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There are a countless number of jailbreak tweaks that aim to improve the Lock screen experience, such as Convergance and IntelliScreenX, but not many come close to LockInfo7 in terms of usefulness. The newly released tweak by iOS developer David Ashman expands the functionality of the Lock screen in several different ways. Read ahead to see what I mean… 

First, the tweak essentially merges Notification Center with the Lock screen to display notifications, events, reminders, stock quotes and everything else you would traditionally see in the drop-down pane. The tweak combines the notifications and widgets into one scrollable menu, eliminating the Today tab that is normally found in Notification Center.

Each notification can be selected and swiped to display two different quick actions. If you swipe to the right, you have the option to dismiss the notification from the Lock screen. If you swipe to the left, you will be directed to the app that issued the notification; if there is a passcode set, you will have to enter that first. Both gestures work as advertised.

LockInfo for iOS 7

This all-new version of LockInfo also integrates Forecast and NCAgenda, giving you the functionality of three tweaks in one. Forecast displays a detailed weather forecast on the Lock screen, including current and long-term temperatures and conditions. If enabled, you can also swipe to the right on the Lock screen to view even more detailed weather information.

The tweak has a number of options that can be configured through the Settings app, including the ability to disable select to swipe or bypass a passcode if one is set. There are also various toggles for customizing the appearance of the Today view and Lock screen in general. The settings for Notification Center are also bundled within LockInfo for easy access.

LockInfo iOS 7

LockInfo7 is an effective solution for customizing the Lock screen to meet your personal preference. It also provides rich previews of emails and calendar events directly from the Lock screen, integrated with jailbreak tweaks BiteSMS and Auki for quick replies. Forecast integration delivers an enhanced weather widget and animated weather wallpapers.

The tweak has generally performed well on my older iPhone 5 running iOS 7.0.4, although it is rather inconveniencing to have to respring when you update your favorite contacts, reminders or other information. Also, sometimes the entire Lock screen will appear blank until you respring. There are also reports of the screen dimming after opening a preview, and the package might not be compatible with all other Lock screen tweaks.

LockInfo View 2

Forecast and NCAgenda are automatically removed upon installing the tweak, since those packages have been integrated into LockInfo. If you have ProWidgets installed, you are advised to disable the Today view activation method to avoid safe mode crashes. Ashman is aware of this problem, and is working on a fix for the bug to be released in a future update.

LockInfo7 is a free download for existing users of past LockInfo versions, while a discount will be made available for Forecast and NCAgenda owners. Otherwise, the tweak carries a $4.99 price tag on Cydia in the ModMyi repository. The package is free to install, since it comes with a 14-day trial that is activated by registering your device. Afterwards, a license must be purchased.

What do you think of LockInfo for iOS 7?

  • Kameron Burton

    It’s certainly not as useful for me now that there is Control center. That was my whole deal with LockInfo. Bringing toggles to NC and using LockInfo to bring them to lock screen. It’s just not as practical as it used to be

  • David Ashman

    You shouldn’t have to respring if your contacts are updated or reminders are added. If that’s the case, it’s a bug that needs fixing (never had it reported). Of course, your screen should never go blank, so again, likely a bug or conflict. I’m working with some other tweak developers to make things more compatible with the variety of tweaks out there. I just wanted to get a version out to the public to get additional feedback.

    thanks for the review!

    • You’re welcome. I’m sure the issues I mentioned are indeed bugs. I have an iPhone 5 on iOS 7.0.4 and did not have any other Lock screen tweaks installed at the time of testing. I’m sure the tweak will get better as you release updates.

      I’m not the biggest fan of jailbreak tweaks in general, to be honest, but LockInfo is pretty sound overall. I don’t think the screenshots show the tweak in its best light. I recommend people take advantage of the 14-day trial you have offered to try it.

      • Gustavo Adolfo Mirabal

        let me get this. You are an editor for a jailbreak page, specialized on Jealbreak tweaks and you don’t like tweaks? what a dilemma 🙂

      • I enjoy testing and sharing jailbreak tweaks with the community, but only a handful actually remain on my device.

        I’ve been jailbreaking for 7 years and my preference has slowly changed towards using more of a stock iPhone when possible.

        Jeff has always been the true jailbreak guru around here at iDownloadBlog as you’ve probably seen by his videos.

