four iPad mini retina display

Russia’s telecoms minister Nikolai Nikiforov told news agencies yesterday that government officials for the country recently traded in their iPads for Samsung tablets. Reporters spotted the new devices at a cabinet meeting, and the minister explained that the changeover was due to security concerns.

“Some of the information at government meetings is confidential in nature,” he said, “and these devices fully meet these demands and have gone through the strictest system of certification.” And the timing of the switch is certainly interesting, considering what’s going on at the Russia/Ukraine border

But Nikiforov denies that the move has anything to do with Western sanctions imposed after Russia’s takeover of Ukraine’s Crimea peninsula. He did, however, express concern that the Crimea situation would cause US law enforcement agencies to increase the volume of data they intercept from Russians.

BusinessInsider has more:

We are not proposing any sanctions,” he said. But he did mention reading reports that “American special services… will significantly increase the volume of information they intercept (which) of course causes serious concern to many governmental clients.”

“This obviously orientates Russian clients, primarily state ones, to be very choosy about their partners in IT,” Nikiforov said. He added that South Korean firms such as Samsung, along with Chinese ones, could be interesting to Russia in this respect.”

While Apple has been making inroads with government agencies in recent months, Nikiforov’s concerns aren’t unwarranted. The company has been linked to the NSA’s PRISM program, as well as another NSA program called ‘DROPOUTJEEP,’ and a major SSL bug was discovered in iOS earlier this year.

The site also shares an anecdote involving Russia’s then-president and now Prime Minister Dmitry Medvedev, and Steve Jobs. Apparently the country has a history with the iPad-maker, as Jobs gave Medvedev an iPhone as a gift during his 2010 visit to Silicon Valley. He actually used it to send his first tweet.

  • Sokrates

    oh, what a mistake.

  • Burge

    Didn’t google admit that Android wasn’t made with security in mind.. You even posted about it on this site..

    • Melvco

      I’m willing to bet these aren’t your run-of-the-mill Galaxy Tabs.

      • Rowan09

        I agree, but Android is still not as secure as IOS and Windows 8. I believe this is because of what’s going on with America and Russia and less to do with actual security.

      • Burge

        Then why bring it up on here.. Joe public carn’t use this , it means nothing..

      • Rowan09

        What do you mean?

      • BozzyB

        I think what you mean by “not secure as..” is the fact that there is a possibility to install software which could be harmfull (when you turn off all security options on purpose).
        But the fact that the OS is open source and can be investigated by everybody who is intereseted in makes it more secure than closed system like iOS or Windows – you just can’t tell whats inside. I think this is here the main reason. Also Samsung provides special security with their KNOX system. The mutliuser support on Android tablets is also another increase of security.

      • Rowan09

        All government versions are tweaked for their usage, but the reality is Samsung is still using Android, which even Google executives said is not made for security. Android is the least secure OS, malware gets on the Playstore sometimes without Google knowing.

      • BozzyB

        True. Malware exists more than on other platforms because it is possible to implement it. But how many of those are actually running somewhere? Then you have to distinguish between real malware and apps which collect data like facebook or Whatsapp. A friend of mine showed my an app which detected Google Drive as malware?! If these are the apps which feed the statistics then its clear where the resuts come from. Also the Playstore scans its apps, then when you download them it will be scanned again – and even after that the app will be scanned automatically from google services with the up-to-date database. It’s nearly impossible to run malware for the normal user.
        The openes is also the reason why you can make the OS even more secure because you can restrict and tweak whatever you need. e.g. just restrict the palystore installation to a bunch of apps on your business account.

        It’s just too easy to say Android is not secure. The OS is open source and it is as much secure as you wish – far more than other OS where you have no control.

        Issues like SSL on iOS are far more security relevant.

      • Rowan09

        Have you seen any statistic backing your opinion? It’s a fact Android is not as secure and being open source doesn’t necessarily mean more secure. Open source allows anyone to have access to the OS which in turn can cause more issues. IOS, QNX and Windows OS is more secure. Even Google Executives said Android wasn’t made to be secure. I’m not saying Android isn’t secure at all but it’s the least secure. I don’t know if IOS is the most secure either but most of the comparisons are between IOS and Android.

