!!

  • Not free (UK)