Viber 4.2 for iOS (iPhone screenshot 004)Viber 4.2 for iOS (iPhone screenshot 005)

Instant messaging and voice service Viber, which was recently snapped up by e-commerce giant Rakuten for $900 million, has finally released its iOS 7 focused redesign, nearly seven months after iOS 7’s September 2013 debut.

It’s not clear what took so long, but it’s finally here so we’re not complaining. The update is now live in the App Store so go ahead and grab it now while checking out screenshots of Viber’s nicely flattened interface, included right below…

The app’s got a nicely flattened new icon.

Viber 4.2 for iOS (app icon, small)

In addition to a complete redesign with iOS 7 in mind and inevitable bug fixes, Viber 4.3 is now fully compatible with iOS 7, developers note.

Also new: you can now send multiple photos and videos at the same time whereas previously you could only send one media item per message. If you’ve been sending video messages to people, Viber 4.3 now allows you to send longer clips, too.

And if your ex is stalking you on Viber, the app now has contact-blocking feature where you can put any number or contact on your block list.

Viber 4.2 for iOS (iPhone screenshot 001)Viber 4.2 for iOS (iPhone screenshot 003)

The full changelog follows below.

• Completely redesigned for iOS 7! The new look and feel is consistent with the aesthetic of iOS 7 that iPhone users have grown accustomed to.

• Multiple media sharing in one flow. No more back and forth media sharing! Now you can send and edit up to 10 photos and videos at a time!

• Block list. Users can now block contacts they do not know and those that they do not wish to be contacted by. To learn more about managing your block list, click here.

• Send longer video messages. You can now send videos of up to three (3) minutes long.

• Typing indicator. Know when your contacts are typing a message to you on Android tablet, Linux, Mac, PC or Windows 8.

• Bug fixes.

As before, you can use Viber to place free VoIP calls to other users or call landline and mobile phone numbers around the world for just a few cents. This feature is called Viber Out and requires credits that can be obtained as in-app purchases.

Viber 4.2 for iOS (iPhone screenshot 002)

Viber founder and CEO Talmon Marco said, via TechCrunch:

Viber has been redesigned from the start for simplicity and ease of use. Taking our cue from the clean, flat look of iOS 7, we wanted Viber to feel like a completely seamless part of your device.

Our top priority is the enthusiastic community of users who rely on Viber every day to communicate with their friends, family, and important contacts. The new iPhone version we released today will make it easier and more fun than ever before to stay connected.

Download Viber 4.3 free in the App Store.

iOS 6.0 or later is required.

The app is completely free with no advertising.

  • Omarino99

    finally god

  • Chun-Li aka ThunderThighs

    About god damn time but 7 months?

  • Likii111

    Everythink looks good, but in coversation the upper bar should be smaller

  • Evasi0n7

    US appstore says the latest version is 4.2. Anyone get/ see the 4.3 version in other store?

    • Mhmd Bassam Nasyr

      4.2 is the latest version released IDB is wrong on that one…
      but on their support page viber included 4.2.1 and 4.3 planned ahead for future

  • onesimpleclickk

    While the topic of restyling for iOS7 is on the table..

    Okay, I’m good now.

  • Angro

    The redesign seems nice at all, but there is no button to clear the (recent calls) log, you have to do it one by one.
    also, they made the font kinda small, can’t make it bigger from accessibility or viber options.
    it’s looks ok on iPhone 5s, but on 4s it looks bad.

    • guest

      How do i clear the log (Recent calls) ? I dont see any option to even clear it one by one.

      • arrt

        To delete from call history, swipe the log you want to delete to the left. You will get a red ‘X’ to delete that particular entry.

      • Ali

        But how to delete all the recent calls, not only one by obe ? We used to have the clear button ?

  • Tom

    Who will use that? When SMS’ are free and also you get about 500 international minutes for a few cents?

    • VITICO

      500 international minutes for a few cents?????.. what carrier do u have??.. I don’t know of verizon doing this..

      • Tom

        I live in Israel, and I pay like 35 dollars (Orange IL) for unlimited phone calls and SMS’ + 10 gb 3g (we don’t have 4g yet) and I also get 500 min worldwide 😀

  • Eni

    We have a new update, human v 1.1
    about time, millions of years later

  • Guest

    As before, you can use Viber to place free VoIP calls to other users or
    call landline and mobile phone numbers around the world for just a few

    Isn’t this sentence contradicting itself? How is it free when you’re paying for it?

    • Steve R.

      It’s free for Viber users to call/text other Viber users and costs money to call non-Viber numbers. The article was written correctly.

  • Bonsicola

    where is the edit function for individual msg? I can do it now. How to do it in this new look Viber

  • Bonsicola

    I can’t delete individual chats. Any answer

    • Yana Tsalieva

      I explained it in the replies for the next comment. Check it out 🙂

  • Jessica

    Hi. I just updated my Iphone 4s to new Viber. However, can anyone tell me how I may delete the Messages that I have sent now. Before the update I could find a button to “treat” my message and to choose whether to delete or to send it to someone else.
    Is this no more possible now? If yes, please may anyone help me doing this.
    thanks and regards from Germany

    • Yana Tsalieva

      I had the same problem but finally I figured it out. You have to put your finger on the message and slide it to the left. Then 2 buttons will appear. The red one “x” is to delete the conversation an the other one is to make a call.

      • Jessica

        thanks a lot. i tried it out – yes – but only “cut” or “copy” or “Transfer” do appear and that only for just 1 !! single message!
        2 Buttons do unfortunately not appear!

      • Yana Tsalieva

        Maybe I didn`t explain well. You go messages (where all your messages are) than you put your finger on the message you want to delete and slide it to the left. I hope this time it works 🙂

      • Jessica

        yes thank you – that works !
        Bye bye and have a nice day!

      • Jessica

        But can I do this way only delete particular Messages or all at once? Sorry for any inconvenience

      • Yana Tsalieva

        I think you can only delete only one message at a time (I`m not 100% sure though). I mean that it you have 5 messages you cannot delete 3 at the same time. You have to delete them one by one. You can delete one message or all of them. If you want to delete all messages you have to go to settings-calls and messages-clear message history.
        I hope this is helpful 🙂

      • Anila

        Thanks heaps. It worked…

    • Liz

      Previously to delete a message you had to swipe from left to right, now you can delete a chat by swiping from right to left and then tap on delete button

  • Brown

    can anyone please tell me how to delete recent call log contacts?

  • Anila

    How to delete messages from message lists?

  • Nishee

    Still not fully compatible with iPad. Pathetic.

  • Anas

    How can delete message from message conversation by using viber 4.2???

  • Tea Bee

    The only thing now I don’t c sent anymore.

  • César Alexandre Santos

    this new update (may 8th) doesn’t let me update it. It says the app is linked to another Apple ID -.- … and then i deleted Viber and tried to reinstall and it says i cant update it (even though i’m installing it) -.-

  • Ali

    How can i delete all the recent calls , the previous version had the Clear Button , this one it has not. Hiw can i erase all

  • Ellie Borrowe

    What does on line yesterday at 9: