Keyboard iOS 7 vs iOS 6

Ryan Petrich is one of the most influential developers within the jailbreaking scene, with his name behind several well-designed and useful jailbreak tweaks for iPhone and iPad. One of his latest releases is VintageKeys, a useful extension that allows you to adjust the keyboard styling on your device. There are four different keyboards to choose from: modern light, modern dark, legacy light and legacy dark… 

The modern keyboards have the iOS 7 style that we’ve become accustomed to over the past year, while the legacy keyboards have the classic appearance from iOS 6 and earlier. A custom keyboard style cannot be configured system-wide at this point, meaning that you will have to go into the VintageKeys menu under Settings and select which keyboard you want on an app-by-app basis.


VintageKeys supports both stock and third-party apps, which I tested with Messages, Safari, Tweetbot, WhatsApp, YouTube and other apps to confirm. You do not need to respring your device when you change the keyboard, but switching between modern and legacy styles requires killing and restarting an app. That can be done through the multitasking menu by double tapping the Home button.

If you are looking for a simple and lightweight solution to get the iOS 6 keyboard back, or permanently switch to the dark style, look no further than this tweak. VintageKeys worked just as advertised on my iPhone, without impacting battery life or performance. Best of all, the tweak is free on Cydia by adding the developer’s repository to your sources.

Petrich is best known for Activator, an extension for assigning actions to different tasks on iOS devices. He has also released BioLockdownShareLockSearchSettings, EmphasizeFlipControlCenterAttachmentEncryptorCuriosa, DeepEnd, Monocle and several other tweaks, many of which our own Jeff Benjamin has reviewed over the past few years. They’re worth a look.

Do you prefer using the iOS 6 or iOS 7 keyboard?

  • Jonathan Ramirez

    Ipad support?

    • LocalH

      Seems to work just fine on my iPad Air on 7.0.6, I just typed this comment in Safari using the dark iOS7 keyboard.

      • Jonathan Ramirez

        Okay thanks.

  • Steve Zou


    • ✪ aidan harris ✪

      Because it can be done…

    • Alberto Espinal

      Yes, why go back to such outdated OS?, why go back to the 80’s?, just to say a number!!

      • -1. Because not everyone likes the boring Metro style.

      • Alberto Espinal

        To each its own, right?

  • Varun Soi

    Who want’s to go back to ios6 keyboard when its much better to use latest AltKeyboard 2.!

    • SkyFall

      AltKeyboard has nothing to do with the design of iOS 7 keyboard. Many people prefer the design of iOS 6 keyboard and not the iOS 7 design. I think that with the 1.1 or 1.2 update of AltKeyboard VintageKeys will be supported.

      • Varun Soi

        Yeah its all about choice!

      • SkyFall

        Exactly. Choice is pretty much why people jailbreak, to be able to choose what they want.

  • For people not reading the article too closely, this isn’t just a tweak for restoring the iOS 6 keyboard. It can also be used to permanently enable just the dark keyboard or just the light keyboard on iOS 7.

  • I actually prefer the old keyboard to the new one. The shadowing of the keys makes it easier to see for me, personally.

  • leart

    ios 6.1.6 is just 2 month old to early to call ios 6 vintage 😀

  • McBobson

    I like iOS 6, but the keyboard really sucks.

  • CS


  • Matt

    I’ve been waiting and dying and waiting and waiting for this because the keyboard is what I miss the most if iOS 6

  • deepdvd

    I wonder why there isn’t an option to change all existing apps to use a different keyboard.

  • blu

    Hmm, guess I am clueless, never realized that their was a difference (iOS 6 on my iPhone 5, iOS 7 on iPad 2).

  • James Gunaca

    Screenshots of other modes, please?

  • Ex mea sententia

    I don’t like iOS7 at all but that’s what themes are for.

  • mahe

    a global option would be cool …
    like always replace this keyboard with that.
    So that as an example you can choose to always replace the dark new with the dark old and vice versa

  • MDMtheKID

    when you turn the volume up on macbook , there is a little “pop” sound . is there a way to get that on iPhone ?

  • Another Byrd

    iOS 6 keyboard was more accurate than iOS 7 keyboard on my iPhone 4S

  • Kilroy672

    I really enjoy this tweek. Much better than iOS 7. But I after using it today I found out I can’t use the microphone part of the keyboard. I had to go back to the default. Is there a fix to this or maybe reinstall maybe?

  • luhe235

    May sound funny but I’m actually able to type a lot faster on the iOS 6 keyboard, could be caused by the stronger contrast

  • App le

    THANKS WHOEVER MADE THIS – One of the top tweaks must have for ios 7!!! Great job,the ios 6 keyboard is much faster =)

  • Vilis Lacis

    It looks cool, but it broke the dictation feature when I installed it. When I click on microphone icon and speak, the “Done” button is gone, so I cannot finish dictating.