Refurbished iPod touch now starts at just $149

iPod touch 5G (familiy 005)

Apple today discounted the entire iPod touch lineup by a cool fifty bucks while at the same time supplanting the entry-level model with sixteen gigabytes of storage with a slightly improved variant.

Not only is the baseline model now cheaper, it puts back a rear-facing five-megapixel iSight camera while introducing six color finishes available across the rest of the lineup.

Lower prices across the board ($199/$249/$299) have prompted Apple to slash prices on the fifth-generation iPod touch refurbs accordingly, now starting at $149 for the just-replaced 16GB model…

These little-used devices are available through Apple’s Refurbished Online Store.

Factory-treated for good-as-new appearance, each refurbished product comes with Apple’s standard one-year warranty, a brand new battery and outer shell.

At just $149, the 16GB iPod touch is a steal.

Refurbished 149USD iPod touch

Before you reach for your credit card, remember that the 16GB refurb is the same model Apple’s just replaced today – so no iSight camera on the back or vivid color options. The 16/32GB refurbs go for $199/$239.

The $149/$199/$239 tiers compare favorably to the new $199/$249/$299 asking prices for brand new iPod touches. Previously, the 16/32/64GB models cost $229/$299/$399 so the flagship model is now a $100 cheaper.

If you’re going to be jumping on this offer, also keep in mind that although the media player comes outfitted with Apple’s four-inch Retina screen, it runs the iPhone 4s’s A5 processor so don’t expect iOS 7 or games to run smoothly on it.