5s parenthood ad

Apple has this evening posted a new TV commercial for the iPhone 5s to its YouTube channel. The ad is entitled ‘Parenthood,’ and it touts the handset’s ability to morph into a useful tool for parents.

Set to the tune of “Life of Dreams,” by Julie Doiron, the spot showcases various iPhone apps and products for parents such as Withings’ Smart Baby baby monitor and the popular Draw Animal app…


The ad ends with the tagline: “You’re more powerful than you think,” which Apple has been using quite a bit lately. It first popped up in April’s ‘Powerful’ 5s spot, and again this month with ‘Strength.’

As for the commercial itself, it seems pretty standard for Apple these days, and is very reminiscent of the ‘Your Verse’ iPad campaign. It almost seems too safe for a company concerned with its marketing.

What do you think of tonight’s new advert?

  • Rafael Xavier

    Brazil loves this blog

  • Sachin

    Apple always makes really nice Ads.

    • mlee19841

      Yea they do.

    • Jack Wong

      Also the best VS app too, unlike the Korean company, I can’t wait to see if they can sell this well with their own OS.

  • Seere Petrova

    Loving the add…:)

  • Nirvana

    Any idea what are the apps demoed in the ad?

  • abdullah575


  • Stephen

    The apps in the ad are

    Withings WithBaby
    Pet Manager Pro
    Nike+ Running
    Parrot Flower Power

    • BiShän Rüfphél

      thanx mn!! Appreciate ur help!

      • Temptemptemp

        At the flashlight part it looks like he has control center opened up.

  • Teo Santiago

    what device was used in 0:30s?

  • Very nice, but nothing exclusive. Most low-end or high-end competing devices are able to achieve ALL of these…