      • BozzyB

        If you read statistics you have to be careful. (btw: these statistics often come from those companies which are making money with scan software (F-Secure)). The statistic which says 97% of all malware is on Android also says that only 0,1% come from the Google Playstore. All others are from 3rd party app stores or sideloaded.
        The problem is not that the OS is insecure itself. The insecurity results out of the fact that you are able to turn off all security systems and install apps from insecure sources.
        But the other way round you can also make the system more secure than others by far because you don’t have the restrictions.

      • Rowan09

        Not true because all government devices are restricted not open. Being open source doesn’t mean your less secure it just mean you allow manufacturers to use the OS. Are you saying Android is more secure than IOS because if you are that’s just not true?


        Your pretty smart

  • VitoM

    Today’s Obama sucks

  • AppleAnalist

    Let them enjoy their virus susceptible tablet. They deserve everything they for being a bunch of evil homophobe scumbags

    • Rowan09

      America allows people to have abortions and are capitalist pigs and I live her, so hold your judgment.

      • +1

      • AppleAnalist

        The whole world is mocking you and Putin over you hate laws more than they mock America for the way it’s govt lies to them.

      • Rowan09

        The world is mocking me? If Putin believes homosexuality is wrong (which it is) it’s up to him, but I don’t agree with killing anyone for their sexual orientation.

      • grumpyfuzz

        Lol “(which it is)”… How is it wrong? Sure would love to hear what you have to say.

      • Alex Ruski

        Russian society have a strong church… they are really spiritual society! That’s one thing to explain why they think is not a correct thing… I have a couple gay friends… don’t have nothing agains them… I treat them as any other friend I have with respect but still can’t look and say that’s a natural/normal thing… even in nature… gay is not normal… yes there some cases… but nature is not 100% of time perfect as we aren’t! That’s why I treat gays as any others… I belive you gotta respect the other so they respect you… and now a days I believe a lot of the gays are born that way… so it’s not their fault!

      • Rowan09

        The same reason stealing and lying is wrong because the Bible says so. Without the Bible or any religion give me a reason why killing or stealing is wrong?

      • grumpyfuzz

        Why should I? I am not a Christian, I am Agnostic. Killing and stealing has many reasons why they’re wrong… Not just because the Bible says so, like you used in why homosexuality is wrong.

      • Rowan09

        Give me a reason outside of morals? Give me an agnostic reason?

      • Hyr3m

        “The right to swing my fist ends where the other man’s nose begins.” -Oliver Wendell Holmes, Jr.

        or.. “Your freedom ends where mine begins”.

        Religions are philosophies.

        Religion can have morals but having morals doesn’t necessarily make you a religious person.
        Just like all squares are rhombuses but not all rhombuses are squares. (Except most religions have dodgy morals about a few things… but that’s another discussion)

        Religions do not have a monopoly on respect.

        On another note. That Russian law prohibits making the apology (showing, propagating) of homosexuality to children. That’s it. So of course… applying this to guys holding hands in the street is overzealous yet I would tend to agree on “trying not to advertise homosexuality to kids”. If when kids grow up they realize they like other men and want to go for it and do that in private that’s fine. I don’t see why there has to be name-calling (“homophobia”) about this… It’s as logical as prohibiting the showing of perverted/violent sex (aka porn) or brutality/violence/gore to kids. They’ll find out about it soon enough anyway and a kid’s life should be about innocence, not about seeing how corrupt and f***ed-up the world is. Btw I have plenty of gay friends (guys and girls) and I don’t have any problem with it…

        All of this fuss is just anti-Russia propaganda in the same sense as decades-old anti-China propaganda… That’s the western d0ucheluminati’s way of applying the old saying “divide to reign”.

      • Rowan09

        A religion is just the way to symbolize to the world what you represent. I agree you can be religious without believing in a centralize god or God, but not all religions are true. Homosexuality is wrong just like stealing, killing, etc but it doesn’t mean people should be persecuted for their orientation. The truth is always the truth regardless of anyone believing in it. I was asking for a world view on why stealing or killing is wrong and the answer is their really isn’t any. We have laws but laws are ever changing due to popularity and if it was left up to individuals to decide what’s right we would have chaos. I’ve heard people say you can’t judge anyone because if they believe something is right it’s right, but we know that’s far from true. In regards to morals if there is no religion who decides what’s wrong from right? What is the basis? On a world view there is no reason just laws.

      • Hyr3m

        A religion is NOT just the way to symbolize what you represent. Please research what the word actually means (both its etymology and definition).

        You can have morals without being religious. You can have your “own religion” but as long as it is not shared by a group it can not really be described as a religion…

        Now onto truth. The nature of language and of existence is as such that truth can be either relative or absolute (or both at the same time, thank you Einstein for your work on relativity).

        Homosexuality is only wrong if you take sexuality for it’s reproductive purpose (as in… “you can’t make kids that way”). However we both know that sexuality is not only about reproduction; human psychology is a bit more complex than that of … say… cats or dogs. In that regards, how can you claim that homosexuality being wrong is an absolute truth ? What you do base that statement on ?

        With theft and murder it’s a bit easier because you mess with other people’s sh*t. That’s a basic rule that HUMANS have figured out, if you don’t want your sh*t to be messed with, don’t mess with other people’s sh*t. Hence the initial statement of my previous comment : “Your freedom ends where mine begins” (or that fancy quote about swinging fists and nose tips). That’s fairly easy to figure out, yet you based your whole comment on the absence of basis for non-religious rules…

        So let’s go back to rules and “right or wrong”. Before laws existed people could already have reasoning and logic about their environment and community, that’s actually what sprouted the rules and laws to be created in the first place. That goes on to say that it is indeed up to individuals to decide what is right or wrong and to create rules. Religions were all created by people with very logical and empathetic philosophies as well as charisma (or a talent for public speaking) which were the basis of societal rules which sometimes turned into laws.

        We could derive the conversation to say that laws nowadays serve the purpose of an elite that has no empathetic or logical basis (other than towards building up their wealth and that of their friends) but that’s a whole different subject : Corruptissima re publica plurimae leges. – Tacitus

      • Rowan09

        A lot of what you said is just wrong. Being a homosexual does not have anything to do with having sex, just like being heterosexual is not defined by having sex. The truth is always the truth. If the truth is relative then it’s not the truth and anything can be relative. I explained earlier homosexuality is wrong because the Bible said so and to be honest that’s the only reason. You still didn’t give a worldview on why stealing is wrong or killing because there is none. Leaving right or wrong up to each individual will cause chaos. How was Hitler or Stalin wrong? They both believed they were right and if truth can be relative they were right. In regards to implying Apple selling an overpriced device is just not true because all devices are overpriced, but a business sole purpose is to make money. Being overpriced is also relative because if I ask someone if a $30,000 BMW is overpriced they would say no, but if I compare the price to say a Ford Focus it would be overpriced. I want electronics to be cheaper but that’s wishful thinking.

      • Hyr3m

        “In regards to implying Apple selling an overpriced device is just not true because all devices are overpriced”
        – So Apple’s devices are not overpriced because all devices are overpriced? If all devices are overprices then Apple’s devices are overpriced too aren’t they?

        “homosexuality is wrong because the Bible said so and to be honest that’s the only reason”
        – Humans wrote the bible so why would these guys get to define a universal truth? Was homosexuality fine before it was written? How universal is that? da-actual-fuq ?

        Everything is relative.

        What the fluke is “a worldview on why stealing is wrong”? We’re two 8-years-olds, I steal from you and you steal back from me, I hit you and you hit me back. From that I understand a very simple concept: I should not steal from or hurt you because I wouldn’t want you to steal from or hurt me. It’s simple logic and empathy; no need for religion.

        Many people are atheists or agnostic and they’re not creating chaos around them.

        You keep contradicting yourself in all of your comments so I can’t figure out if you’re just obtuse or trolling…

      • Rowan09

        In regards to Apple being overpriced yes they are but it’s not exclusive to them is my point. If you understand what the Bible is being written down by humans has nothing to do with it’s validity. Not one person that wrote the events in the Bible takes credit for the works written. Are pedophiles wrong? (I’m assuming your answer will be yes). Currently pedophilea is now considered a sexual orientation just like homosexuality and heterosexuality, so while your opinion says it may be right, it’s going to be considered wrong. Without a basis or backing for rules or guidelines all things are relative. In regards to pedophilea just like homo and heterosexuality it’s not defined by having sex. Having sex with a minor is illegal but having an attraction is not. Soon they can argue like homosexuals who are we to tell them what’s right from wrong and we won’t have a sound argument. You imply that for stealing to be considered wrong one must have been stolen from but that’s far from true. Why this would be saved for another discussion the government steals from us all the time and it’s considered right.

      • Hyr3m

        Please tell me what validates the Bible. Is is the fact it was edited by Emperor Constantine in the first council of Nicaea ?
        The bible also tells us that the world was created in 6 days, should I take that as an absolute truth as well ?

        As long as there is true reciprocity in their love I don’t mind if a 17yo is with a 25yo or a 16 with a 30 (although it’s starting to become edgy…)
        As long as it stays in your head (and in your pants) there’s nothing anyone can prove (except with logs, pics and sh*t on your pc or something tangible)

        I never implied or said that you must be stolen from to consider stealing wrong. What I said is that’s it’s so easy to figure out stealing is bad that even a kid can figure it out… all you need is one practical experience or just a little empathy and that’s something every human on earth should feel (empathy that is).

        How is the government stealing from people “considered right” ? It may be somehow legal but it’s far from being right…

      • Rowan09

        The Bible is a history book just like any other book and it’s validated by manuscripts. The Bible has the most manuscripts validating its as close to the original form as possible with the Homer’s iLead in a distant second. I’ve always heard people say the Bible is fictional when the characters all existed and died. The biggest proof of the Bible’s validity and why it’s always attacked is Jesus and you used a quote from a nonbeliever Tacitus who confirms he existed and died. Pedophila is love for an underage child, you can’t put limits on it. Sex has nothing to do with sexual attraction or orientation, if I had a son I would say he likes girls, not that I need to wait and see. You’re saying its easy to figure out stealing is wrong but grown men in history killed for less and considered it right. America tried to set up Castro with the Bay of Pigs, America put Edward Sieaga in power in Jamaica WI (my homeland) to control and destroy Jamaica so we won’t embrace socialism and the list goes on. Your giving human beings way too much credit because common sense is not common especially if you’re asking 2 atheist to believe a certain thing is right or wrong. In regards to the government stealing from the people being right, I meant “right”, it’s wrong but it’s now a normal thing.

      • Hyr3m

        My question had less to do about the actual historical accuracy and more to do about “how can someone claim for the bible to be the word of god and claim that nothing said in that book should be put back in context ?”

        Spirituality is a bit more complex than “don’t do that or you won’t go to heaven”. The so-called “kingdom of god” doesn’t have a set of rules… It is said that god is forgiving so even if you live a sinful life as long as you repent and ask forgiveness you shall “receive it” and are able to achieve enlightenment.
        Well first of all “God” is an image, it’s a state of mind. Hell and Heaven have nothing to do with after-life (unless you believe in reincarnation) and more to do about how you live. Haters brandishing “god hates fags” signs are actually in hell because they don’t understand the very simple concept of universal love (generally called “empathy”).

        I agree with you; too many people have no empathy and that’s a very sad thing. Our modern society (or rather a certain group of people throughout the political and entertainment worlds) promotes a neverending circle of violence and hate. Empathy should be one of the first things we teach our children.

        I’m not from the US of A… I’m half-canadian half-swiss and live in (geographical) europe… I know about the corruption and manipulation used by governments and corporations all around the globe to gain power (among other things)… In the US of A it’s pretty obvious but it also happens in Europe on a very large scale and I’m sure other countries are also victims of these schemes.

      • Rowan09

        The Bible is very “down to Earth” anyone can relate to it and it’s has answeres for all of life’s problems. While God is forgiving, He’a also a God of wrath. Don’t get forgiving confused with do whatever you want and just ask for forgiveness. When someone asks for forgiveness it’s because they understand that what they did is wrong and they abstain from doing that particular thing again. Heaven and hell is a real place it’s not a metaphor. In the Bible one story was told of a rich man who died and went to hell and just want a drop of water to quench his thirst. When people go to hell they don’t repent (according to this one story) because the rich man never said he was sorry and wanted another chance. God is also not just an image because millions of people experience Him in their lives and Jesus existed. The biggest proof for the existence of God is Jesus and as I stated before is why atheists and others attack His actual existence. While homosexuality is wrong people should not be killed or persecuted for it, but they shouldn’t be praised either because it’s a sin just like stealing, lying, etc. In such a wicked world teaching empathy isn’t enough because it’s broad without some basis of what empathy really is. My empathy is going to be different from someone else’s and this will cause another issue.

      • Hyr3m

        “Empathy is the experience of understanding another person’s condition from their perspective. You place yourself in their shoes and feel what they are feeling.” – There is no room for “his empathy is different than mine” : it’s either empathy or it’s not.