    • Matthew Tanous

      Great update, but yes, none of my existing events or reminders are showing on the lockscreen, only new additions “after” installing will show up

    • Raashid

      Here’s a feedback, get the reminders widget in LockInfo 5 to show previews like the calendar widget instead of requiring me to unlock my device. I’ve been emailing you about this problem yet you refuse to respond…this is the attitude that makes me not want to support devs; terrible customer service.

      • diggitydang

        On the contrary, I’ve had great customer service from this dev… I had an issue with a previous version and the dev was really great at responding and working through my issues.

    • Ksain

      Like your work, David. Some small bugs here and there, but overall it’s great!

      • Anonimo

        How did you get the shortcuts at the right top side?

  • Tony

    Yeah except a massive bug in this stops all animations that have been changed to a faster speed. And you can’t hide contacts on the lockscreen. I bought this but it’s got a lot of issues.

    • Damian

      Amen. Yet there is the greatness to be uncovered

  • Damian

    The previous version on iOS 6 was the master tweak.

    I hope the developer followed that idea further. It was like priority hub on steroids

    To be honest this new lockinfo looks like mess. I don’t even understand why there are some repetitive option there for nc and today view.

    At the same time it is missing some other essential that we used to love about lockinfo

  • Jamie

    I like intelliscreen x allot better.

  • Vighnesh Manick

    I’m just going to stick with my IntelliscreenX 7

  • Chun-Li aka ThunderThighs

    Intelliscreen is better.

  • Der Faust

    now…..i miss my jailbreak :(…. 🙂

  • czbird

    Yes yes yes yes yes!!!!! :-)))

  • ins0mniac1

    I’ve been big fan of Lockinfo since the iOS4 days, and really like the latest iOS7 version. I’ve been enjoying watching the tweak grow with the frequent updates David Ashman has been delivering lately. The beta was obviously a bit buggy at first, but since the latest update I’m finding it very stable on my iPhone 5 and iPad Air.

  • Pato_

    There a bug when receiving a text msg

    • i got safe mode 🙁 , uninstall and wait next update

    • Niclas

      Report it by email to the developer and provide the log if you can.

  • Dino

    Is the “info shade” option still available where you can keep the lockscreen stock but have the option to evoke lockinfo through an activator gesture? Or can I have lockinfo viewable in NC and not on the actual lock screen?

  • Diego


  • chjode

    I purchased versions 4 and versions 5, so I’ll definitely give this one a look.

    Now we just need Jeff’s video review.

  • diggitydang

    For me, it seems the swipe to go to an app isn’t working… swiping on say, an email, just unlocks the device. Is there a setting I’ve missed?

    • fb2

      you have to enable to swipe on notifications and check if you have “select and swipe” or “just swipe”, should work 😉

      • diggitydang

        Awesome, thanks!!!

  • cookiesandkareem

    Can anyone who has the tweak tell me if this new version allows for swiping down from the top of the lockscreen to reveal the NC?

    • fb2

      no, it doesn’t appear because your NC is integrated in LockInfo. So swiping down does nothing.

  • Jay Hao-En Liu

    I’ve been using Lockinfo since before it had a version number in its name. It’s crazy that we’re still getting full version updates for free. At least I paid for both Forecast and NCAgenda, so I feel somewhat better about it. David, please charge us something. You deserve to be paid.

  • Keith S.

    I’m a former LockInfo user, but had to pony up for IntelliScreen X when I finally upgraded and LockInfo was not yet available. I haven’t decided yet if I’m going to switch back — ISX is okay, but I’m a little fed up with the fact that the ISX developer seems to have stopped fixing bugs or responding to tweets — but I *will* say KUDOS to David and the LockInfo team for making the new version completely free for past owners. That does a lot to make up for the delay, and will definitely motivate me to at least give it a whirl. Thanks!

  • Phil Shapley

    Crashed whenever I invoke notification centre. Way to buggy and messy

  • Guy

    Is there a source where I can download LockInfo7 for free and without the 14 days trial? I love using this tweak but I don’t want to pay.

  • Anybody knows how to put the email on first screen below the time and weather, and/or to change the font size?

  • Anonimo

    Does anybody knows if works on iOS 8? or if there was an update with a different name? Thanks in advance?