Philips’ iPhone-connected Hue lighting system has come a long way since we first reviewed it in 2012. The company has added a number of products to the lineup over the years, including LightStrips, Bloom bulbs, and bulbs for recessed lighting installs. And today, it’s expanding the line even more.

This morning, Philips announced three new upcoming Hue products. The first is known as the ‘hue lux,’ a bulb that can only emit white light, the second is the ‘hue tap,’ which allows you to control the Hue system without the iPhone app, and the third is luminaires, a set of high-end 3D light fixtures…

The hue lux is an LED light bulb, similar to the existing hue bulb, except that it can only emit white light—no colors. Users can, however, still remotely control the brightness of the lux and set on/off schedules. The lux will be available this summer in a starter kit for $100, or individual bulbs for $40.

The hue tap isn’t a bulb at all, but more of an accessory to the hue lighting system. It’s actually a mountable switch that makes it easy to control your hue lights without the iPhone app. The tap includes four programmable buttons, and does not require wiring or batteries. It’ll be available soon for $60.


And finally, there’s the luminaires. Philips’ new table and pendant luminaires were designed by WertelOberfell and Strand+Hvass. Each is 3D-printed, remotely controlled, and capable of displaying any of 16 million colors. At just over $4000 USD, they’re pricey, but they’ll be available March 31st.

Of course, the rest of the Hue products aren’t exactly inexpensive. The standard starter kit, which includes 3 multicolored LED bulbs and the required network bridge, goes for $199. You can save a little by getting white-only lux bulbs, but it’s still far more costly than your average Walmart 6-pack.

  • Kevin Guzman

    I wonder if I can use the Hue tap to sync up two starter packs since Philips does not allow light bulbs that were included in the starter pack to be paired with a different Hue router.

    • Vanggaard

      You can move lamps/bulbs from one starter packs to another using “lamp stealer”. You can even make living ambiance bulbs join your hue network (and save a lot of money)

  • Andrew Roth

    $4,000?!?! FOR A LAMP?! No thanks…

  • illK†Δ

    I could buy a car, pay for almost 4 years worth of food, buy every new iPhone for the next 5 years. OR, buy a lamp.

    • Svs

      Buying that lamp is obviously the right decision

  • Tom

    Very confusing trailer.

  • mondo

    i love the idea of remotely controlling lights with my phone…but the price needs to come down for this to really kick off…

  • Christopher

    I have a Nest Thermostat and a Belkins Plug in my iphone controls to turn my lamp next to my bed out but this is ridicules for the price, ill keep my energy saving bulbs thanks