free shipping

Apple has launched a new promotion on its web store, which gives customers free shipping on all online orders through the end of the month. It doesn’t give a specific reason for the event, but we’re coming up on both Memorial and Father’s Day.

While Apple has long-offered free shipping on orders over $50, this deal would allow you to purchase a case, Lightning cable, or any other low-cost accessory without having to spend the extra $4-$6 (depending on location) for standard shipping…

The move could also be an attempt by Apple to clear out some inventory ahead of WWDC next month. We’re not expecting any major product reveals, but rumor has it we could see some new hardware—maybe from the Mac family—at the conference.

Apple has been doubling down on e-commerce in recent years, streamlining its website and improving the typically-painful refund process. And according to an early-May report, it’s now the number two online retailer in the world behind Amazon.

As you can see in the image above, the free shipping offer is good through May 29.

  • Sachin

    No Apple Store in my country. 🙁

    • Inseltraeumer

      If you’re smart you don’t buy directly from Apple anyway 😛 At least here in Germany you can get good-as-new items from eBay for not even half the Apple store price.

      • Sachin

        Here you cannot trust 100% on local dealers that they will not sell you some chinese counterfeit product. My friend bought his iPhone from a local dealer and later he found he had fake cables which only worked 2 months.
        And well ebay and amazon are options if u look.

      • ✪ aidan harris ✪

        In theory I agree with you but based on my experiences ordering with the Apple Store it might have cost more but the overall experience was by far the best experience I’ve had ordering products online. It might have cost more but I had constant tracking alerts and the product arrived within a few days.

  • angry3