16GB iPod touch in UK

A week ago, Apple made some interesting changes to its lineup of the iPod touch media players. In addition to the cheaper $199/$249/$299 price points for 16/32/64GB models, the baseline model now has a rear camera like the 16 and 32GB variants.

Initially launched in the United States only, the refreshed 16GB iPod touch with a rear camera on Tuesday began rolling out across a number of Apple’s key markets around the world, including in the UK, France, Italy and elsewhere…

In the United Kingdom (thanks, Carlos!), the 16/32/64GB iPod touch sells for £159/£199/£249, which works out to about $273/$341/$427.

The Online Apple Store in Germany offers the 16/32/64GB models for €199/€249/€299 ($272/$340/$410)

Apple’s online stores in Italy, France and most other EU markets list the iPod touch lineup at €209/€259/€319 price points, or approximately $286/$355/$437.

All models are now offered in black, space grey, pink, yellow, blue and (Product)RED. Previously, the entry-level model was not available in colors.

As the 16/32/64GB models used to cost $229/$299/$399, it so happens that the flagship 64GB model is now a cool $100 cheaper.

If you’re in the market for an iPod touch, note that good-as-new models now start at just $149.

  • CoolJRT

    Not for Australia, it’s not cheaper. This sucks. We always get this crap!

    • ✪ aidan harris ✪

      I feel sorry for you guys. I can see why you’re supposedly the ‘pirate’ capital of the world when everythings so expensive…

      • cesar velasco

        LOL, have you ever heard about Mexico?

      • Biscuit

        Especially Game Of Thrones! Hey, if there was a cheap and easier way to purchase the episodes, I would!

    • Maxim∑

      If amazon drops prices of it you could but it from there

  • Dylan Colliss

    I hope releases a new iPod this year cause I’ve already been with this shitty a5 for almost two years now urgg

    • credulousgeek

      Didn’t you like it ?

      • Dylan Colliss


  • Hyr3m

    LAWL, I read “Apple’s cheaper iPod touch lineup now trolling out internationally”
    Guess I need to go back to bed…