Color Keyboard iOS 7

Sometimes you just want to switch up the look and feel of things, and that is what Color Keyboard for iOS 7 allows you to do. As you might have imagined, Color Keyboard is not new to the jailbreak scene. It’s a tweak that’s been available for lesser firmware, but was just recently updated to cooperate with iOS 7.

Update: with the release of iOS 8, Apple now allows third-party keyboards in the App Store. If you’re looking for a different keyboard for your iPhone or iPad, make sure to check out our list of iOS 8 keyboards.

If you’ve used Color Keyboard in the past, then you’ll be intimately familiar with the contents of the iOS 7 version of the tweak. If you want to change up the look of your keyboard, then Color Keyboard for iOS 7 is one of the best tweaks that you can use. Have a look inside as we delve into Color Keyboard for iOS 7’s feature-set on video.

Once you install the tweak, you’ll need to go into its preferences found in the stock Settings app. After entering the preferences, you’ll see several panels pertaining to the various facets of Color Keyboard. At the very top of the preferences lies a kill-switch. This allows you to easily disable or enable the tweak, but beware, a respring is required on all changes.

Below the kill-switch is a panel that lets you select themes and a panel that lets users customize backgrounds. The themes panel contains a decent helping of preconfigured themes for your perusal. You’ll find keyboards such as Black-Original, Pink Nude, iMatte, and at times, several combinations of each. There aren’t a ton of built-in themes, but there’s more than enough to get a new user started.

Each of the included themes features a blue ‘i’ indicator that allows you to gather more info about the theme. The info section lets you view information about the creator and view a preview of how the keyboard looks with the theme applied.

ColorKeyboard IOS 7 2

Underneath the themes panel lies a section that lets users customize the keyboard backgrounds. By default, you’ll find just a few backgrounds available here, and I must admit, they’re all pretty terrible looking. For example, check out the ugly pink thatch pattern above. That thing is hideous, and I just can’t wrap my head around why the developer would include such a repulsive piece of work inside his tweak. Fortunately, you can set your own background if you choose to do so, but I think you’d be better off just leaving the custom backgrounds disabled altogether.

Color Keyboard iOS 7 Settings

Once you make any changes or select a new theme, you’ll need to go back Color Keyboard’s main page, and tap the save button located in the upper right-hand corner of its preferences. You’ll then be prompted to respring your device. After respringing, invoke the keyboard and you should see your changes.

The last panel that you’ll find inside of Color Keyboard’s preferences is a theme gallery. This gallery allows you to see some of the third-party themes available for Color Keyboard. Sometimes you’ll be given a download link, and in other instances you’re told where to find the theme on Cydia. The gallery feature is an okay add-on, but it feels a bit thrown together and rushed.

Overall, I think that Color Keyboard is a solid jailbreak tweak, but it lacks the necessary polish to make it shine. It’s one of the better ways to customize your keyboard on iOS, just don’t expect anywhere near the level of polish that you’ll find in elite tweaks like Auxo or ProWidgets.

If you want to try ColorKeyboard, then venture over to Cydia’s BigBoss repo and download it today for $1.99. After you do that, sound off in the comments section below with your thoughts and opinions.

  • CAS

    iOS7 keyboards look great to me, I no longer need something like this.

  • Likii111

    Not working on my iphone 5s?

    • Holdi Bart

      also not working on my iphone 4

  • אביאור רוקח

    iOS 7 Keyboard Pack is the best themes for keyboard

  • Matt

    The only reason I would get this is for windows phone keyboard. I like that keyboard because the buttons feel larger and I type faster but the problem is – it doesn’t work.
    Also iOS 6 keyboard made me feel like I typed faster thus making me like it more than the flat iOS 7 keys.

  • How does it compare to using something like Fancy for the keyboard?

  • Keshoa

    Ugliest themes ever

  • Abdl

    Like seriously?!! How many times do you have to review this tweak?!

    • Have bwie


  • Cool, but the fugly-flat pop-up indicator (that shows up when you press a key) doesn’t get themed and looks way out of place…

  • Johnny V

    For iDevices Running iOS6 and Below This Is a Must Have. But For iOS 7 I Think Bloard And Fancy Are Best… Granted I Wish I Could Use Custom Colors Pop Up Keys While Still Keeping The Blur Transparency But With That Being Said (Fancy Needs A Way To Custom Set Colors Like RGBA Sliders), Bloard Is My Tweak For Now

  • BlueBoard

  • Jonathan Rosga

    iOS 7 sucks in general! I have done everything possible to get my iPhone 5S to look like the better, older iOS. Color Keyboard will give me yet another tweak to get my iPhone back to its better days.

    • Boss

      Hey guy try vintage keys from cydia. Its the original ios 6 keyboard.

  • Jorden Renee

    Do you have to jailbreak your phone first?

  • Claude Smith

    I don’t understand it says here that this is for ios 7 but I’m on 7.1.2 and it won’t let me install it because it says it’s not compatible with my device, I have an iPhone 4s. Any help will be appreciated, Thanks!