AllDrop Settings

AllDrop is a brand new jailbreak tweak that just recently appeared on Cydia’s BigBoss repo. It’s a tweak that unlocks access to the native iOS filesystem for uploading to Dropbox.

By default, you can only upload photos or videos from the file picker in the Dropbox app, but with AllDrop installed, any file that you have on your device is uploadable. AllDrop is a powerful tweak, especially if you’re a heavy Dropbox user. Take a look at our video walkthrough after the break.

After you install AllDrop, you’ll need to head to the stock Settings app and find its preference panel. Inside of the AllDrop preferences is a single button that allows you to unsandbox the app. Tap the unsandbox button, and head to the Dropbox app.

Once the Dropbox app is open, press the ellipsisĀ button in the upper right-hand corner to select an upload source, and tap the new AllDrop button at the bottom of the list. This will open a full list of files from the native iOS file structure, and it sort of looks like iFile when browsing it.

AllDrop Dropbox

You can now select any of the files available in the native file structure and upload directly to Dropbox. No longer are you limited to just photos and videos.

Unfortunately, using AllDrop seems to have introduced an issue when trying to use the regular photos and videos upload. After AllDrop was installed on my device, Dropbox acted as if it no longer had permission to access the items from my Camera Roll when doing a normal media upload. I checked Settings > Privacy > Photos, and Dropbox was enabled, but I still couldn’t gain access to my photos. Even after uninstalling AllDrop, the issue continued to persist.

AllDrop Issue

Of course, unless this is a massive coincidence, it looks like AllDrop has a few issues to work out before I can totally recommend the tweak. If you never use Dropbox for uploading photos and video, that’s one thing, but if you use Dropbox like it was intended to be used on iOS, I’d stay away until AllDrop receives an update.

AllDrop can be downloaded for $0.99 on the BigBoss repo. What do you think? Express your thoughts down below in the comments.

  • For a sec thought it makes AirDrop compatible with ALL Bluetooth and WiFi-Direct-equipped devices (i.e. AirBlue Sharing integrated into the AirDrop module). Either ways, neat stuff and very good pricing considering it’s a sub-part of iFile ($4).

    • deepdvd

      Thanks for the reminder that iFile has this functionality (actually, it’s way better, but less convenient). Of course with losing Photo Sync, there’s no way I would get this. Oh, and remember back in the day when there was a FREE tweak that did this? Of course, Dropbox is probably now charging the dev to do this.

  • XboxOne

    Useful tweak.

  • :/

    Pointless. Why would anyone buy this over iFile which has had this for years

    • Jonathan

      Wait, iFile can upload files to Dropbox too?

      • White Michael Jackson

        Yeah, copy and paste

      • Jonathan

        Oh duh.

      • White Michael Jackson

        I know right.

    • Tope

      The only people that would buy this are newbies or idiots I mean really? This is just a pathetic money grab. Why would you even review this…

      • therealjjohnson

        Are you sure? If i can install a tweak to dropbox which i already have on my phone and accomplish a task without going into a second app (iFile), why would that not be useful? Just because its not something you prefer doesn’t mean its useless and or a money grab. That just sounds so negative. Its not that bad. Really.

    • ‘Cause this is 1/4 the price of iFile…

  • White Michael Jackson

    In other words just buy ifile