        Our universe (there may be others) is approximately 13.8 billion years old and our planet earth is 4.54 billion years old. The human species (one specific branch of animals) as it is currently is only about 200’000 years old. The bible got the whole “creation” thing wrong… Wonder what else it got wrong or interpreted with the knowledge people had 2-3 thousand years ago…

        Jesus being an actual human living at that time doesn’t make God an actual entity with wishes and hopes.

        About heaven, the previous pope himself said this :

        ‘All of us today are well aware that by the term ‘heaven’ we are not referring to somewhere in the universe, to a star or such like; no. We mean something far greater and far more difficult to define with our limited human conceptions. With this term ‘heaven’ we wish to say that God, the God who made himself close to us, does not abandon us in or after death but keeps a place for us and gives us eternity. We mean that in God there is room for us . . . It is his love that triumphs over death and gives us eternity and it is this love that we call ‘heaven’.”

        “limited human conceptions”, except we know far more now than we did 2k years ago.

        And if heaven is love, hell is hate… you experience love and hate throughout your life whether slightly controlled within yourself or as an overwhelming feeling and whatever is your general mental status at the end of your life (defined by synapses in your brain – mind – physical body) will be what defines the state of your spirit henceforth. If you have done wrong to people you need to ask forgiveness, first to yourself and then to them… if you are so evil you’re happy about all the bad things you’ve done, you still know, very deep down, that you are and will “forever” be in hell… most actually embrace that idea.

        I don’t believe that’s all there is to it. Matter/Energy is far more complex than that but that’s the only way we can describe it now… and at least it’s a better explanation than the lame scare-stories they used to tell 2-3000 years ago…

      • Rowan09

        It takes a lot of faith to believe in the Earth is 4+ billions years old because there’s no real proof. Where’s the record of the first homo sapien? Where’s there any worldly account? One must assume that the Earth today is how it was in the past for his theory to be true and the Flood in Genesis never happened. The Earth is about 6000 years old and this is the only proof we have to come to this conclusion that’s actually testable. The Pope is just a man with no authority of whether the Bible is true or not. Catholicism believes in pergatory and that’s different from Christianity. Heaven and hell actually exists, it’s not something we make up in our minds or living here on Earth. You keep mentioning treating people good but what’s good? If there is no definition of good, since the Bible is made up stories it’s left up each individual and my definition will be different from your definition. Being an atheist requires more faith than being a Christian if you actually investigate the facts.

      • Hyr3m

        You’re actually one of those young-earth creationists who believe dinosaur fossils where put there by god to test our faith? Or do you believe they were our pets and we rode on their backs? I’ve always wanted to meet one of you guys 🙂
        Carbon dating, uranium-lead dating or the growth-rate of mountains can be used to prove the earth is way older than that…

        Anyone with the ability to put him-or-herself in another person’s shoes, to understand their condition from their perspective, knows deep down in their heart what is right or wrong.
        All you have to do is imagine how you would feel if what you want to do to someone else was done to you. It’s very easy and effective. No need to read a book…

        Faith is not based on proof. Most atheists don’t go for the whole “blind” thing. Just like Saint Thomas, they need to see it with their own eyes, to touch it, in order to believe it. Seeing or experiencing for oneself equates to proof in someone’s eyes. Once you have proof (even if it’s just in your own mind or opinion), faith becomes belief.

      • Rowan09

        I don’t argue facts only opinions. Carbon dating, rate of mountains, etc are all flawed ways of depicting the age of the Earth. I need some ancient writings, some art, something in the 4+ billion era to give some proof. Believing is faith, having belief in anything requires faith. For example, when someone gets married they get married on faith believing their spouse will be faithful and love them forever. Trust also requires faith actually almost blind faith. When you go to the doctor you trust reviews, oath, etc that they will perform their job well. No one checks the equipment being used for surgery before going under. One of the biggest lies atheist tell is that Christians believe on “blind faith” and that’s an absolute lie. The Bible for the most part is testable, the Big Bang, carbon dating of ancient fossils etc are all faith based theories. One big assumption made by all scientists in these cases are the Earth we see today was either identical or very similar to ancient times. Can you prove carbon dating is right? Have you done any tests proving its validity? I will assume no but yet you believe and that’s called blind faith. I remember earlier you said there are no absolute truths but this is a self defeating stating in itself since it’s claiming to be true. If there is no standard of basis for morality all these are acceptable and right. Why should I need to put myself in someone else’s shoe? Who said that’s the right way? My atheistic belief is not going to be the same as someone else.

