Facebook Messenger for iPad

In addition to a Pages Manager update with new commenting and posting features, Facebook Messenger has quietly gained long-awaited universal support for the iPad in an update this morning. Facebook users can now take advantage of the larger screen to chat with family and friends, with access to all of the same features that are available through the iPhone and iPod touch version… 

Facebook Messenger launched on the App Store in August 2011, so an iPad version of the app has been long overdue. The all-new version 7.0 has a split-screen design, with contacts in the left sidebar and full conversations on the right. You can also make free calls to others worldwide, send photos privately, use emoticons and stickers and make use of several other standard features.

The official changelog outlines two other minor improvements:

  • Calls are now more reliable.
  • Fixed issues so that the list of people active on Facebook shows up faster.

Facebook Messenger is free on the App Store for iPhone and iPad.

  • Eric

    My gosh finally!!

  • Jared

    Ow my eyes…..to much white

  • Nitsud

    Took ya long enough FB….

  • Thomas Flores

    Yeah but where’s Facebook paper for the iPad.

    • Forget the iPad, the iPhone version isn’t even available outside the US 🙁

      • Chris

        You can still get it even if you’re outside the US, all you need to do is change your account’s country selection to the United States, select no credit card and enter some information that validates as an North America address.

        Once you have it switch back to your local store, of course you can’t get updates but you can if you switch back to the US store again.

  • mahe


  • Pratyusha Pradhan

    Am not buying it. Features are not good. They have not added much features in it. Look at the Whatsapp, Telegram, Photo4tune, Mingle all are having nice features which FB messanger can’t beat.