iTunes Radio (teaser, iPod touch, iPad, MacBook Air, Apple TV)

According to a new report by the well-connected Apple blogger Mark Gurman, the iPhone maker is testing iTunes Radio as a standalone iOS 8 app.

iTunes Radio is currently part of the stock Music app in iOS 7 and moving it to a standalone app is said to be a way of boosting usage, according to sources briefed on the plans. This should allow users to more quickly access iTunes Radio and, which will come pre-installed in iOS 8.

The UI of the standalone iTunes Radio app is said to be “nearly identical” to its iOS Music counterpart, with the Home screen icon resembling a terrestrial radio graphic atop a red background…

According to Gurman:

The functionality of iTunes Radio will also be akin to its iOS 7 Music app counterpart.

Users will be able to browse their history, purchase streamed tracks, locate Featured Stations, create stations based on songs, artists, and albums, and manage stations.

Apple previously considered releasing iTunes Radio as a standalone application in iOS 6, but due to problems with striking record label deals, the company ultimately pushed the launch back to iOS 7.

Such a move wouldn’t be out of character for Apple as it previously moved certain aspects of stock iOS offerings to their own apps.

The original iPod app (now Music), for example, used to include movies, television shows, podcasts and music. Starting with iOS 5, Apple moved movies and TV shows to their own app, Videos. And in iOS 6, a standalone Podcasts app made its debut as an optional free download from the App Store.

Moving iTunes Radio to its own app could also benefit ad sales on the service.

According to Gurman’s sources, Apple’s acquisition of Burstly (the company behind the popular iOS testing platform TestFlight) earlier this year signals Apple’s interest in using Burstly’s SkyRocket expertise in mobile advertising to improve the iAd platform.

iAd, an advertising system from Apple for iOS devise, exclusively powers audio advertising on iTunes Radio. As of October 2013, iTunes Radio had 20 million unique listeners and 1 billion played songs since its inception in September 2013.

According to an Edison Research survey, iTunes Radio has surpassed Spotify and is now the third most popular streaming music service in the United States with an eight percent share versus #2 iHeartRadio’s nine percent and #1 Pandora’s 31 percent share of the US streaming music market.

  • Sam Del Valle

    No No No NoNoNo Apple don’t do that

    Thats OK.

  • David Gitman

    yes please

  • Naman Jain

    It looks better in the music app ! Suits it ! Zzzz

  • asdfasdf

    It would be cool if Apple or any other big streaming service make streaming Apple losses possible. Only Wimp does this till now. But the iOS App is not that great.

    • Dennis Cimmino

      “make streaming Apple losses possible” – what does that mean?

  • Willie

    Highly unlikely I guess. Because they would feel that users will be confused with the radio app and the music app.

  • Jonathan

    That’s actually not a bad idea..

    • Dennis Cimmino

      why? It’s fine now … why the need for another app to do what can be done perfectly now?

  • onebyone_

    I dont want another icon on my stock apps just only for radio

  • Alnando Espaillat

    As long as it doesn’t take up extra space..16gb models only have 12 gb of usable storage. I remember when it used to be 14gb

  • Jason Baroni

    It is just an icon… You guys complain too much. Apple gotta move faster and more agressive after Samesung’s “Milk” app.

    • ✪ aidan harris ✪

      Not really. Samsung’s ‘Milk’ app doesn’t exactly have the same market share as iTunes Radio (although admittedly iTunes Radio has been in existence for longer)…

      The only thing I think Apple should move faster on in regards to iTunes Radio is increased international support and a web app for iCloud…

      • Jason Baroni

        Samesung’s Milk has the hability of save songs for offline listening. It is a matter of time to take over iTunes Radio market if they educate their consumers on how to use this app.
        BTW I agree with you on worldwide support and a web app for iCloud. I actually think they should work on a separated app for iCloud. It should be easier to manage for most of the consumers out there.

  • Leonard Wong

    If it does happen, I doubt the app will called iTunes Radio and more likely called Radio/iRadio

  • felixtaf

    I would welcome that.. So I dnt have to dig inside music for radio!

    • Dennis Cimmino

      so much digging …

      • felixtaf

        Well, y we need quick toggles and quick compose? The same thing applies to everything…

  • Matt

    Oh please no, why tell me why.
    Why did you have to make podcasts a separate app – it’s unnecessary
    P.S. – that’s another way to loose listeners

  • Matthew Cooper

    I for one love integration. This is why i refuse to download Facebooks Messenger app. Keep it clean, Apple!

  • Noaaahh

    That’s just ridiculous. No Apple!

  • Bilbo Baggins.

    iTunes radio on standalone app? Let alone that where is the iTunes radio in Music app?