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When it comes to email apps, we love the ones that are simple, efficient, and fast. Getting to the elusive “inbox zero” is not an easy task. Especially when, for many of us, email is tied to a myriad of other productivity activities, like scheduling meetings and sharing files.

Acompli is a new productivity app that incorporates email, contacts, file sharing, and calendar events into one. The best part is that the app supports Microsoft Exchange. You’ll never have to switch apps to take care of business again…

The app was built to make it easy for users to schedule appointments and share their availability with others, attach files to emails with ease, search for important messages without having to enter a lot of keywords, and keep your important contacts at arms reach.

Acompli 3

Inside Acompli is a full-featured calendar app that integrates directly with the email service. You can share your availability, set up meetings, and even get reminders for upcoming events without having to leave the app.

Emails with attachments are saved to a different folder, so you can easily keep track of important attachments that have been sent to you. You can even sort files by slides, images, or documents. Forward files to others, even if you haven’t downloaded them to your device first.

The app features predictive search, making it easier for you to find messages without having to type as much. As you begin typing a keyword, the service will suggest topics or people related to your search, including highlighting of the keyword to make it easy to scan through the list.

Acompli 2

Most email users have a select set of people they send messages to on a regular basis. This app builds your contact list based on your email patterns. The people you correspond with the most are listed at the top, including related emails, meetings, files, and full contact info at a glance.

The app supports Microsoft Exchange, Office 365, Google apps, and Gmail, so you won’t find yourself stuck with an email address that you can’t use, or a file that you can’t view.

Although it is currently only available on the iPhone, the app’s developer has plans for an iPad version, as well as Android support in the future.

Acompli is available for free. Download it in the App Store today.

What do you think of Acompli? Can it become your new go-to email app?

  • Decio Arruda

    Not sure how it’ll turn out to work in every day usage, but from the video this has the potential to become a replacement for 5 apps I use everyday.

  • I love when shows makes a video of their apps being put into use.

  • Casey H.

    I just can’t decide how I feel about an app that runs my mail through their own servers. For obvious privacy concerns, and the fact that it’s a free app. They have to make money somehow, not sure I want them to use my info to do it.

  • JulianZH

    if only they remove swipe archive function.

    • funkybebel

      so damn right, and so on for every mail app

  • John Nguyen

    found my battery drains extremely fast with this app installed. Seems to push constantly compared to my usual setup, boxcar with sparrow

  • Noaaahh

    The guy on the plane has cellular connection? HOW?!

  • hhig

    if you read the privacy statement you will delete this app.

  • stulaw01

    Sure hhig, then your phone must be empty because 75%+ of apps have invasive privacy statements