      • Hyr3m

        What is your opinion about dinosaur fossils then ?

        What is your opinion about the accuracy of the half-life of radioactive elements? (you can go out and measure them yourself btw)

        What’s your opinion about mountains? Why do they grow so slowly? If the earth is so young it means the mountains have been made as they are… but then why do they need to grow ?

        (please disregard what follows and just reply to what’s above)

        Carbon14 dating is somewhat inaccurate and pretty useless when talking about the age of the earth or certain prehistorical species. That’s because of variations in the carbon12/carbon14 ratio in time and geographical areas but also due to the fairly short half-life of carbon14 which is 5700 years as opposed to millions or billions of years for other radioactive elements. One can only date organic material back to approx 60’000 years. Tree-ring dating (which you can do yourself: plant a tree, wait X years, cut the tree, count the rings; it matches the X years you waited) has long been used to verify the accuracy of carbon14 dating but also to calibrate it depending on the varying ratios of carbon14 in each tree-ring. This means it’s fairly inaccurate but still… a 3% error over thousands of years old (say… for something is 40’000 years old according to the dating… that 3% error wont make it fit in any young-earth theory anyway…).

        There’s also uranium-lead dating for which the accuracy is also somewhat debatable but not in any level that would make any dinosaur fossil exist in a young earth theory…

        The Big Bang is a theory based on the “simple” observation by Georges Lemaître that the universe is expanding. (just like if you arrive at a lake and see ripples expanding in a growing circle across the water, you can make a wild guess and say “look like it goes back to this point in the center of the circle, something must have happened there”)

        No science is based on faith. Every experiment should be replicable so anyone can witness it… We tend to believe reputable sources that have been verified although it’s obvious not all of it can be believed in because there’s always some sleazy ******* that gets to publish stuff that nobody tries to replicate… yet that doesn’t really apply for the “big stuff” like half-life-based dating.

      • Rowan09

        The dinosaur fossils exist so I don’t argue facts, but it’s debatable about the time they existed. I don’t know all the answers because in Genesis the Biblical 6 day creation is debated among Christians in whether they represent actual 24 hours and I’m not too sure. I will have to do some more research and come to a conclusion. The issue of how old the Earth or Universe is doesn’t mean it was created without a Creator. Even the Big Bang acknowledges that time and space had a beginning, so when I hear the question who created God it makes no sense. Christians are arguing and even some skeptics acknowledge that the Earth was fine tuned for life and something did it. Science does make faith based theories and that’s why some of them are just theories. The definition of Science is knowledge not anti-religion or anti-God. People are trying to give this notion that if you believe in Science you can’t believe in the Bible, but that’s not true. Newton, Galileo, etc were Christians, even Einstein acknowledge there must be supreme being. The theory of Evolution is one faith based scientific theory because it’s not testable or reproducible, but yet they shove it in our face as truth. Science itself contradicts the theory because nothing evolves into a new being.

      • Hyr3m

        I think we differ on our interpretation of “faith”. As a general meaning, “faith” is a kind of belief that does not require proof. It’s a type belief based on trust. (“I have faith in you, you can do this” – even though I’ve never seen you do it I’m sure you can, I trust in your ability…)

        The definition of Science is indeed knowledge. Knowledge is usually based on proof or replicable experiments/experiences. It doesn’t mean “anti-religion” or “anti-God” but the more knowledge people acquire the more they tend to question dogmas and therefore established religions and by extension most end up questioning God as a concept (the whole “creation” thing).

        Earth is fine-tuned for life… or at least the life that is found on earth… or maybe it’s the life that is found on earth that is fine-tuned to the conditions of the earth… just like potential life in the below-ice-oceans of Europa (one of Jupiter’s moons) would be fine-tuned to Europa’s conditions…

        We have found life in places where, by our own standards, there should not be life (absence of light, extreme heat, poisonous fumes etc). These life-forms were either directly fine-tuned for thriving in these conditions or adapted (“evolved”)…

        Our universe, or more locally our galaxy, is a very-high entropy system. With the millions of billions of planet in our (relatively) small galaxy, it’s obvious some of them are going to be in the “habitable zone” and that a life-form such as ours would thrive in there doesn’t mean the planet was purposefully made for it… Yet that concept “habitable zone” was created by humans… Who is to say that no life-forms exist outside of that zone?

