Microsoft on Monday shared a new television commercial which the company first showed off at its annual conference back in April to rally up developers who were concerned that the software giant was losing its mojo.

The 30-second video depicts a showdown between Cortana, Microsoft’s own digital personal assistant baked into Windows Phone 8.1, and Apple’s Siri.

Microsoft’s assistant is shown completing a number of contextually-aware tasks using a plethora of services and data sources…

From the video’s YouTube description:

Say hello to Cortana, your new personal assistant. Cortana will remind you to leave early to beat traffic and help you get to your destination on time, will remind you that you need milk when passing the grocery store, and will remind you to say happy birthday when your mom calls. Available now on the new Nokia Lumia 635 and on other Lumia phones.

Check it out below.

The Windows maker is allegedly considering porting Cortana to iOS and Android.

According to Microsoft executives, Cortana has been conceived as a “pervasive” feature so not only is the company mulling bringing her over to iOS and Android, but to the desktop and into vehicles and other venues, too.

The Redmond giant is no stranger to anti-Apple advertising.

A series of advertisements for its Surface tablets routinely take aim at the iPad’s sub-par specs, lack of true multitasking and other features Microsoft’s marketing department decides to paint in negative light.

The company even attempted to lure would-be switchers by giving $650 in trade in value to customers willing to exchange their MacBook Air for a Surface Pro 3 tablet.

Is the Cortana ad funny, do you think?

  • Tom

    But Siri has no ads 😉

    • i <3 Haters

      Damn right
      Burn Microsoft

    • rockdude094

      It’s not like anyone actually uses Siri lol

      • I do, mostly to remind shopping lists

      • Jonathan

        I use her all the time.

      • rockdude094

        I guess I’m wrong then 😐

      • Rowan09

        I use Siri as well. If you own a car with Bluetooth or exercise with a headset Siri is very useful.

    • Shivam Sinha

      Cortana has no ads -.-“

  • RazorThunder

    Can you please post an article about ripZodTTD? I would like to get more info from you.

    • Jonathan

      I believe you mean ripBigBoss.

      • RarestName

        No, it was hacked.

      • Jonathan

        I’m looking at the info now. I feel as if it’s a fake. The domain was registered on the 25th. Besides, I’m pretty sure iDB would have already posted something if for sure it was hacked as well.

      • RarestName

        All of their packages were posted and their website was defaced as well.

      • Jonathan

        k. Enough proof.

        But the Q is, how, and why? What’s gonna be hacked next, our devices itself?

      • RarestName

        I wouldn’t worry about that.

      • Jonathan

        Nah, but the fact a good chunk of us don’t change our root password for Terminal are quite vulnerable.

    • Mhmd Bassam Nasyr

      zodttd wasnt hacked

      • RarestName

        It was hacked.

      • Mhmd Bassam Nasyr

        the owner said it wasnt

  • Chris

    I like how they edited our Siri been asked the rest of the questions, really shows how equal they both are.

    Also that sounds nothing like Cortana, sounds more like that annoying narrator voice built into Windows 7/8.

    • true, I have played with both and found them both useful but Siri has a slight edge above cortana

      • Tdaniels

        Examples? Slight edge in what way?

    • Falk M.

      Let’s be honest here, it’s gimped anyways, Siri would probably offer me to “search the web” for those queries most of the time.

      • Christopher

        Actually, It just doesn’t set the reminder to ring near locations or when you call someone, you have to do that manually(it doesn’t feature the latter), but it does prompt you to set a reminder.

      • Falk M.

        My comment was mostly anecdotical, however it’s actually flat out annoying how often I’m asked whether I want to search the web for queries that seem extremely logical to work in a software that’s advertised as personal assistant in a smart phone that’s aware of its surroundings and has the apps and data to work with.

        A software that’s been out for years. By a company that strives for simplicity and smart technology.

  • Osama Muhammed

    microsoft is so butthurt

  • Rowan09

    Microsoft and Samsung is helping to promote Apple products.

  • Mark Seah

    not tht ppl really use siri a lot….but they sure cortana performs as in the ad ???

  • justme

    Cortana, where is my joint?

    • justme

      I see that discuss have some bugs, when I try to attach one image :/

      • Disqus is useless at attaching images. You don’t actually see the image until you wait for it to upload and refresh the page…

  • Beck Hoefling

    Cortana’s name alone makes me not want to use it.

    • Mac Guy3135

      and her voice

  • Bharath BS

    For a non-native English speaker, Cortana understands my accented English almost perfectly, like around 90% of the time; whereas Siri on my iPad and iPhone understands around 60% of the time. Besides, even though Cortana currently works only when the phone is set to US region, it performs admirably well in my part of the world, when spoken to in English. Siri, on the other hand, says she cannot find places for me.

    • Christopher

      Did you switch Siri’s language to the language of your country? She/he has multiple languages with different recognition settings (I believe), why else would she have different accents in different languages then?

  • Al

    Didn’t Microsoft learn their lesson with Apple about the Slate?!! Guess not.

  • Lol

    The ad is funny. Many butthurt apple fanatics on here so of course they’d be mad.

  • gittlopctbi

    What difference does it make if Cortana is better? Who is going to buy a Windows Phone? (answer: Not many.)

  • disqusted

    Is it just me or can Siri not do all of the things Kitana does? Siri, Jane is my wife. Siri, remind me to call my wife when I leave work. “Ok”….?!? Problems? I just see this as blatant false advertisement, depicting that Siri cannot handle those queries that are asked of Kitana when it can.

    Anybody wanna play mortal kombat II? I got a weird… I just… Need to throw fans for some reason…. ?!