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Folks looking to purchase a new handset soon may be interested to hear that Apple is expected to host an iPhone upgrade event this week at its retail stores. The news comes from 9to5Mac, who says the company will begin emailing owners of older iPhones tomorrow, notifying them of the program.

According to the report, the move is part of a larger effort to boost handset sales and the promotion will kick-off on May 8th. The deal will be offered in a number of states across the US, and will ‘blend nicely’ with Apple’s retail store-based iPhone trade-in program it introduced in August of last year…

Here’s 9to5Mac’s Mark Gurman with more:

Apple is planning to hold an “enormous” iPhone-related event in its stores this week in order to boost sales, according to a source with knowledge of the initiative. Beginning May 8th, the source said, Apple will be contacting upgrade-eligible iPhone users with older iPhone models via email to come into their local Apple Store to update to a new iPhone 5s or iPhone 5c. […]

Apple will brief Apple Retail management on the initiative tomorrow, according to the source. Additionally, Apple is said to be readying various other new marketing and sales initiatives to improve the sales of the iPhone in its retail stores.

There’s a growing sentiment in consumer electronics that the smartphone market has become too saturated, but Apple is showing no signs of slowing down. Last quarter, it sold 43.7 million handsets—a record for the 3-month period—and the larger, thinner ‘iPhone 6‘ is also expected to set precedent.

It’s unclear at this point what the ‘enormous iPhone-related event’ will entail, such as pricing and other details, but it’ll likely be in line with discounts from other retailers. Target, for instance, has the iPhone 5s starting at $119 with contract, and both Best Buy and RadioShack have the 16GB model for $99.

Also of note is that Angela Ahrendts officially took over as Apple’s new retail chief last week, and will likely be overseeing the program.

  • Eric M

    I’m pretty sure anyone that has a phone knows when and if they are eligible for an upgrade. Apple just needs to concentrate on giving us something worth upgrading for!

    • Jason Baroni

      I agree with you, but this is just a sale boost… I think if it was only on Apple they whould rather prepare us for the next phones instead of this shareholder stuff.

  • Chun-Li aka ThunderThighs

    Food for Thought: Apple does these so you can give up your jailbreak iPhone chance for a new iPhone with a catch. You get a new iPhone 5S but then the iPhone 6 comes out 4 months later. They did this last year with AT&T that let you trade your iPhone for a new iPhone 5 just to get rid of those units so they can push out iPhone 6 to make you buy that or else feel mad that you spent money on a outdated device or a two year contract and get rid of your old iPhone for a 2nd to newest iDevice.

    • funkybebel

      i guess those people don’t follow much the apple news. If they would, they avoid buying an ithing two months before a next release (witch i agree is just sick and let feel angry!)

  • Tony H

    I had ever iPhone up to the 5, then got fed up of the same churned out crap year after year, so switched to the HTC One, best thing I ever done, would never go back to an iPhone now.

    • moksh trehan

      it may be true that they do not have many upgrades but the newer iPhones are better then htc cause they have a better chip and better processor also the app store has more apps

      • Jason Baroni

        That’s right… many reviewers point on the web that the 5s is still a better deal than Samsung Galaxy S5 and the new HTC One. I agree people have different tastes and likes, but when it comes to product and service quality it tends to lean on Apple.

      • Patrick Akridge

        First off, the app store DOESN’T have more apps. Android does. I know, I looked up statistics (I had a iPhone vs Android speech. I will be speaking of the point that iPhone is better)… Mind you, I am an Apple fanboy.

    • Dean Johnson

      Why’s that? I don’t want to evoke a war of some sort. Just interested in your motivations.

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  • Alan

    I wish I was able to get an iphone 5 on ios 6

  • Screw them iOS 7 phones.

  • Framboogle

    This got me excited for a second and then I actually read the article