        One of the generally discussed theories nowadays is that our universe is one of many.

        But what do you think about the half-life of radioactive elements? Do you not believe it to be observable to some level of accuracy? Do you not believe that sophisticated calibrating through verifiable elements (such as dating an old skeleton with the method and comparing it with the actual recorded life of the person) can allow us to date older stuff to some degree of accuracy ?

        I need to end on this funny quote tho :

        Exec #1: Item six on the agenda: “The Meaning of Life” Now uh, Harry, you’ve had some thoughts on this.

        Exec #2: Yeah, I’ve had a team working on this over the past few weeks, and what we’ve come up with can be reduced to two fundamental concepts. One: People aren’t wearing enough hats. Two: Matter is energy. In the universe there are many energy fields which we cannot normally perceive. Some energies have a spiritual source which act upon a person’s soul. However, this “soul” does not exist ab initio as orthodox Christianity teaches; it has to be brought into existence by a process of guided self-observation. However, this is rarely achieved owing to man’s unique ability to be distracted from spiritual matters by everyday trivia.

        Exec #3: What was that about hats again?

        Exec #2: Oh, Uh… people aren’t wearing enough.

      • Rowan09

        That’s a funny story. In regards to the age of the Earth I’m not too sure, I still need to do some more research because the 6 creation days in Genesis could have also meant a period of time instead of actually 24hrs. The problem with dating radioactive materials is there is consistently contradictions. There’s soon wood in lava that’s said to be millions of years old with 14^C still in it. The age of the Earth does not give proof for a self creating world. The Bible stated before Scientists the world is expanding in Job 38 and that time and space had a beginning in Genesis. Christians in general gives “faith” a bad name, they call it “blind faith” and that’s not what the Bible says. Christians are suppose to investigate and prove the Bible to be true not just accept it without any proof. Humans, animals, plants ,etc adapt to their environment, the environment does not adapt to them. For example Football players (American football) usually have bigger necks than basketball players. Our bodies adapt to our environment but our environment is the only life inhabiting planet from our knowledge. We can’t just assume there must be others with no proof to back it up. In our 800+ planets we can observe, there’s only 1 Sun, Earth is very different and all laws around us are the only ones for life. What is your belief (atheist, agnostic, etc)? If life has no purpose, treating others “good” is pointless and doesn’t really have a definition for what “good” actually mean.

    • Guest

      Wow you are such a bigot

      • AppleAnalist

        Wow you are such a….. Guest!

  • Dan

    Do they honestly think that the Americans care?

    • Hyr3m

      Do you honestly think that the rest of the world cares about what Americans care or don’t care about ?

      • Dan

        no, not being American, I can confirm that I don’t care. All I’m saying is, if they really changed their tablets due to th fact that they are an american based company…

  • Yujin

    Hahaha. The NSA is right now taking a day off and saying THANK YOU samsung. Lol.

  • Shingo

    they wanna be shame and sunk at the same time…

  • Jonathan

    Bad choice, Russia.

  • Serserkov

    Russian government – оно и не такое может 🙂

  • Lordrootman

    Who cares lol
    Apple don’t need them anyway

  • Marshall Blr

    Well, let me say a bit touchy thing about dumping…
    i think that, its moreover because of the Ipad apple is an “American” Product..and we know what’s happening now between Russia and Ukraine..and what does Obama and other leaders said..about the sanctions of Economy?!

    maybe i get it wrong..but it’s a bit fun..because of security reasons..
    if they would go for secure they would go for Blackberry as Mr.Obama …

    just thoughts..

  • Micky Ganon


    • M Last

      really nice
      where they found?
      answer YES :)))LOL

    • grumpyfuzz

      Forgot about the mac pro? 😉

  • M Last

    now they have two tablets (ipad at home & Samsung at work)

  • Smoke and mirrors

  • n0ahcruz3

    Galaxy note tablet has more functionality anyway than the ipad. The only advantage ipad has is the apps

    • Rowan09

      That’s what gives the iPad the edge. Every company uses specialize devices so functionality doesn’t mean much without app support for a smart device.

  • Joseph A. Ahmad

    This could be a stab at an “American” company because of the political tensions between America and Russia. But who knows.