OS X Mavericks (Desktop, MacBook)

Big news this afternoon as Apple has opened up its OS X beta program to the public. Before today, you needed a $99/year developer account to help test the company’s upcoming Mac software updates before they were widely released, but starting this afternoon, anyone can sign up for the ‘OS X Beta Seed Program.’

You can sign up here, and all you need is an Apple ID. Once enlisted, users can test out pre-release builds of Mavericks before they’re launched to the public and even submit feedback to Apple to help iron out the kinks. It’s not for everyone, but it’s great news for early adopters and those who enjoy sneak previews…

According to TechCrunch, the program comes with its own special utility software for installation on your Mac, which makes pre-release versions of OS X visible in the Updates tab of your Mac App Store. You’ll also have to agree to Apple’s Confidentially Agreement, meaning you won’t talk about unannounced changes.

apple seed program

Today’s announcement is rather timely, given that WWDC is just a little bit more than a month away. Apple is expected to reveal the next version of OS X at the developer’s conference, and will likely release a preview build of it shortly after. So it’ll be interesting to see if Beta Seed users are given access to that stuff as well.

As of right now, Apple is working on OS X 10.9.3, and has thus far seeded multiple betas to developers. The update is going to bring about a handful of changes, including a new native ‘Retina’ resolution option for 4K displays, therestoration of the ability to sync contacts and calendar info locally and other improvements.

  • Andrew


    • derekaw

      Yes, wow, great.

  • Really??

  • derekaw

    A link?

    • Ray Wolf

      Read the article, it says “sign up here” click that link.

      • Guest

        When I first read the article, it wasn’t there. Anyway, I could update to OS X 10.9.3!!

  • Hussain Alsanona

    Wow amazing

  • Keabsy

    Maybe they’ll do this for iOS 8 as well. No more paying 5 bucks to get your UDID registered!

    • I’ve just thought that too!

    • ProfessorX1®

      IMO they shouldn’t. Then installing the betas won’t be special anymore. The average non geek users will get access to it and what’s so special if everyone has it?

      • Keabsy

        That’s true, but you could still get iOS 7 betas without having it registered.

      • Shawn

        They fixed it now. All betas now require a new activation check.

      • Keabsy

        Correct. I’m talking about iOS 7.0 , not iOS 7.1.

      • brooks whiffen seale

        My opinion exactly haha

    • Jonathan

      Or, if you’re lucky like me, ask a family relative. =P

    • Tim Farris

      there is not a iOS 8 beta program

  • Ray Wolf

    As soon as I seen the Feedback assistant I had a strong feeling there would be a public beta option.

  • Great program! Hope they do this for iOS as well.

  • Johnny Clulow

    I can’t see them opening up the iOS beta program to the public though. I think if they did the latest iOS refresh at the point of new iOS hardware is released it will lose its wow factor and people will just stick with what they have. I think a lot of the iPhone sales come from piping hot new software.

  • ɑղժɾҽա

    Come on, Apple! Do an iOS Beta Program! No one wants to pay to test beta software.

    • Andrew

      The point of iOS betas is for DEVELOPERS to test their apps and make them compatible with the next version of iOS. No point in making these betas public. They’re buggy and unstable.

      • Ray Wolf

        I agree 100%, as someone who is a member, I own a completely separate set of devices which run pre-release for testing and then have my everyday devices. I could just imagine the plethora of unsatisfied users on beta software. Their complaints would be on deaf ears as we all know how beta works. Regardless, their entitlement complex would justify their complaints and software “bashing”. I see merit behind 7.1.x and 10.9.x pre-release being made public but 7.x.0 and 10.x.0 releases being public is just an awful idea.

  • And better just got best… 🙂

  • David Gitman

    WOW maybe ios soon?!

  • Georg_Schmo


  • Jamie Tilden

    I wouldn’t have high hopes for this program extending to major releases like the next versions of Mac OS or iOS.

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    This is amazing! Thank you for sharing!