Snooze 2

Snooze is a new jailbreak tweak by prolific jailbreak developer Julian Weiss. It’s a tweak that allows you to change snooze times for each alarm that you have set in the stock Clock app.

Snooze was the subject of Weiss’ talk at JailbreakCon 2014, and it’s a tweak that’s been highly anticipated by users in the jailbreak community. We’ve taken the $0.99 jailbreak tweak for a spin on video. Does it live up to its billing? Have a look inside for all of the details.

After installing Snooze, venture into the stock Clock app, and tap the Alarm tab. Create a new alarm, or edit an existing alarm, and you should see the new Snooze Time panel at the bottom of the page. Tapping this panel invokes a pop-up box, which allows you to type in a desired snooze time for the alarm.

SNooze 3

Snooze times can be broken down into fractions of a second for smaller times, and can go up to over three hours in length. The snooze time will be reflected on the Lock screen snooze countdown when you snooze your alarm.

Snooze 1

Although you won’t find tons of settings or custom options, Snooze is a fine tweak that does its job exceptionally well. If you’ve ever wanted to change the stock 9-minute snooze time established by Apple, then this is the tweak for you.

Head over to Cydia’s BigBoss repo to download Snooze today. Once you do, sound off down below with your thoughts, experiences, and opinions.

  • lemonhead

    installed this tweak a while ago when it was previewed on reddit, the next day I overslept because the ringer didn’t went of at all for the ringers you set in advanced…
    haha hope it got fixed

  • Diego

    Finally, the tweak that I was waiting for since fovere!

  • Summ

    Not going to review Actif?

  • Keith S.

    This is nice, but two areas for improvement: 1) ability to adjust the snooze time when the reminder goes off, rather than when defining the alarm, and 2) ability to apply this to calendar appointments in addition to alarms. That would make me a Happy Panda!

  • Cris Franco

    I’d like the option for a menu to pop up with a list of predetermined snoozes to pick from when the alarm goes off…..or….click the bottom right, 5 minutes….click the bottom left, 10 minutes, etc.

    • Lemerio P.

      Exactly what I was thinking, when you are half awake a person usually doesn’t feel like typing numbers, I should just wake up at that point.

  • Not gonna review Slumber, which is way more interesting than this pointless tweak? “But it was at JailbreakCon so we have to review it”. SMH