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Episode 20: This week’s episode is dominated by Apple rumors. In it we discuss rumors surrounding the cheaper 8GB iPhone 5c, and the hardware speculation revolving around the iPhone 6. We also perform a thorough breakdown of all of the iOS 8 rumors we’ve heard thus far, including the new Healthbook app suite, inter-app sharing, and Preview app.

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  • Svs

    The best thing that could happen in ios 8 is they forgot to patch JB exploits

  • Esteban Gonzalez

    love this podcast

  • Repiuk

    Once again a great podcast! Enjoyed my run 2day listening to you guys!

  • Joseph A. Ahmad

    Excellent podcast once again guys. A very interesting “docket”!

  • Joseph A. Ahmad

    Excellent podcast once again guys! A very interesting “docket”, as usual!

  • jgr627

    Whoa I got a s/o you guys ROCK!!! I’m playing that clip for everybody I know I’m like famous now lol thanks and keep up the great work can’t wait till hear what you guys have in store for next week

  • Mark

    Sebastian: “It grinds my ear” LOL Haha

  • DJsmilesULTIMATE .

    Humidity, Temprature, and Pressure could be a sign for encouraging sciences such as chemistry and physics mostly, since such experiments can’t be conducted with humidity for example, it helps have these equipments without buying bulky and expensive equipment. use of these devices as well have a real time change for weather its localised and not generalised for the whole country. It has many uses btw and they might use that as advertisement.

  • Lagax

    What they said about people wanting a bigger screen is wrong. When I ask, my mother says she doesn’t want a big screened phone. My father doesn’t want one. My brother, my friends, my I don’t know who doesn’t want one, we’re also always joking about Samsung Note 2/3 users whatever… Most Geeks want bigger screens… Don’t understand why… There are tablets for that..